My wife thinks I’m trying to kill myself.
- Hehe.

I was recently informed by a sage (not) source of the following –

“If you want to die, at least die properly!”

This took me aback, and I goggled.

I wasn’t sure I heard it right, I asked again, then I Got this clarification.

“All that green tea you drink will kill you!”

Or, according to a certain lovely someone cause “piles”.

I wasn’t sure I heard right.

Hemorrhoids, you mean, I said, barely managing to keep a straight face.

“Yes”, she replied irritably. “You think you know everything”.

Anyway – you can probably guess the rest of the “conversation” which included me saying “yes yes yes” and then making a quick (metamorphical) EXIT.

That brick wall is starting to (so long as it’s still standing, lol) make more and more sense as the days roll past.


From a person who claims “sugar keeps her going” when she doesnt eat, from a person who claims “exercise is stupid, anyone can do it” (but she can’t) – and other nonsense, and green tea – Chinese green tea of all things???

Man, it’s one of the KEY secrets I mention in the Simple and Effective Diet.

I guess I should rename the book to “kill yourself Diet”? LOL

Or, “Kill yourself slowly” diet?

The Marlboro man would be proud wouldnt he. Hehe.

Really, the insanity is mind boggling – apparently green tea and my fasts I so tout (rightly so) meant to her “I’m trying to kill myself”.

While all the time I get stronger, I get LOOSER, I lean into stretches I have not been able to 40 plus years, I send 60 plus emails a day – literally, that was one day! – for the other business, and a few here (though we’re going to ramp up again here, I gave y’all a break of a couple of weeks, lol) …

And I’m trying to kill myself.


This lunacy has reached a point I cannot even argue with, not that I ever tried arguing with Nazi feminists, but I sure do PROFIT from it big time. Hehe.

The link above will tell YOU how to profit from it too… If you’re not too cheap to pull out your wallet and BUY, rather than “on the fence”.

Last, but not least, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – for the vast majority of people, theyd be well served eating a hell of a lot less, not more – not to mention people are way too psychologically dependent upon food – and not upon what they should be – EXERCISE AND FITNESS!

On that note – fitness wise – get on the best damn fitness system HERE.

And I’ll see you tomorrow!


Rahul Mookerjee

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