More on the “he thinks he’s God” craziness I often deal with
- from NON doers, of course. Hehe.

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I think I wrote about this before!

Being I’m on the clock and aiming to get this done in 5 minutes, I’ll edit, send LATER – but for now, I had it out with Ricky again the other day about “you think you’re God!”

Now the specifics of the argument dont matter, maybe I’ll get into that later.

But he repeats this silly idiotic line (even more so with my professed and avowedly always atheist self and beliefs) – mostly because of my opinion on MOST, if not all things and a grudging acknowledgement that I’m usually on the RIGHT side of most things I say or I dont say it at all – as well as predictions (especially the latter).

When the latter happens, such as what I kept saying about Trump wont win the 2020 election (unfortunately, I felt that in my bones too) – the neighsayers dont say a word.

Which is fine.

Some do, with idiotic comments like the above.

What he is referring to as “he thinks hes God” is my self worth – or SENSE of self worth.

Look, self worth is one of those things you either have or you dont – along with confidence.

You can develop both.

But really, intrinsically, you either got it or you dont, simple as THAT!

Now, for me, I’ve always had it – and it’s not – NOT been linked to money or even physicality (which admittedly I go on a lot about, but really, for a guy always mocked for his lack of physicality – not masculinity, but physicality growing up – think about it – not to mention someone who was bullied throughout his child hood, not given a chance to excel physcially though he desperately wanted to – and really look at what is going on around you in the world today – I’m not saying might is right, but might certainly provides a damn fine point to negotiate from, or start to do good from!) – or any of the other things people link it to.

Rickys the sort of guy who just bought a spanking new house, loves to brag about it – while going in debt for it.

Ditto for a BMW he did not need.

And a swimming pool that took forever to construct, complete, cost him a LOT in credit card bills, borrowed money from friends etc.

Look, I’m not saying dont brag about those things if you want to …

By all means, if that is your thang, go for it!

But to me, those things matter NOT.

Never have.

My sense of self worth remains the same whether Im a millionaire, zillionaire, or zero-aire – whether I have debtors / creditors running after me, or women crazy for cash – and other things too. Hehe.

Or not.

It remains the SAME.

And being I’m at 5 minutes already, I’ll return and finish this.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Now that I’m back – what?

Well, nothing, but this – my programs instil a sense of self worth, deja wu – SANG FROID – and “general feeling of well being and CONFIDENCE” in YOU – like NO OTHER PROGRAMS DO!

Irrespective of the economy, lack thereof, war, not, electric bills, nagging spouses or what not – you’ll be ready to KICK ASS at any moment – PERIOD.

And thats what really counts.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System – along with Isometric and Flexibility Training truly is the secret my friend – get them BOTH – now. (the idea for writing this came to me while doing some stretches out of “Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training!“).

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