Did I ever sell many of my products?
- Hehe...

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Boy, that economy sure is starting to BITE!


I’ve been recieving scores and scores of “frustrated” emails, follow ups, rants about price, and … well, this morning I received a frenzied, long email from a guy (he’s pretty cool actually, I’m not going to mention him by name here) – whose also promoting my products who bascially sent me a LOOOOOOOOONG email – which can basically distilled down to the following.

“Need to talk……….”

was the subject line of the email …

Hey, thats a pretty good marketing tactic there! Hehe. It got my attention (though only because of the name attached to the email, which I knew)…

I kinda guessed what it was about though – MONEY! As usual. Hehe.

His email, if you boil it down to the nitty gritties was about this

a) Your products are too expensive! Did you ever sell any of them?

b) What is your marketing strategy?

c) I asked you to give me some products so I could study them before promoting them – you didnt.

Now, why do I bring this up here?

Because part a) … as usual, price, LOL – is very applicable for all of you on this list! And everyone reading this.

As for how many sales I made, how much I Sell, what my marketing strategy is (certainly the last, unless you PAY me to learn, hehe) – all that shall remain shrouded in a cloak of Mystery!

I knew there was a reason I chose that nick on a forum years ago.

Always the Black Mamba, stealth warrior I am – and someone that can (and has) take more punishment than most could ever dream of – BEFORE coming out on top later. Anyway …

(before I proceed though, I’m certainly no millionaire, and I’ve said this publicly many times before, so I’m not sure why people keep “prodding” me about it. Hehe. Curiosity does sometimes have strange side effects eh, hehe).

Here is his email –

Hey man,

I’m sorry I haven’t made many sales yet. It’s actually very difficult to promote products that are as expensive as yours are and I don’t know what your marketing strategy is in order to sell them yourself. I understand what you do, I just don’t know if you really ever sold much of your products. This is becoming frustrating for me and I do want to continue promoting you but I’m drifting towards not promoting them anymore. I’ve asked you at least twice now to loan me a product or two to help promote you better and it’s becoming more and more clear you’re not going to do that and that’s pretty messed up. With the other companies I’ve worked for, all gave me an opportunity to promote their products by loaning me one or two of a best seller they had and had a greater success rate because they loaned me a product.

I can’t just promote a product of yours by just the advertisement for it. If I don’t know exactly what the product is cover to cover like a PDF, I can’t promote it to the full extent of my abilities. If you can’t loan me a product, I can’t promote you anymore. If I want to be successful at making money with this company, this is the best thing that works for me, otherwise I’m just writing and promoting blindly. This would help me hugely and it’ll show a level of good faith in me. This isn’t about me wanting free products, that’s not what this is about, it’s about utilizing the fullest of my skillset if I had a product that gave me better leverage to be successful with other products.

I understand if you see this from me as a free-loader (trust me I’m not). I’ve been an affiliate for many, many years and I have been successful with what works, this will work in both our favors if you give me this opportunity. If you can’t, than I can’t do this anymore.

Whew – that was a rant and a half! Hehe, but it’s got some VALID – I Repeat, VALID points – therefore, the share…

I was initially going to make this an affiliate only email, but the price part is relevant to all … therefore, it’s going out to ALL – affiliates included.

First, I dont think the guy is a free loader – never really had that thought, even after he asked me for my products so he could take a look – I thought that was a fair enough request.

My only thoughts on him honestly – he’s probably got more weight around the midsection than he should – and given by the comments on his blog etc, I’m not the only person that feels that way – but hey – to each his own!

I’ve been a lard ass in the past and worked out hard, so what do I know. Hehe.

His form on squats did concern me, but he’s had pre-existing injuries, so that is perfectly OK – pull-ups, he’s not getting his chin over the bar (or ropes or whatever) (no excuses there bro, if you dont get your chin over the bar its not a proper pull-up)  … which is an indicator of what I’m saying about too much fat around the midsection …

But other than that I dont think he’s a free loader, but his questions today did sort of make me “titter” – the pain seems to be really hitting home for many people (and it aint got nothing to do with my products either).

