“But I’d regret not trying” …
- And that comments, as with all of Jeff's - ring so true!

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Actually, anyone that is a doer – and has DONE anything of note – their comments ring true with me.

I might not agree with their philosophies on life, their politics, and so forth – but every self made man or woman has certain aspects to them I will always agree with.

Jeff Bezos (does he need an intro? hehe) once said “I knew I might fail when I started Amazon – but looking back, at the age of 80, I did not want to have any regrets by not trying”.

This is so true – I’m paraphrasing what he said.

We all have a finite time on this planet – when it’s your time to pass, or ascend – can you look back and say you did ALL you wanted to – and more – or did your damndest to?

I dont think most men and women out there would be able to say that.

Yours truly has lived his whole life that way – and until now – YES, I can say that.

I have no doubt I’ll say it as long as I’m on the earthly plane.

“I dont know”, I remember Michael, him of the “I’ll eat two second Lieutenants for lunch!” once said.

“Just do it and see!”

And thats what I always have ultimately – like Uncle Bob once said, easier to do it FIRST and ask for permission later.

When starting rahulmookerjee.com in 2010, I had no inkling it would turn into what it is today, I did not even think of creating a business back then!

All I thought of was writing Fast and Furious Fitness, and maybe, just maybe, it would make a few tentative sales.

I remember being thrilled working a crap job in Oman when I DID make my first sale on it, told the wife, of course, she could care less (as the rest of my family who I never bothered to tell).

Lesson right there every doer will know.

But anyway – in 2017 – same thing.

I was in the middle of being heavily shelled, trolled, and worse by many a person, headed by the loutish Schofield (we all know his status NOW, hehe) – and I figured I’d just do it anyway.

I remember thinking that night when registering the 0 Excuses Fitness domain “you’ll never know till you REALLY, REALLY try”.

(That was the logical part not apparent to me then, what really drove me was the GUT feeling and eventual decision of “JUST DO IT!”)

And that level of “try” just kept going up, up, and up until it reached where it is now.

By no means at the crescending top as yet.

And even when I get there, I’m not stopping. Period.

Thing is though, business – any business  – always (regadless of investment or not) has a high chance of FAILURE – more probability of failure than success, unless it’s something new, even then it holds true.


Writing books?

Been done before, but what sets THIS business apart, and I’ve always had all this in mind-

REALISM – which people can SMELL from a mile away.

GRITTINESS and “stick it through – bloody minded cussedness” – I’ve been that way all my life!

PERSISTENCE! (I’ve had that quality not because I always knew the value of it, but because I HAD To by design, not choice)

VISION (por ejempelo, NO-ONE was doing digital only when I started doing it in 2010).

(and on that note my other business – some of the products there are so visionary most wont start to “get it” until YEARS later, but get it they will).

Most of all, listening to GUT – my gut feelings.

All of this, and more, I believe is missing from the vast majority of businesses out there, and as crunch time is truly here, you’ll see a lot of them go under – period.

It is only the cream of the crop that will survive what is to come – and THRIVE – majorly.

Laugh all you like, but it’s true.

(Ah, I forgot, people aren’t laughing at it now as they SEE what is happening. Hehe).

Anyway ……….

You’ll never know until you try.

Why not try?

Same thing fitness wise – why not build the body of your dreams, or start to – TODAY?

It dont matter how old you are, it dont matter if you have good genetics, bad, or none, it dont matter if your wife’s a bitch, or mother in law (Sophia, hehe) – or your husband is a jerk (her again, lol) – or any of that.

What matters is YOU, and your DESIRE to MAKE something of yourself – or “die trying”.

Remember one thing, looking back when you’re about to pass, you dont want to have no regrets…

And fitness wise, the time to do is NOW, never been riper in fact.

Start TODAY.


Rahul Mookerjee

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