Why you should never ignore your MORNING WOOD.
- Or the lack thereof!

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I was reading about the ongoing “scandal” the WWE has going on – whether it’s kayfabe or real, only they – and “Mr” MacMahon know.

The latter is so good at creating storylines and being creative that his books are like mine – or his shows, rather “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license” – NOT the other way around (I’m talking my fiction books not on this site).

Apparently he had an affair, which when I read it I was like “ho hum”.

Every successful man is usually divorced at least once, and has more than one affair during his life time.

Given yours truly’s track record that might sound like out and out bragging.

Maybe it is to a degree.

Maybe it’s warranted as well, so I think.

But before throwing the brickbats my way look at the FACTS (on the cheating, success etc).

Nope, you dont have to cheat to be successful at anything either.

It just naturally happens.

Did I piss off most of the righteous bunch, Nazi feminists, and other idiots as yet?

If I did, well, argue with me on facts on this one – if you can prove me wrong, or show me wrong, I’ll eat my hat – or I’ll tell Glyn Bozo to eat that green hat he’s so proud of wearing (come to think of it I wont, ugh, he probably will eat it).

Anyway, ole Vinnie Mac once went on record saying “he was a genetic jackhammer” in terms of sexual desire, desirability and more.

Given the energy levels, vision and everything the man still has – he’s a nigh perfect example of what Napoleon Hill spoke about sexual transmutation in Think and Grow Rich.

Now, where do YOU fit into all this?

Simply put – if you’re a man – your morning wood – or lack thereof (no matter what your sexual proclivities might be otherwise) – says a lot about your overall health and fitness, friend.

If you’re a lady, same thing – except you substitute “desire” for morning wood obviously (unless you’re Glyn, hehe).

Hark back to when you were young, guys – how many times did you wake up without a boner?

Just didnt happen – did it?

And NOW?

Vast majority of men would be hard pressed to get ‘up’ with the BLUE pill, let alone without it …

Going red does have it’s advantages – pun intended, hehe.

But really, your workout routines should not dim you to such a point that you NEVER think about sex.

In fact, once you recover from those hard, quick workouts, the T shoud be RACING through your system if it isn’t already. And you should be ready to go, go, GO!

Trust me on this one, it’s been a perfect example and indicator of my own health and fitness levels over the years (and I’ve never had trouble when I was phat either – so you get the point, eh).

When you train right, EVERYTHING falls into place – or stands up right.

Your breathing, your appetite, your digestion, your STAMINA, your ability – in all areas – as well as sexual desire.

While I’m not saying that you’re unfit if you dont wake up with morning wood one day out of the week, if it goes beyond that, there’s probably an issue with the plumbing somewhere for one.

Same thing for you ladies, NO Desire at all – mean there is something wrong, usually more mentally than physically for y’all but something is UP.


Enough puns already, but the POINT  – STANDS – BIG TIME.


I ain’t kidding though, my friend.

If there was ONE thing the old time Indian wrestlers were mortified of it was “nightly emissions” from a lifetime (at least while they trained) of “celibacy” …

There were probably all sorts of thoughts going through their heads as well which I wont get into. Hehe.

But – thats another fact you can read up in any book dealing with it …

They directly tied it to their strength.

And losing it, or bottling it up and TRANSMUTING IT…

Given their track records, I’d say they had something going, eh.

Anyway, enough of all this, but again, pay attention to what I’m saying, because its true.

And to roll back the years if you so choose like I did and do DAILY – to look, like my wife says “like a 14 year old” (apparently some customers agree too, heh “not entirely a bad thing”) – then get the ONE fitness system out there that will do it.

NO other system will.

But the 0 Excuses Fitness System will.

Not even just kidding, bragging, blowing my own trumpet and so forth (there I go again, I’ll let Glyn do the blowing, but NOT FOR ME, hehe) . . .

Get it NOW.

The System, NOT the trumpet!


Rahul Mookerjee

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