The so called “women’s century” . . .
- And so it goeth.

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My wife started yelling and screaming this morning again – God(dess) knows why.

Perhaps she woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or perhaps she’s on the rag again (funny how that happens every time there is some sort of an argument about “he didnt send me monnnnnnnnnnnneeeee” or some other horseshit) …

… I’ve no idea.

All I did was ask a simple question about FOOD.

Hey, thats the least a woman can do – cook for her man, eh.

(and really, CLEAN – I mean she lives worse than most bachelor men do to be honest – it’s just filthy and DISGUSTING – I still remember a certain Venus, who was “more interested in money than men” as well, but even she once pointed at the mess in my apartment and said “I’d clean if I was living like that!” (and it was just a bit of dust there, hehe – as compared to the roaches, rats, rodents, dishes, and what not piling up “at the ole wife’s”)) . . .

And a marriage which despite me literally BEGGING her to leave the marriage, she steadfastly refuses to leave – of course, why would she?

She’s got money flowing in from me for one, and she’s got a Nazi feminist Mom-in-law (her own family apparently couldn’t ever stand her or didnt want her, given all her rants about being “an unwanted child” growing up – though really, the way she behaves, sometimes I wonder!) who admittedly hates the very sight of her (which I can identify with, hehe, as you can probably tell – lots of people love, even more hate my very guts, and then there is the last category i.e. my immediate “family” except my daugher and I use quotes for a reason, hehe), but is willing to put up with her to “score one up” on yours truly “MGTOW” that doesn’t shy away from saying it like it  is.

In the past, when we all lived under the same roof (and even when it happens NOW, if it does) – they bitch up a storm when we fight and argue, and why?

“She can yell, thats OK”, goes my mother. “But you can’t!” 

(she never did tell me how to react. Hehe. So much for her sooooooo accurate (in her own words) wisdom).

So goeth the Nazi feminist “no goose and gander” so called logic.

Now, admittedly they gave up trying to “tutor” me on marriage and other crap (really, Dad, your “keep the wife happy at all costs or shell make your life miserable” was never for me, and for a guy whose never been with more than one woman his whole life, if even that, it’s RIPE – you giving advice to ME on that – like 10 bald guys trying to tell me how to trim my own luxuriant mane which my little girl so wants, but of course her Nazi feminist mother bitches up a storm about “even girls can have short hair!” – ah, I give up) – but back to why my wife doesnt leave her marriage -why would she?

She doesnt pay a single bill, she has no fiscal responsibilities, she does F all around the household, and of course, when I’m not there, she stews in her own “he never sends me money” BS – but end of the day, she’s not being pushed to go out and work and fend for herself.

I keep thinking, isn’t true empowerment supposed to be about bettering yourself without using others as a perennial crutch?

IF she allows a long pending divorce (which I’ll get anyway ultimately – cant nobody force me to stay in a relationship I dont want, period!) – then she’ll bitch up a storm about alimony.

Equality, anyone?

I bought the cunt land – I bought her so many damn things I can’t even remember which – when I show her the bank statements, “it means nothing”.

Truly, as Marc the African Silverback Gorilla said “there’s no credit based upon past history with women”.

And as a certain Vladimir Putin once said about women bitching up a storm because they “can” – and how it shows weakness.

I tend to agree with him on that. Hehe. And yeah, Valdimir, maybe it’s not a bad thing for women to be weak- I feel you on that one! Hehe.

The natural order as it were – thankfully even the US has taken steps towards that by repealing Roe vs Wade, long overdue in my opinion (dont get me wrong, I’m not entirely against abortion, but I AM against the way in which it was being used by mostly – get this – WOMEN!! Like my own wife who conveniently forgot to get on the pill when we (finally, I didnt even want any part of her to be honest) did the deed after years of NOT (doing the deed with her))…

I thought abortion there for a second – that was that – I decided AGAINST it.

I dont know what my wife thought, but I bet if the money wasn’t flowing in, the cunt would rush for one.

I realize this language might offend many of you out there, so be it, but it’s time to call these Nazi feminist bit**** out for what they are – HYPOCRITES!

This women’s century crap they keep spouting reminds me of a certain Benghazi Clinton who another Nazi feminist once thought was a fine, fine choice for President.


Do these guys even live in the REAL WORLD?

