A certain Raisel got back to me …
- Well, well, well!

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A certain Raisel got back to me. Hehe.

Some great questions, so lets dive in!

I’m replying to HIM … well, as I reply to YOU – first – here! Hehe.

 Hello Mr. Mookerjee, this is Rasiel again.

This time, I’m in charge of “10 BRUTALLY EFFECTIVE “in their simplicity and DOING” workouts!” in《PROFOUND “70% Gorilla, 30% human” HANDSTANDS!》. There are few sentences that I’m not quite sure:

Circle Handstand, X handstand and Star handstand
When doing “the handstand move in a circle/star/x shape”, will the feet still put on the wall ? Is it a movement to stay in the same position while hands walk a O/X/☆, or you need to leave the wall and walk around in the room with your hands?
RM – Yes, your feet make the O/X/* – while your hands stay in the same position. The next book teaches you how to do it without the wall, so this book is a bridge of sorts between handstands and handstand pushups against the wall – and freestanding handstand pushups (I really need to come out with another FAQ on handstands!)
Some exercises didn’t mentioned in this book, I guess we need to further explain them with annotation, and note which book introduced them?
Workout #3
  •  14. Finish off with 10 reps of the “best darn exercise ever” (at the bottom of this movement, do 10 reverse pushups before “Walking back up”).

What is “best darn exercise ever”? And does “darn” means sartorius?

RM – It is the exercise HERE – a reverse pushup, basically… You dont need to explain them here, if they want to know – ask them to get the BOOK! (most that have got this book have also got the other one). (i.e. DOERS!). 

(And darn means … well, “Damn”!) Hehe. NOT The muscle! 

Workout #4

1. Warm up by doing 10 reps of the “table pushup”.
2. Rest for 10-12 seconds, and then repeat with 25 reps of this same pushup.

Is “table pushup” like this?
<link Chopped>
RM –  That link didnt get it quite right – 99% right! 
This link features me doing it – in proper form! Pushup Central (0excusesfitness.com)
That is the link they need to go to in case they are interested in how to do it – or, search on the site for plenty of good articles on it. Also in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.
And, in case you want to do a bit more explaining – 

Table pushup are a great exercise for the entire body, but specifically the core if done in proper posture. Many ancient exercise systems include either this or a variant of this in their teachings (yoga does as do Chinese martial arts exercises). While these may look like “child’s play”, they are anything BUT for most adults, especially those of you that are currently overweight.

That holds true for reverse pushups as well. While difficulty with pull-ups is one sure shod indicator that you ARE indeed carrying more fat around the midsection than you should – – difficulty with these is another prime indicator that your waistline isn’t quite what it should be, to say the least!

These are done so that your body makes a “table” position and then returns to the starting position.

  • Get into position as shown in the first picture, with fingers pointing towards toes, chin tucked in and back straight.
  • Keep your butt tight throughout this whole movement!
  • Think of the shoulders as a “fulcrum” and scoot forward so that you’re in a “table” (sort of) position.
  • Hold, and return to the starting position
  • Make sure not to just “drop” down from the “table” position. Return to the initial position so that your butt is between your hands. While doing so, focus on your legs and triceps doing the work rather than the shoulders.
  • The chin/neck should be tilted back when you scoot ahead, and tucked in when you are in the beginning position.

Try working up to sets of 20 or more.

And, somewhere in HERE you’ll see how to do ’em right! Some fun in the park – pushups. – YouTube

(YES, you CAN put THIS  link in the book – but not the “chopped link”!) 
Workout #5

9. Do 20 fingertip pushups, 5 pull-ups (regular grip), 5 “walk the bar” pull-ups, and 10 circle handstand moves.

What is “walk the bar” pull up?
RM – I believe this is explained in Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within weeks!
Essentially where you walk – with your hands – from one of the bar to the other ie sideways. 
Workout #6

5. Get into the handstand position, and do the handstand walk back and forth from the wall for a minute as explained in Shoulders like Boulders!

Is it a “one step forth, one step back” movement, or it’s “several steps forth, several step back”?
RM – Both. Not as easy to handle as it sounds, Battletank Shoulders readers will attest!
Workout #7

The pushup and movements in this workout combine together to give you another of those “workouts from Cain”.

What is “workouts from Cain? Cain in the Holly Bible or Cain Velasquez?
Hehe, that one was the best question of all! 
From the “Holy” Bible as you say, hehe. It’s a figure of speech. And it means HELL – SUPER TOUGH WORKOUTS FROM HELL! 
Workout #8

They say the “gym” builds strength? Fooey! Get any of the pumpers and toners in the gym and lets see if they can finish even a quarter of the workouts herein, and less than that for this one.

Is “pumper” a muscular guy, and “toner” is a guy who good at workouts on fitness equipment?
RM – Another great question, hehe. Hence, bolded again! Pumpers are the bozos who concentrate on muscle isolation, oiling, preening, showing off for the girls etc – the “I have a HUGE bicep peak” – but NO real strength, no back development and so forth. 
Toners are somewhat better, not really though – they dont do any real strength work, all about “light reps x 100”. 
As are puffers and buffers, these links will explain it (put ’em in the book!)Huff, Puff and BUFF! (0excusesfitness.com)

6. Do 25 “jumping” Hindu squats. Immediately thereafter, do 10 “jogging” handstands against the wall. Repeat step #6 five times.

I found in 0excusefitness.com: “Basically you jump forward while in the standing position, drop down perfectly on  your toes – and then come up as you would in the normal Hindu squat – while simultaneously JUMPING BACK – in the same motion.”
Is this one? < video chopped>
RM – Yes, that one. Video is Close enough – except you dont necessarily need to jump that much back and forth. Between 4-6 inches is fine too. I’ll have some videos out on this too soon! There’s no need to put that video link in the book, btw.
Workout #9

11. Finish off with 50 “leg in front of you” jumps (again,taught in Corrugated Core!) and 5 sets of 5 each scissoring handstands.

What is “leg in front of you” jumps”?
RM – Taught in Corrugated Core – essentially jumping up and HIGH in the air with legs in front of you on each jump  – one leg at a time!
Workout #10

3. Do 5 regular handstand pushups, followed by 10 “scissoring” handstand pushups. For additional cardio,   try and bring the legs “one on top of the other” during the scissors (warning – this is TOUGH!)

How to bring one leg on top of the other when your legs are scissoring? Like this?
Something like that, yes. Hard to explain via this picture, but I’ll do a video on it when I get time – but yes, that is IT!

4. Do 70-100 “jogging” rope jumps.

Does it need to move, or jogging on the spot, or what ever you like?
Essentially jumping rope at a quick clip but jogging on the spot while doing so, instead of both feet landing on the floor at the same time, its like youre jogging on the spot – See Jump Rope Mania for more on that … 

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS  – Just so y’all know – Buttler Glyn is bacjk, just proving the point – some people are literally so obsessed with following me they’ll go to ANY lengths. Ugh!

But, apparently since his latest scam (Something about begging some lady to send him money so he could “show her around Oxford or some crap) (Socks-ferd, hehe) failed, he’s back here. Oh well. Poor chap, hehe. But, he’s good for a royal laugh and more!

For more of his ilk, see HERE.

For the Bozo, well, Google or go HERE. Hehe.

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