Why I no longer sell “$30” (or lower) ebooks….
- For the most part that is...

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Despite my insistence on high prices – very well warranted high prices, there are actually more than a few books that idiots that whine about my prices dont look at.

The Gorilla Grip series, for one, each book individually is mostly priced LESS than $30.

Ditto for the Simple and Effective Diet

And a few others.

But anyway, that aside – I’ve spoken enough about why my books are – and will continue to be – sold at – HIGH PRICES.

This has been sent out on email numerous times, I’m not going to relink it here, if you want – do a Google search, or search on this website, you’ll have your answer very quickly.

If you’re like Gorilla Girl, who when told to Google throws a hissy of “How dare him!” – well, two things – one, you’re more than welcome to do so, but two, I’ll definitely have a laugh at you if thats the case, hehe ,and it wont be near as cute as if it came from her again.

Hehe again.

Anyway ……………….

Couple of stories first, as always…

With a sip of piping hot red tea straight from China!

Back in the day, when I sold the first draft of 0 Excuses Fitness– just the book, without the five vidoes, just the digital download, no paperback – the book didnt have a lot of the chapters it does now (massage, recovery, the all important part about MASTERY – which the original Fast and Furious Fitness book did NOT have – that one chapter itself is worth a re-read and then some – several times! – people have said that ONE chapter by itself has given them more information in many regards than a lot of the entire book! – and a few others as well) – it was being sold at a 50% off i.e. $60, but I was selling it at the time for $30.

Of course, it didnt take long to make a sale.

Which I did.

A guy named “Cesar”, I believe, and oddly enough, or maybe not, his behavior was the precise and polar opposite of what you’d expect a “Cesar” to behave like.

He was a Fast and Furious Fitness buyer too if I recall correctly.

But when he bought this book, he got back a week later and threw a hissy about the format of the book, comparing it to some other authors and telling me “I should write like them” or some other bullshit.

I think I should format it like they did, make it “purdy” or what not was his drift… not necessarily the writing, tone, but “make it purdy” was what he wanted.


Same thing for the guy that ranted up a storm about Isometric and Flexibility Training about the “photos not being super high resolution” (his rant was far less “genteel”, by the way, but that is what this particular FOOL meant. Idiot-a!).

Rod Steiger would be proud. Hehe.

Anyway – he also bought the book on reverse pushups.

“Pushups, reverse pushups – the BEST darn exercise ever” – a gem of a book that has made people of advanced ages, way past what you’d consider “young” feel better than anything else they’ve ever done in their whole lives.

And he ranted about that book too “the workouts are the same”.

Now, I could get into how stupid his rant was i.e. why reverse pushup workouts would not or should not be included in 0 Excuses Fitness is a mystery – and why “same” workouts matters either way?

He was looking for the “next thrill” basically, the next dopamine drip, and needless to say, never DID anything outlined in the book.

So I never replied to him.

He whined about refunds etc, I denied it, he filed a chargeback of sorts, I even won that (you know you’re in the right when you win chargebacks. Hehe).

I can just hear the fool saying

“But it’s not about who is right or wrong!”



Bet this idiot wouldn’t have said that if he WON the case. Hehe.

Anyway ………….

Another story – Gorilla Grip was being sold at $9.99 – special sale.

And that also attracted another whiny Bozo, whose review is still up on Amazon claiming “there is no doubt they work, but the price is too high or some other bullshit, such as “you can Google it””.

I wonder if you can Google it, why this idiot didnt just Google it and why he bought the book?

Gotta be some skill there at play, eh, to get him to pull out his crabby little wallet and BUY? !

Anyway – that review has been discussed galore, taken apart enough times – if you want I’ll logically do so again here.

Let me know.

But my point is this – at that time, I had two options.

I could have either “caved in” and bowed to the customer hissy’s and did what they wanted.

I did the exact polar reverse opposite.

I still remember the two voices inside of me …

One, doubtful. The external voice.

(remember, this was back when I started)

And two – a DEEP voice piping up saying “CHEAPASS!!!!”

The deep voice won – later on, I was to go on and read Dan Kennedys book on marketing (if you dont know who Dan Kennedy is, you’re truly living under a rock) – and how he advised those selling products getting these whiny, illogical and NOT justified rants which all boil down to price to raise their arms up in the air – and scream HURRAH!

Seemed a little extreme when I first read it.

