Bear crawls for the WIN
- An incredibly simple ass kicker that is a workout unto ITSELF.

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Dear Reader,

So I woke up this morning, began writing … and … something was off.

My legs felt “different” for some reason.

I haven’t been doing a lot of squats as of late for various reasons, so some of it is the soreness I get from LESS activity (remember Rocky II “my legs are getting so sore just LAYING there!”) – YES, most people that complain of aches, pains, being tired and so forth need MORE activity, not less.

And despite what the lazy asses of the globe think “supplements” aren’t a win all either

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, you can take all the fish oil or “omega 3” or what not (a girl I know has been asking me to send her some though I dont touch supplements -of any nature) – but it ain’t gonna really do a damn bit of good until and unless you get MOVING – the right way.

Until you loosen up the joints naturally with isometrics.

Until you work out daily the way you were meant to – by moving your own bodyweight through SPACE the way nature intended it to be.

Until you work out … ANIMAL style if you so choose, an incredibly fun and quick way of kicking your ass – yet keeping you fit at the same time – giving you an incredible endorphin rush – and making you feel like a billion bucks from “bla” in like less than a minute flat.

That was me this morning.

Over the past couple of nights, I’ve been having this “sore leg” syndrome – caused no doubt by LESS activity – and a pinged nerve or something in the lower back (nothing serious, nothing a bit of loosening wont get done).

We talk about back bends a lot, and rightly so – but FORWARD is what I emphasize most in my books on isometrics – most people dont understand, even when they get damn good at the best darn exercise there is for one, how WEAK their hamstrings and forward stretches are!

Reciepe for disaster, tight hips, hamstrings, aches, pains and more.

And you dont necessarily need to touch your toes for hours either to resolve this.

This morning, I thought of squats – pull-ups – pushups – did none of them

Instead, I got into the bear crawl position, and galloped around for a while – which for me was a minute I believe.

I wasn’t out of breath, but boy oh boy, this worked my ENTIRE body from head to toe.

Let me tell you, if youre the average adult, even one that goes to the gym, just GETTING into the bear crawl position will be tough, let alone moving around as I teach in Animal Kingdom Workouts – the way a grizzly bear naturally moves.

If you think moving FAST in this position is tough – by all means do it slowly and then get back to you.

The real benefit of the bear crawl, and most of these other animal workouts I mention in the book is this – they get the trick done – or job done – or both – FAST – while working EVERY muscle in the body – EVERY sinew – EVERY TENDON.

My lower back and leg soreness went away in a flash once I did the bear crawl for a minute this morning.

Thats all I’ve done as of now!

And I feel great, I’ll do another longer workout later on today.

But if there’s one reason you should get Animal KIngdom Workouts, my friend, it’s this – it gets the job done not just super efficiently – but super QUICK.

Uncle Bob once mentioned “working out the kinks after a long plane journey” via a hill climb.

you could certainly do that, or bridge, or do other bodyweight exercises, but I’ve found NOTHING hits the spot better than animal kingdom workouts when you really want the job done quick.

Get on to the sales page over to see what the fuss is all about …

And get the book NOW. It’s one of those books a LOT of you want, so please – stop griping about price if you are, or whatever the objections are, and just get on the program – do- and experience the MAGIC!

And, you’ll be a convert forever, that I Do promise!


Rahul Mookerjee

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