10 unvarnished, BRUTALLY HONEST, hard hitting fitness truths that NEVER go away.
- These hold true - REGARDLESS!

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This morning I seem to have woken up way earlier than I would normally …

And without further ado, here’s something I wanted to say – or the THREE things I wanted to say in this regard this morning – which might turn into 10 as I go along.

Brutally honest hard hitting fitness truths that a lot of you, or EVERYONE really – needs to hear – NOW (myself included).

(Yes, I’m no different from a lot of you, I need a kick up the ass on occasion too!)

One, if youre not doing squats – and a lot of them – you’re not really training hard – or training at all. Period. There is NO replacement for squats, especially bodyweight squats done in high reps and at the proper tempo, cadence etc.

Nah, whining about “I’m big so I can only do 20 reps” ain’t gonna cut it – if you’re fat, you’re FAT – period. And 20 ain’t the magic number. For squats, if you consider yourself to be in good shape, you should be able to knock off 100 bodyweight squats in about 3-5 minutes tops – preferably 3.5 – with no breaks in between.

It’s as simple as that, friend (or Hindus).

Two, carrying on from the above – there is a difference between BIG – and FAT.

I cannot remember how many times Ive been forced to say this – but it’s true.

If you’ve got a huge gut hanging over your pants, you aint gonna look like an athlete, or even fit – regardless of how “strong” you are or how big your biceps are – or how many elephants sit on your back as you squat in the gym – or what not.

Third, carrying on from the above – you DO Care.

(this is in response to the whiny fools that will no doubt get back on two saying “but I’m a biggggggggg guy naturally” – while whining about how I write about “just doing pull-ups and handstands” but not (according to them) giving any real help).

A certain Charles would identify.

Fourth, SIZE doesnt mean squat in terms of NOT being able to do bodyweight workouts.

Big guys CAN do pull-ups, and tons of ’em – right.

FAT phocks cannot – and it’s as simple as that.

Force = Mass x Accleration. If that mass is muscle mass, then you can not only do the same exercises and workouts that “smaller guys” can – but do it better than them too. This holds true for sprints, squats, pushups – pull-ups – or anything you can think of.

Fifth, perhaps the biggest grouse I have amongst all these…

If you ain’t getting your chin over the bar, bro, it ain’t a pull-up.

No, they ain’t pull-ups “for your body style”.

Thats the most common and most utterely retarded excuse I hear from folks who cannot get their chins over the bar.

If you’re only going “eye level” with the bar – well, I’m sorry, but you’re neither strong nor fit – you’re most likely FAT too – those last few inches are really what get the traps growing – and are also the toughest in terms of “if you have excess fat around the midsection”.

If you never see your favorite fitness guru, or “friend into fitness” or what not do pull-ups right, well, there is a reason behind it . Hehe.

Same thing applies for pushups, if you’re not going all the way down and up, it is not a proper pushup.

Sixth, SIMPLE often – and always – works – BEST.

Seventh, carrying on from the above – there is no replacement for workouts done “Animal Kingdom” style.

Yes I realize you’re going to look like a fool doing those “kiddie” exercises or whatever you call them – IF you can even DO them for any length of time.

Most adults, even so called fit adults can’t.

And that by itself should tell you a lot!

Eighth, another HUGE point – there is NO Replacement for doing heavy duty pushup workouts – namely 500 pushups a day.

I’ve done it.

Even the 0 Excuses Fitness workout videos which I cap the pushups off at 250 or so and then do other things – well, I had a 250 pushup workout the morning BEFORE I filmed that video!

Same thing for doing 100 pull-ups a day – or 100 handstand pushups a day. There are certain things – and results – you just cannot argue with!

Ninth, LSD cardio ain’t all it’s hyped up to be – you’re far better off doing QUICK and dirty workouts, and taking your system out for a SPRINT – rather than a long, slow dwadle in the park.

Do the latter by all means if you want to, hey, but if you want results, FAST gets the trick done. Healthwise and “butter burner” wise – both – and in other ways too numerous to mention here.

And tenth, if you have hills in your area, work ’em – and do so hard.

If you don’t, then climb as many stairs a day as humanly possible, and work that hard too!

There is NO alternative to stair climbing workouts, or heavy duty hill workouts, they tax your whole body and get you fit in a way nothing else will.

OK, so thats 10.

Off the top of my head when I had like three I was going to write to you about.

I’m sure I could find plenty more. But these will suffice for now…

Use ’em!

And get after it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Kiddie Fitness has been making WAVES as of late, and is the latest book to be translated into Spanish – almost done as we speak. Get it NOW.

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