Or fantasy land?

Anyway …. where am I going with this lengthy family drama, which I suspect most people face at home, but no-one really ever talks about it?

It is this – the response most men (real men) would have is probably along the lines of what Charles my former friend once told me about women.

“They do it because they know we wont smack ’em in the head”.

Gotta agree with Charles there, although I do give women verbal smackdowns all the time (such as a certain lovely Gorilla Girl, hehe) – physical?

Personally, unlike Bozo Schofield, I’d consider it BENEATH me to fight physically with a woman unless she’s trying to kill me in which case it’s different, but other than that, I’ll yell back, perhaps, but physical violence?

Against women and kids especially?


I’ve had way too much of that done to me growing up . . .


Nah – you dont get off scot free. Perhaps that is why I have such few confrontations with men, because they know better and so do I.

Reminds me of a certain something my idiotic Nazi fem wife once said to me about “you’re trying to kill yourself!”


Well, apparently because I asked for spice in my food.

Given she’s from India, given I asked her something perfectly natural for that part of the world, given the population in the country doesnt exactly look like everyone’s killing themselves by eating “spice” in their food, I mean, the utter lunacy!

Perhaps that is why I lose it sometimes, I can tolerate Nazi feminists to a degree, but I simply cannot tolerate FOOLS!

And illogical morons…

It is also this (where I’m going with this) – these Nazi feminists are just DISGUSTING unwomanly cunts.

The first thing my wife does upon waking up in the morning, and all throughout the day is fart and belch loudly and noisily – and tries to tutor the daughter on “its OK! It’s a natural bodily function!”

When she responds with “but I never hear Dad do it”, Nazi feminist fool claims “he does”.

Just disgusting – weren’t real women supposed to be real women, as a certain Carol once said “look sweet, smell sweet, talk sweetly” – and this girl EARNED a ton of money – most of it from an ex who is STILL running after her.

No wonder I was with her, and not my so called wife. Ugh. It’s DISGUSTING.

And the way they use kids and weaponize them – EVEN more pathetic!

My daughter is routinely told “don’t let Dad kiss you”.

A simple kiss on the cheek is apparently a “no no” because “all men are big and bad”.

When my daughter fights back saying “Mom, he’s my DAD!” – of course, Mom will bully her into submission by her harsh foghorn like yelling (which seems to intimidate my daugher now, but I can already see what will happen at the age of 12. Hehe) – and which she thinks intimidates me, but does the polar fuckin opposite – and then she does it anyway, except quietly.

If these dumbasses only knew as Marc once said “I dont know if your wife even knows how destructive she has been to your relationship”.

Neither do they know how they literally destroy kids lives growing up – now THAT I wish there was a law against!

More than that, of course, the buffoonery is what it gets me.

Anyway – the SLOW BURN is how you combat these fools to the point where they delude themselves into thinking the other person (on a self imposed fast I was at that time!) “is trying to kill themselves” when in reality their own minds think of that all the time.

Of course, they never follow through because then the ATM wouldnt work … Hehe.

Such as it goes, round and round in circles.

And I continue to profit from it brazenly and daily, funny part is when I tell them how they sneer and say “thats just writing”.

Ok, dont tell me I wasn’t honest honey. Hehe.

And that, my friends is that.

To DEAL with – and more importantly to come out on top with Nazi feminist fools and morons – DO – what is specified in my pathbreaking book on it which MGTOW guys are raving about from here to … MGTOW’s ville. Hehe.

How to not only COMBAT and WIN AGAINST – but PROFIT (big time) from the Nazi Feminist DISEASE plaguing modern day society. (

And that, my friend is that.

Gotta admit, my mom did have it spot on about “my wife having mental problems” years ago.

Of course, knowing her shes probably forgotten ALL About it. Hehe.

Get the book above if you’re a real man. You will LOVE IT – and identify most likely – and most certainly, the most important thing – BENEFIT.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If this sounds like a comedic skit, I agree – it kinda does. Hehe.

But the facts mentioned therein are all true … Hehe. Unfortunately or not, this sort of shit probably rings true for many real men globally tho.

Fear not though – yours – our – time isn’t just coming – it’s already HERE – and what you see going on all across the world proves it better than my eloquency, or lack of it, ever could.

And get the book NOW – it’s that damn good, really.

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