Why the term excellence of execution sits SO WELL with me!

Gotta admit, there are few things I liked better back in the day than the WWF – or WWE, as it was later rebranded.

Especially the Attitude Era, it all went downhill after that. There will NEVER be another era and crop of superstars like that – not to mention my all time favorite Steve Austin – never!

Pity that era ended, but we might see it coming back sooner than you think, people in general are sick of being politically correct, but then again, there’s a huge bunch that feel the polar opposite, so who knows.

But anyway …….. Genetic Jackhammer Vince Mac Mahon, on the rare – or one, if I’ve got it right occasion he let his hair down with the boys got really PLASTERED.

They were throwing him around like a wrassler. Hehe.

In Bret Hart’s autobiography, I believe, he writes “I rememeber thinking what have I do, there lies Vince with his skinny neck” …

THose were pre-boobybuilding days for Vince, I believe!

But anyway, toasted after the club, they showed up at a certain Ric Flair’s hotel room, demanded to be let in (for some reason Flair never showed up initially) – and the flustered hotel desk guy wouldn’t – and Vince?

“I’m Vince MacMahon”, he apparently hollered in a definitive tone.

Well, can’t argue with that, Vinnie Mac, neither could the desk clerk, they got the key, entered, lit up their joints and………..

… so where am I going with this?

Certainly not a critique or appraisal either way of Bret’s book – which is apparently garnering a lot of hate from certain quarters.

“He’s full of himself”, goes the chorus. A lot of wrestlers seem to think that way too, and I’d respect their opinion – hell, they’ve been there.

But hey – to me, despite Steve Austin (due to his beer drinking, machismo and more) being my ALL TIME Favorite (I was never a huge or at all Rock fan!) – Bret Hart has a special place in my mind.

He always did.

Back in the day, he was the top dog, and SOLID dependable OLD SCHOOL top dog at that!

Maybe Bret wasn’t the right choice for the Attitude Era.

Maybe he didnt want to be.

I get both sides of the story, and the why’s.

Although I think an old school Bret would have proved the perfect foil to a lot of the Attitude’ers… much like the Taker never went out of style, old school, the BEST pure striker in the WWE – period.

Bret, of course, was the best WRESTLER, and a REAL wrestler at that, not what people think of “fake wrestling either”.

You only have to look at how he and Owen were trained by the legendary Stu hart in the basement of their Canada home, their mother literally heard screams coming from the basement during training!

Those locks and holds CAN – and are – painful!

Not to mention Bret’s build – SOLID build, if you look at him back in the day – legs and hips and shoulders, upper back are what stand out – he was never the “show off” type either in terms of upper body though he could have been!

And of course, even his music was old school rock and roll!

I loved it.

Right down to the sunglasses he’d give to someone in the crowd “good guy”. (until he turned heel).

But most of all, perhaps one thing – he was a pure wrestler in and out – period.

Few would doubt that, even his biggest detractors.

There was a reason he was the champ for YEARS straight, why he had the best contract in the WWE and so forth (for years) – and why he was called the Excellence of Execution, all pure wrestling moves – executed perfectly.

He may be old and somewhat “hurting now” from what I read, arthritis and tons of other medical issues, and thats fine, but I wouldn’t wanna fuck with him – much like I wouldn’t a certain Vladimir Putin, despite the rot they write about his so called tumor and so forth – once a judoka, always that ! (rumored to be a black belt) – ditto for the Taker, possibly the BIGGEST LEGEND of them all!

(not relating any of the three people above, just sayin)

Now, where am I going with this?

Certainly not to regale you with tales of the WWE.

But to tell you this – that FORM, my friend – is different from reps.

You can do a 100 pushups sloppy style, but slop is still slop regardless of how you cut it (so many people do SLOP in terms of pushups).

Same for pull-ups, squats etc – “mind and body” working together as they say in Bloodsport, can ONLY happen if there is excellence of execution while you workout.

Pay SPECIAL attention to form, my friend.

ONE rep done in proper, slow form is better than 10 sloppy reps.

I keep saying that throughout 0 Excuses Fitness and all my other books.

And thats really the lesson there. Whether you take it or not, whether you work the real you – or your EGO – is up to you.

I’ve said my bit on it, and it’s TRUE.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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