Tenacious SURVIVAL!
- Is what is REQUIRED - NOW.

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Over the past couple of days, I’ve been doing something I often do with old friends – and customers – past, loyal, long term customers there with me for the long term, people that truly have my and their own best interests at heart – which fitness ,and these products – really, thats one and the same thing, but anyway – I’ve been “catching up”.

Some people have responded to me, some not – but as we gear up again for full scale emailing to the list etc (which over the past month or so was somewhat slow in some regards, although new guys were still getting daily emails etc, a lot of others were not) – as we prune the list to what REALLY matters (as of now, there are over 40,000 people on the list, definitely needs a pruning down to “doers only!!”) …

… I was talking to John Walker.

And as I saw some videos of people training etc, Tik Tok and so forth, I was struck by not just how shabby form was for some of these people – but their obvious lack of attention to their ever expanding paunches.

Twitter, Tik Tok etc makes it damn easy to “show” you’re training.

If you do 5 Hindu squats, or 15 – and then show up with 5 Hindu pushups, and then keep mixing and matching in the short video to show youre training, well, it may look somewhat cool. Probably DOES look cool and “elite” to the vast majority of people out there for whom ONE Hindu Pushup would be a stretch …

… but it aint real training, my friend.

Luckily, despite the hordes still tuned into their damn dumbphones “head in the sand” – the world in general has and will literally force them to go back to the good ole days.

Part of which involves surival at the most base levels possible!

Make no mistake, everything going on in this world is “justice” – or perhaps payback for what Man has done via his actions or to the other man.

Easy credit, easy money, the eras of rapid fire internet growth – anyone with any sense and long term vision could see that wasn’t sustainable – much like job hopping from one job to the other “because theyre paying me more” is ultimately a hunt down a rabbit hole and nothing at the other end.

It isnt just the war right now, it is not the wars fixin to happen that yours truly has seen for years in advance, it isn’t the inflation – and in some places, deflation going on – it isnt even “just philosophy” – while Emerson was one of the most eloquent writers ever, what he said, everything he said smacks of COMMON sense, except its worded SO ELOQUENTLY!

His Laws of Compensation are well worth a read, I’ve often said that.

Not because it benefits me if you read it – it will benefit YOU. I dont sell the book, nor do I have any plans of doing so.

The part of universal justice being inescapable, and the part about that justice, while it may take YEARS to come- but when it does come, it’s dispensed with a heavy hand, and with compound interest, either good or bad – is SO true, and it applies to everyone, yours truly very much included.

Of course, Emerson wrote it more eloquently than I could!

… and that brings me to the great John Walker, who at 60 plus and with numerous injuries truly to me, with his 500 plus squat workouts exemplifies the never say die spirit.

“We must be pyschically connected” was one of his comments to me when I wrote him an email.

Well, thoughts transmute my friend, and especially for those living by GUT!

He’s been saying for a while the end game is near, and fears “he wont live to see old bones” as it were .

He also gave my daughter regards from Uncle John, which made her day – and mine! That SMILE!

But anyway, we discussed all the above, and more …

I also told him that while we’re having a customers only (past customers) 35% OFF sale – he’s more than welcome to an even bigger discount if he needs it, not just because of costs rising “out the ass” everywhere, but because he, to me, is a true DOER!

And THOSE are the people that truly deserve my time and attention, and therefore discounts, for me to work with them as I always have for real doers.

… and I also told him (after some very lengthy “eloquent” emails as he put it, hehe) – that I’m counting on HIM to survive what is to come.

Make no mistake, it will be tough, but he’s physically and mentally prepared for it, and he DOES – daily.

THAT puts him ahead of the vast majority of the dumbphone addicted braying sheep out there – or was it jack/jill asses. Hehe.

Glyn Schofield if he is “out of ass” enough to read this probably identifies with the ass part. Hehe. He’s been trolling as of late with statements like “I’m a fun cuckold!” (no doubt, dude, you’re a laughing stock. Hehe)  and other rot …


If it’s all going to hell, Glyn figures he might as well get his share of nose up “ugh and eww” before it does! Hehe.

But anyway – to survive what is to come, and I doubt even the most stubborn of neighsaysers would argue with me on this – you gotta be in TOP SHAPE – both mentally and physically.

My workouts, MORE Than anyone else prepare you for what is to come.

I’ve been doing it for years.

If you’re interested in learning how yours truly has lived in the flow – predicts things accurately – how YOU can too – how YOU can get into the best damn shape of your life by working out the way I teach … like NO-ONE else, I repeat, NO-ONE else out there does – then the 0 Excuses Fitness System is your ticket, my friend.

Remember, it’s one thing to know.

It’s quite another to stay prepared.

Do both – get on it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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