What I want for my daughter growing up
- The answer might surprise you!

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Actually, the question should be framed differently. Hehe.

Given the number of people that keep asking me “make a plan for her! make a plan for her!” (to which I respond – I never made any sort of conscious “plan” for myself – it worked out pretty well, I’m sure it’ll work out great for the “chip off the old block” too – of course, that is met with lots of “ho hums” and whatevers from Bozos in general) …

Plans, my friend are required, but they’re also overrated especially if not used right, and I’ve explained this before many times.

Nothing beats SUBCONSCIOUS planning which happens when you’re not aware of it. (unless you really know your mind inside out, even those that do dont know most of it!).

Growing up for me there was always an internal expectation, often unsaid, to “be this and be that”, or for me, “be an engineer” (and of course all the reproachful looks etc, never any praise for anything I did well, expected to conform to the silly UNREALISTIC expectations my Mom had – i.e. “grow up sheltered and cossetted” (though not in the way you’d expect) and then when you can’t do things at an older age like change a tyre, because you were never taught – “he’s an useless kid!” – makes no sense. HEhe).

Changing car tyres? I remember a certain Ricky who put it off for weeks, I kept asking him WHY, he just wouldn’t be honest about the fact that at the age of 45 he can’t change a car tyre himself. Hehe.

Anyway – so it wasn’t just my family!

Growing up for me – boys were “expected” to not do the creative things, arts and history (oddly enough, I was great at both) were “only for girls” – and Math (which I was and am great at) was supposed to go great with Physics (which other than my infatutation with my tenth grade Physics teacher, so much so that I even considered “marrying” her at a certain point, lol I was NEVER good at) … and other B.S.

Apparently “creative” doesnt pay.


Anyway – all of that aside.

For me, I dont have any set ideas or plans about what I want my daughter to do, or even what she WILL do – if someone were to ask me?

Whatever she wants to.

And I’d like to give her the ability to do just that.

I’d like for her to know she has a supportive father who will support her no matter what – unlike my own case.

I’d like for her to understand the mind is the most powerful weapon – always – and she is starting to understand this very well even at her age!

I’d like for her to know that nothing beats regular physical activity, and HEALTH  is indeed the best and most important form of wealth. You can always lose / get the latter but the former – best you never lose it!

I’d like for her to know and internalize that it matters not, as Dr Maltz was fond of writing (he did in Pyscho Cybernetics) – if “the whole world is against you” – so long as YOU are cheering for yourself from the bleachers, THAT is what counts ultimately (conversely, if the whole world cheers, but YOU DON’T – none of the former counts).

She loves space, Dr Who and everything related – and medical stuff as well. I’d love to help her become a cosmonaut – or spacewoman – or whatever it’s called now, hehe. Or, a Doc – who I could of course go to for my own .. non existent medical issues. Hehe. But I’m being serious!

I keep telling her imagination is everything.

I’d love for her to internalize the fact smart phone are dumbphones, despite her yelling at me when I say that, it’s starting to work. Repetition!

I’d love for her to learn how to WRITE well – when she’s ready, of course. Hehe.

I’ve impressed upon her that communication and basic Math are two of the best skills ever if done effectively, and the most practical…

I’ve told her many other things.

But other than that, as I got wished a happy Father’s day (I believe it was the other day) – in the cutest manner possible (maybe I’ll share it here!) – I dont know, I want her to know that I love her – I truly do – more than anyone or anything else.

Deep down inside, I know she does too, even though she’s shy when she says it. Hehe. Thats OK!

Other than that?

Grow up, have fun, do what you like – make lots of money doing it – and ENJOY! is what I’d tell her. (and, know you have a Dad willing to support you in whichever way possible in that regard)

And thats really all I want for her to ‘do’ if that makes any sense!

And that, my friend is that.

Kiddie Fitness is one of the best books out there in terms of kids fitness, my daughter the STAR – literally.

And, 0 Excuses Fitness BE the adult version.

Get ’em NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Since I was thinking about it while sitting in my dark, dark cave, I figured I’d share it with YOU. Hehe.

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