But I still remember the feeling of “you know you’re going places when people really start to hate you”.


And now, every time I get a rant like this, I dont delete it, I dont ask Amazon to delete it, and I proudly write about it on this here site too. Hehe.

And I love taking it apart!

Makes me more sales as well – especially Glyn’s reviews, which brought in so many smackeroos at the time he wrote them that I should probably thank him for being the sorry fool and troll he is. Hehe.

Anyway – after that?

I raised the price of 0 Excuses Fitness (with videos, full book) to $149.99 for the digital download, and then last year to it’s RIGHTFUL price ie. $249.99.

The other options cost more or less depending.

Gorilla Grip – $17.99 I believe…

The book on reverse pushups $35.99 if I got it right…

And a month or so, or a week, I dont know which, I got a sale – two, in fact, for ALL Three of the books above.

None of these guys ever got back to me – in fact, a couple of them did not even sign up for the main list!

But, they left 5 star reviews, no whinging, no moaning, no bitching about price, and so forth …

Look, when you treat your products with the respect they deserve, it shows.

People may hate you for it.

But they’ll ultimately respect you FAR more than if you put someone, customer or not, on a pedestal and devalue yourself and your work.

Think about it – would you still consider a Michelin grade restaurant “high quality” if it sold $5.99 or whatever the price is burgers and fries ?

I think NOT.

Would you expect – or WANT it to sell at that price?

I think NO.

Same things applies to the Rolls Royce of the Fitness world, or the Stella Artois of Fitness, what have you . . .

I cannot believe I have to explain this over and over again, but since I do – the other thing is, when you cave in to whiny, entitled brats (like a certain so called wife I have) – and you let them get away with it – that behavior multiples like roaches I so hate.

Conversely – you let the GOOD guys come (which yes, admittedly it took me a while to get my good customers, I played the long game, I stuck it out) – and that behavior multiples too – like flowers and greenery on that hill I so love.

Hate me or love me, or both, hehe (nah, it’s never both with me!) for saying it, but can you call me out on the LOGIC behind any of this? I think NOT.

With my wife, of course, to a certain extent there are no consequences for her brattish behavior, so she gets away with it – but thats something my equally Nazi feminist mother and “cowed” (I’m being polite here!) father can discuss with her.

Their main goal is “your enemy’s enemy is my friend” i.e. I’m the common enemy so they get along to the extent possible to try and combat me – of course, it doesnt work too well because deep down at the core of it all they all hate each other far more than they hate me. Hehe.

Anyway, so thats why …

Let me know your thoughts on this, rather long winded, I know but thats the sort of mood I’m in today…


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – Just noticed a couple of days ago a certain Joe Blow is sending $400 mil of aid to Ukraine or what not. Now I know Sleepy Joe considers himself a family man or what not – has he ever thought how that $8 billion, ever ballooning to more could be used at HOME to help those that are struggling?

What has Ukraine ever done for the US?

(I still remember a certain Carol asking back when I was still “not saying it straight about my wife” – well, I was, but I was trying to keep her (carol) calm as well as she became FURIOUS every time the topic was brought up – especially with my wifes idiotic resistance to divorce at the time and “I hate him, but I wont leave him” illogical buffoonery – which NOW I’ve gotten past by “just doing it” (yes, Charles (the friend) – just doing it does make things happen! Hehe) …

“What has your wife ever done for you!” 

Sage question indeed…

And she’s right, every time I was in an emergency, really needed something, she didnt help, when she needed it, of course…

Not saying Carol would have, but for the time we were together, she did way more than her “share” was – gotta be fair there!)

A country that as recently as 2014 – the US Congress, yes, the Congress, not the Russian Duma – passed legislation FORBIDDING the sale of military equipment there due to too much corruption and the presence of Neo Nazis (albeit to a small extent) …

(not to mention all this military aid just makes it worse for Ukraine, the Russians just pound them even more – each of those weapons being sent apparently also costs $1 mil to fire…)

The Trumpinator asked these very sage questions too, he was ignored, now that people are asking NOW – I thought Id bring it up.

Truly, some of us are light years ahead of the pack.

As Marjorie Taylor Greene rightly said “what we are saying is the news six months later”.

Ah well…

PPS – ALL the books above are pure GEMS, my friend. Get them now – they will literally take you to levels of health, strength and fitness that you’ve never even IMAGINED before!

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