On jumper squats and more…
- And two sides to every story

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While wearing my “two sides to every story” T shirt (or sports vest, depending upon) – something the majority of the world really needs to learn i.e. listen to BOTH sides FIRST before rushing to judge, praise, condemn etc – you’ll see the two sides to the jumper squat story – you might even catch me falling over, or almost as I do an ADVANCED “circular jumper” squats movement I am planning on putting in Squat 101 hehe – but I left that IN the video I just created on jumper squats.

Thats right, I left my gaffe in there – although when doing these the way I teach, even a lot of you advanced guys will not only fall over – but not be able to do ’em in proper cadence.

IN 0 Excuses Fitness, I dedicate an entire video to squats, rightly so – but the workout video was pushup heavy – period.

Thats fine, of course. The big dog of fitness – pushups – covered so well in the above book and Pushup Central!!

But, squats are essential friend.

Nothing works the body like squats do – period.

I’ve been saying it all along, I’ll say it again – if you ain’t squatting, and not doing so regularly, not doing all the variants etc – you ain’t really working out, period.

And Raisel – as you might have noticed – asked me a few interesting questions the other day!

Some very interesting indeed, hehe.

Some equally so, and USEFUL (in the context of the book).

I LOVE people that pay attention to detail.

He also sent over some videos on the jumper squat which were OK, but not perfect in terms of the “how to do ’em” – but since I did not have my own video out on it – I didnt mention anything videowise there.

Today, at the end of 300 squats in blazing hot 110 plus weather (I look half dead in the video) – I decided to do an impromptu video.

Lighting sucks, the sound – well, so so.

Even my normally famously “sardonic” smile isnt quite there, hehe.

But the vest is!

And the squats are.

And, I believe this video, especially towards the end does a pretty good job of explaining how to do the jumpers, right cadence, foot positioning, how much to jump, and so forth …

Watch it here.



Rahul Mookerjee

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