I DO have to say this though – with his comments of “how do ever sell these products” – and his insiniuation, either direct or not of “you haven’t sold anything” – reminds me of a certain Bozo Schofield we all know … like, dude –

And this is not – I repeat, NOT aimed at him alone …

First thing you know, he never proved his worth as an affiliate to me in terms of sales, so his “not being able to sell products” might and likely is (I can see several mistakes he is making right NOW – therefore his question of “how do you market!”) … be his OWN sales skills, not “prices”.

If people want something, theyll find a way to get it, bro.

You have to MAKE THEM WANT IT. You clearly have NOT.

And second, everything I keep saying about being in the trenches, info you cannot get anywhere else, about how these same people will happily drop $250 plus on a one time meal of lobster or whatever, which has no benefits beyond the “one time satisfaction” (again, thats fine, but if you come to me bitching about prices…well!) – and then bitch up a storm while jumping from one cheap product to the other – about my products which are worth every penny – not to mention what you SAVE down the road in terms of no need for doc, chiro visits, improved digestion – health – the biggest wealth, MENTAL progress – progress towards your goals and all that … I can’t believe I keep having to explain this nonsense (it’s not, but really!) – I should say what should be BASIC COMMON SENSE!!!! – to people, but I Do. UGH!

I didnt tell him all that, maybe I should have. But there ain’t no point, so it’s here.

(although, I should have sent him the link to the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, which will help you sell ANYTHING – in ANY Economy – NO questions asked – though he’d probably be too cheap to buy even that. Hehe).

(Not to mention, something else I never told him, and this came to mind HOURS later – was about PERSISTENCE – he tried for two months – which is hardly anywhere near approaching persistence given he was promoting other products too.

I really think he WANTS the products, but just doesn’t want to necessarily pay for them – while I maintain he isn’t truly a freeloader, he’s trying to “get it on the cheap” essentially and then promote it – which hey, I get – but again – back to persistence, thats another “cross” against his communication i.e. if you throw a hissy at the slighest hint of it getting tough, and dont “get back up and fight again” – then you’re not being persistent, and have no gumption – its that simple.

Clearly the guy knows there is something about the products or he’d never promote them in the first place, not to mention get back to me after six months (system for some reason put his application in “junk email” – NO idea why, he did everything right application wise)) . .

Anyway – yours truly –

Hi (name chopped) –

Thanks for the email!

I understand – our affiliate policy is different from a lot of others most likely because in our case it’s mostly people that have bought the products that promote those products to their “groups” etc (hence I dont yet have links out for ALL my products in the affiliate section).

With regard to “I just don’t know if you really ever sold much of your products” – and the price – well, I believe I’ve explained both in detail before in my daily emails (which you probably aren’t getting as of now) … but, THIS link might be of interest – https://0excusesfitness.com/2021/03/11/why-ill-never-ever-be-a-run-of-the-mill-pussy-trainer-and-more-on-battletank-shoulders – and this link – Truly the “Stella Artois” of Physical Culture! (0excusesfitness.com) . . .

(those are just two pieces on the topics mentioned – if you search through the site, you’ll find plenty more – here is another that might be of interest – “Stay away from this author” (0excusesfitness.com))

Price is relative, my friend – if you think about the benefits you can get from the product (with a calm, unfettered mind) – you’ll quickly realize what I charge is more than reasonable in terms of what you’re GETTING from the products (and the tons of future benefits you continue to get) . . .

The cost will remain what it is for the products – normally I wouldn’t even discuss this sort of thing with someone (i.e. if they feel it’s too expensive they’re welcome to shop elsewhere) – but I feel you made an attempt to promote me, so even though it hasn’t worked out as yet, I’m taking some time out to send you the links etc above.

If you’re interested in a product, I’m more than happy to give you a discount on it, but unfortunately at this point I am not simply giving out PDF’s to all affiliates – this may change in the future, but for now, that is how it is.

I completely understand if this doesnt work for you – please let me know your final decision, and we can go from there. If you do choose to not be an affiliate anymore, let me know so I can close your account down etc.

Either way, thanks for the email – and thanks for your efforts – much appreciated!

(and have a cold one – can get frustrating at times – I completely get it!)


Rahul Mookerjee

And that, my friend is that.

Have at.

Price remains what it is – bottom line.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As Major General Michael once said, “please feel free to flame me publicly” if this doesnt suit you. Hehe.

PS #2 – And y’all, do make sure to have some cold ones regularly, you need them more now than any other time. Hehe.

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