That calm detachment to FOOD …
- No, I have not turned Sadhu as yet, hehe.

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I have not become a saint meditating on one leg in the Himalayas – as yet, at least. Hehe.

I have no plans of becoming one, but we all know what they say about those plans! Hehe.

The last saint I saw was someone who apparently meditated for “centuries” (in some movie) – got angry when disturbed – and “cursed” a man in that lifetime to “reappear” centuries later, and so forth.

I wont go Bollywood on you either, hehe.

Anyway – point of me saying this?

I’ve been on a 99% fast over the past couple of days, and as I’ve written to you before about these fasts, I feel so alive I can’t tell you!

I’m accomplishing GOAL after GOAL – while the rest of the world moans and groans about “the future”, bankruptcies, chasing payments etc.

I’m sitting and pounding out MORE material – as businesses collapse around me – literally – BIG ones too. (Apparently a certain Revlon declared bankruptcy today – maybe they think that will help them? or what? God knows! Even Sophia didnt, hehe)

(That surprised me, she hadn’t even heard of the brand. For a girl that into… anyway, !)

The point again – FOOD.

This isn’t a 100% fast, but it’s CLOSE to it – All I ate was two spoonfuls of pasta, which is next to nothing – but it’s an experiment anyway.

And I feel so alive as I have during my other fasts!

Part of that is mentioned in Advanced Isometric and Flexibility Training, I believe – I truly loosened up MORE during fasting than any other time!

I truly hit PR’s like never before, and I still am.

Point again – for some reason, another one of my Twitter accounts suddenly started showing me nothing But FOOD!

Yum food – pizzas, cakes, Swiss chocolate, all of that stuff  I love – likely you do – COMFORT food – fried chicken, catfish, you name it (Southern fried catfish) …

When I see it, my reaction is the polar opposite of most people who would be like “I want that NOW!”

“Oh, so delicious”, the simps rant on Twitter…

For me, I look at it.

I OBJECTIVELY process the image.

Then I’m done with it.

When I WANT to eat, I’ll eat…. like the animal.

And if I dont, I wont.


THAT is a concept most people dont get  -its explained in the Simple and Effective Diet.

Most people will gain back the little they lose by bingeing and overeating when they should do the polar opposite.

Most people in today’s world eat WAY more than than they should – and need LESS, not more, despite all the crabbing about supermarket prices etc, maybe it’s a good thing if people cant stuff their gullets that much – hey, money you’ll save on doc bills, think about it!

Of course, if you’re the gluttonous sort like I am – I can’t help it – or you. Hehe.

But I control myself at a level most people wouldn’t start to imagine …

And I’m willing to teach YOU how to have your cake and EAT It too.

You just have to be willing to follow my lead.

Do so, this “Master” (or Shifu, as some people call me) – is ready to take you on paths untreaded to the BEST results of your life.

Start right here.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you haven’t as YET got the 0 Excuses Fitness System, just what the heck are you waiting for – a lunar eclipse or something? Really, ugh!

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