More on Twiggy’s central “twig” – or … hehe.
- This one is worth a read, lol.

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Twiggy has an anecdote to share with you – which oddly enough rings and is more true than you might imagine.

From a source with more experience at it than I’ll ever have – an ex – I had (and if you’re reading my emails, the last one mentions me at 19 – well, this one came along right about then too!) – once made this comment while I was a “phat phock”.

“Honey, why is it that the slimmest guys always have the largest *****”?

Then she giggled, and continued dong – doing, lol – what she was to me, which was something I wont mention here.

Its also something that made me literally swerve off the highway as it were…


Anyway, I asked her why she was with me at the time “phat phock” and you should have seen the hissy she threw.

“How dare you say that about yourself!”

Well, because I am … I attempted to say, but she wouldn’t let me get a word in sideways, and wouldn’t discuss the comment above for MONTHS after that.

I’ve no idea why she got that pissed at me saying something about myself – not the size of my you know what, but my stomach. Hehe.

I wasn’t truly fat per se then, to be honest.

But although I could do 30-35 pushups non stop, one set, perfect form, thats pretty much all I did – although the swimming kept me fairly lean, I wasn’t where I wanted to be fitness wise, although people told me back then “your damn arms are huge!” – I wanted more, therefore, all I said was I was fat, and …

Anyway, we all know it ain’t about size or lack thereof, unless youre into porno or comparing sizes like Glyn is (or lets see, ole Boris’s pal is, apparently grabbing men by the pussy or what not, ugh) …

But there’s an element of truth to it if you think about it.

The ole Chinese saying “Pang Reng Qiu Dian” (fat man have small penis) isn’t just there for heck of it.

To me, it’s simple, the less fat you have on the core, especially lower abs that most people try and hide “it’s not visible” (sorry pal, but it is) – the more blood flow down there, the better you feel, the more you want it, the higher your T levels and sex drive, and even if its just a visual thing, you “look” bigger – period.

I dont know, fitness wise thats my take on it, looks wise Schofield could tell you, hes been scouring the net for books on it apparently from what a mutual friend (not good ole Charles, hehe) tells me today …

Some guy he trolled for being black or what not.

Just pathetic, Glyn … really.

But anyway, this email isn’t to discuss the size of Twiggy’s twig – or lack therefore. Hehe.

(if you missed the last email, you gotta read it NOW – that will explain the Twiggy part).

It’s to say this , my friend – that in life, in bed, fitness, anything you do …

it ain’t SIZE that matters necessarily.

It’s really the size of the FIGHT in the dog that matters if I might say so.

Take a look at any world leader around.

Take a look at the best boxers and fighters around.

They weren’t necessarily the biggest, tallest or strongest – but they damn sure were the FITTEST.

There ain’t no point whining about genetics or what you cannot control, friend.

If someone is bigger than you either naturally or otherwise, so be it.

As a friend of mine told me in tenth grade at my comments (to this day) about me not being a big guy (though that was when I kept getting bullied, and he’d keep stepping in to whoop ass) …

“MAKE yourself so that no-one can touch you!”

And there lies the nub, friend.

It’s not about SIZE.

Its about what you do with that size, and how FIT you are.

BIG guys can do pull-ups- tons of them – in letter perfect form.

PHAT guys – just simply cannot – no other exercise exposes their lack of conditioning and fat like this one exercise does.

You can be HUGE in the ring – but unless you’re well conditioned, you’re a goner basically.

Trust me, for someone (me) who was WINDED after his first three rounds in a boxing ring with Marc the African Silverback Gorilla – who himself had more fat around his midsection than he should at the time (by his own admission – and gotta give it to him – real man!) – I KNOW what I’m talking about and then some.

I’ve seen skinny guys that are amazingly strong, and some skinny guys are amazingly UNFIT.

I’ve seen fat guys that are strong, some that are stronger, but none truly fit, because if you’re fat, you ain’ fit, at least not by any reasonable real world definition, and this doesnt require you to take my word for it – try any sort of real world fitness test, you’ll see.

A great example of this – Sylvester Stallone.

While getting into shape for his movies, he by his own admission followed the WORST diet ever – diet that left him weak and dizzy at times (lets face it training on nothing but a couple of slices of toast, and egg whites – six, I believe – for months on end while training heavy more than 4 hours a day – AND working on scripts, movies etc…!) (gotta give it to ole Sly none of that showed in the movies!) … but that had him looking GOOD – like that movie star I referred to up there, hehe – he was so dizzy at times that he had to do handstands to get “the blood flowing to his head”.

(another manifest example of why handstands and handstand pushups SHOULD be a part of YOUR fitness regimen no matter what).

Later, post 40, as you see in movies like the Specialist, he changed his goals, and became significantly more muscular and BULKIER.

Which is great.

At NO point did ole Sly have a gut hanging over his belt tho, at well over 70, he still doesnt.

THAT is the entire point, for those that choose to get it.

If some dont and keep whining about “but this works for me”, be my guest… Hehe. The facts have been put out in front of you, I Can’t “make the horse drink”.

Anyway, the 0 Excuses Fitness System makes no promises to increase the size of that twig to a tree branch (oak) or vice versa. Hehe.

Animal Kingdom Workouts makes some oblique references to it, with good reason …

Hope this email made you laugh – a little, or a lot.

We ALL need that these days!



Rahul Mookerjee

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