The “but all he does is train” excuse…
- And "he's single", and so forth ...

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My great friend from the Marines, Vincent once made the following comment about my training in 2017.

“But thats all you, train!”

“Thats your life”, I believe is what he said.

“Has your wife seen you since you got in such super shape?”

(He wasn’t to know, of course, or perhaps he did, but was trying to be polite that she’d be as negative as could be about the getting in shape part!).

Thats when you know you respect a guy, despite having opinions about certain types of women that are less than complimentary, I’m referring to yours truly here, if you (a guy) talks about his wife, significant other etc – I’ll always be respectful no matter what – unless the situation warrants otherwise.

But anyway – thats another story.

Point being, YES, at that point – that was literally all I did for hours a day – then I came home – I drank beer – sometimes not – and SLEPT and recovered.

All very peaceful, all very “relaxed” as it were – training being the high point of my day, although obviously I still worked etc in other “jobs”.

Those were the days!

Ever wonder – many do – how prisoners get in such kick butt shape, a lot of them?

They dont have fancy equipment, weights sometimes – ropes, chains, tyres, and so forth.

They DO have two things – one, their own body – and two, plenty of TIME.

Again, back to the “thats all they do”.

Maybe thats all they do, yes. Maybe yes, the seperation from other real world responsibilities such as family etc plays a part – but does it, really?

It does to an extent, yes.

When you dont have people breathing down your neck every minute, when you have PEACE, when you structure your life the way YOU WANT IT TO BE! – like I have most of your life -then things happen as YOU Want them to.

Few people can get away from the real concerns of working jobs etc, money, and so forth.

If you’re one of the lucky ones – great. But most wont be that way.

But it definitely helps in recovery and better performance the next day when you get  full night’s sleep in for one without honey do’s and other crap………..

Anyway – point of all this – is that a real doer finds a way regardless.

Did you know you do NOT need to train for hours to get the body you want?

You dont need to do extreme stretches that require years to perfect sometimes.

You dont need to bang out 500 pushups at a go.

In fact, all you need really for most people is 30 minutes of hard training – tops. Daily. And thats it.


15-20 minutes!

But you can go for 30, one hour, but if you train HARD – at least ONE exercise – I dont care what that is, so long as it works the whole body – for AT LEAST 15 minutes a day – then you’ll get in better shape, period.

Put aside your other duties and responsibilities for a while.

As Brooks Kubik said in Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

The Wife, the kids, the family – they can have you the rest of the day but not during training time.

I’d add in dumbphone, emails, and BUSINESS to that.

Thats why many do well – including myself – training first thing in the morning.

But whenever you train, make it about training, and training alone.

Yes, you can and should and Will focus on goals that matter – whether you think about it or not, but by and large, thats training time.

It’s also RELAXATION time if you do it right.

And with 15 minutes of training, thats all you need to get in super shape, my friend.

Sure, you’ll go longer naturally. But you dont need to is the point.

And then you get back to the real world after training.

Small sacrifice, eh – 15 minutes out of your day, maybe sometimes less, sometimes more.

Pity so many people dont DO IT!

To learn quick and dirty workouts that are TOUGH – work you to the BONE – from the inside out – BREATHING included – go get the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW – it’s that simple!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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