How I fast – and last.
- And more. Hehe.

With all the talk of (so called) food insecurity in the world, and what not (I say so called because darn near everything, even that which is NOT related – is used as an excuse to raise prices – no, Russia isn’t responsible for it all either! – even when it’s logically apparently to a third grader what is being said is UNTRUE) – I gotta say this.

Before I say it – for instance, gas prices (or fuel) – the US has probably the largest reserves and production capacity in the world, yet, due to the oil companies not at full speed, due to “it being a global thing” or what not – gas prices are at record highs.

There’s food inflation in the UK – big time.

Are we to believe – really – that Ukraine and Russia are the only two places in the world food comes from?

Strangely enough, the UAE just froze a huge amount of imports from another major food producing nation – India. There’s some problem at the Turkish border as well.

All very convenient, eh.

And of course, the Bozos globally wont notice the conincidence. (its been that way for years)

Anyway, as the world moans on, here is my take on it – as I get through another mini workout – on an empty stomach.

I’ve often gone for DAYS without food – often to test myself “on the fly” – and in the past, sometimes due to financial necessity (long gone now).

Gumption Galore mentions some of those times, and how I got over ’em.

I dont know if you know it, but every old time strongman knew that if you couldn’t go a day without food and maintain your levels of health, strength and vigor – you were not REALLY STRONG – from the inside out.

And it’s true.

To me, the more I fast, the more I notice the following –

I get BETTER at my exercises – not worse.

Rep counts go UP dramatically – especially after more than 48 hours of nothing but WATER. (and lots of it, and tea).

I get HORNIERRRRRR than ever – hehe. Lots of T – and fasting just AMPS the T levels in my body – or anyone’s if they do it right, for that matter.

Creatively, it’s another level. I sent out 25 emails in a day for the other business, 9 so far here! ( of course, here, it’s only recent doers getting the emails).

My vascularity as of late has gone through the roof – with me doing NOTHING at all special for it (except my famed thick grips).

And more.

All of this, my friend, as usual, is accomplished on a diet which most would consider too less, or too little, or … “way inadequate”.

And sometimes nothing at all.

Anyway, as I prepare to break another 24 hour fast of mine, I got this to say – most people in the world need LESS food today – not more.

(doesn’t apply in sub saharan Africa or wherever, but just look at some of the lard asses out there).

Most people would be well served eating LESS – and working out more.

The benefits, my friends are way way worth it.

I’ll cover all of this in my coaching classes regularly, by the way, as those “in the know” know.

And that, my friend is that.

Mr Fast doesnt come last – but he does LAST – and how – if you get my drift.


And fasting is a huge part of what I’ve been doing as of late, and indeed over the years.

I highly recommend YOU To try it.

And if you’re living with Nazi fems looking to withhold food every opportunity they can get due to some BS reason, well, that kicks that “cat” right out of the window too. Hehe.

Remember my Mom who used to bitch up a storm about “the washerwoman’s son is HUGE! He probably eats all their food!”

He didnt, Mom. He didnt even live with them for the most part (I dont blame him. Hehe. ).  (basically pissed off to Saudi Arabia or somewhere, and again, with these Nazi feminists badgering him all day, I dont blame him! So would I, and HAVE. Hehe).

The lovely S.O. is of a similar bent of mind too. Hehe.

What I find hilarious is the utter lack of logic from these Bozos – of course, what do you expect from Nazi fems.

Anyway, different topic there!

But, back to it – if you truly want to “last” – I’d highly recommend fasts – at least once in a while!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, the #1 reason my fasts work is not because I sit around moping about “how hungry I am”.

Or how exhausted I am working more than most people will work in a week – in a day. believe me, these emails EXHAUST one… more than you’ think.

It’s about me getting in my workouts – on empty stomach – for days.

THAT is key – I dont mean you constantly stay in a state of starvation, but once in a while, maybe more – it works SO WELL!

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