“How dare him!”
- Hehe.

So said Gorilla Girl Sophia, but hey – let me back up first!

She’s of course the sort that loves to “use people” for what she can get out of them – which is fine, of course. China, Chinese girls, the whole shebang there (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know – politically very fuckin incorrect, but its TRUE – and if you’ve been there, you KNOW that) – and so randomly adds people on her wechat like almost daily – something yours truly NEVER does (I do the opposite, delete, block, and pare my list own to the very bare minimum – which it seems I didnt do as of late). . .

I’ve told her, of course, why to follow my way, but whether or not she’s got enough sense to listen is up to her.

Anyway – I responded to some funny video some guy posted on his wechat equivalent of “wall”.

She did too.

And she asked me what “lmao” meant.

Then promptly pestered me with questions about “do I know the other guy, what does he do, etc”.

About the same time, the other guy was hitting me up with messages of a similar nature bragging about how “I have 30 plus Sophia’s in my list!”

Like dude, thats hardly a brag – when compares to 300 plus … ah, but I digress.

I always laugh at people who brag publicly about “how many they’ve had” – in reality, the numbers are closer to zero than you’d think for such people (I dont mean this guy specifically – oddly enough he was the guy that called my exercise routines “gay“, lol).

(when doing the table pushup of all things, which when I posted about later, I had several cheerleaders and gymnasts get back to me with “that dude is a fool, that is one of the hardest workouts you can do” – and they’re RIGHT).

Anyway ……… (and after doing that he pestered me to train him for free with the same “gay” exercise routines).

Apparently it was supposed to be good for me, I Was supposed to bend over backwards for him on that one! Hehe.

Anyway – she asked him what the video was about, he (rightly) told her to Google it (Sophia asks some VERY dumb questions sometimes, not to mention she reads NOTHING – of note – other than watching videos all day on the dumbphone).

So I agree with dude there.

And she got back to me with this – and more.

“He told me Google, how dare HIM!!!!!!!!!!”

I could smell the fumes coming off her – hehe – but I Spoke to her later on the phone, that voice was as sexy as ever, so I didnt so much mind but she did tell me I Was very irritating and an “aggressive evil” again before we moved on to … um, more interesting topics if you get my drift. Hehe.

(irritating because of my insistence on LOGIC and questions being answered, not avoided) …

This morning, I was chatting with a guy who mistakenly thinks he’s “manly” – when in reality he’s the polar opposite, reminded of me a girl when I saw him.

Slim, skinny, protruding stomach, you know the sort.

“I’m manlier than you”, he once proudly proclaimed while I chortled… (why would someone need to say that anyway? Hehe).

The girliest of them, like a certain Schofield (those two would be a perfect fit) love to tom tom themselves as being men. lol.

And when I spoke to him about certain things we were discussing, frankly and honestly, I got this back.

“You really have the nerve to tell me all of that?”

I’m not going to get into what the discussion was about, but all I was doing was being frank – brutal – and brutally honest to a T in that regard!

I didnt bother responding. True girlsh statement that, I’ve had plenty of girls tell me that too, but it mattered not, hehe. I got what I wanted eventually – I’ll let you guess what that is.

But anyway …………..

As I look at the leaders of the G7 mocking a certain Vladimir Putin for bare chested photos, I got THIS to say.

Without getting into politics.

These fine, fine “men” – NONE Of them could probably do 10 pushups in proper form to save their life – especially a certain Boris Johnson who is apparently looking to run “for 10 more years” (so much for democracy Boris??) – and was supposed to lose weight, was Tom Tomming it – yet looks like more of a lardass than ever.

Again, I am not going to get into the politics, I have before, but not for this email.

But sitting there in an outdated G7, which has no real clout, the G20 or whatever it’s called is far more real world and “matters”, sitting there rambling about sanctions that are essentially a big joke, sitting there knowin they can’t back their shit up – and talking about physicality?

For the third time, I ain’t no fanboy, but swimming two hours daily, workouts Judo style and stuff (not to mention lifting weights as well) – well, gotta call a spade a spade and hand it to Vladimir in that regard – he’s a real man as I’ve said before.

Yeah, you can unsubscribe from the list if it offends you – I could care less. We’re talking physicality here.

I’d rather probably look at a macho Putin doing butterfly stroke and riding horses in Siberia than a drunken Boris Johnson (dont even go there in terms of removing the shirt, ugh) – swinging on swings meant for a 11 year old (true tale that).

I mean really, these how dare you morons – and I have plenty in mind I could write about – THEY Are the ones that cant BACK their talk up.

And I got this to say, if you can’t back your shit up, then dont talk to me, because I’ll laugh at you. Haha.

Might sound like I’m being an ass.

I probably am.

I’m also being REAL. Take a look at the world around you, you will SEE what I mean.

Anyway …………

I think I used the term “I DARE you to get in the best shape of your life” somewhere on a certain site, I’ll have to find it.

And I do.

I DARE you to put your own pictures out there – sweaty and working out – like I have publicly.

It’s a badge of honor to me, because guess what I earned it – blood, sweat and tears.

And that, my friends, really IS The bottom line as they say.

Get on the best damn fitness system HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Boris’ comments at the G7 reminds me of a certain Bozo Schofield – here is what he posted, lol. Poor chappie…