The magic “tool” I haven’t written so much about, ignored off and on, and so forth …
- The magic of the YANTRA...

This email is probably going to fly over the heads of most that read it.

I dont mean that in an “arrogant” manner – but I’m just saying, a lot of the advanced mind stuff I talk about … people dont “truly get it”. Hehe. Which is fine, but anyway –

Story from 2019.

I was leaving an apartment, hadn’t (for once) decided on another one – so I booked a room at a pretty decent local Chinese hotel for two days (until I figured something else out in the same apartment complex).

So, as the landlady was helping me move (nice lady!) – we noticed one thing hanging on the wall which I had oddly never noticed while packing my stuff up, while tossing the multitude of beer bottles that had sprung up like plants all over the house, and so forth …

(while tossing all the tea I could into a suitcase – which was already bulging at the seams, much like a lot of those beer bellies you see out there).

Reminds me of a project I did in CSC 404, the “internet” class I loved. Back then making HTML websites was a big deal, that was our semester project or something, of course, I had to put some beer bellies on there for some reason (I thought it was hilarious) and ended up getting a “B” as a grade instead of an A for the project “since it’s too gross”.

Well, I dont know, in real life people dont seem to think their lard is too gross do they. Hehe.

Not judging by the number of lard asses I see on a regular basis, yet, when you put a picture of a belly online it’s “gross”?

You should talk to the Prof, my friend Rueben went. There’s no reason for that B!

He’s probably right (he was probably right).

But since I ended up with an A in the class anyway, I didnt really care. There was no way I was not going to ace that class. Hehe. Dr B knew that!! 😉

Advanced databases, now there I ended up with a B, but thats a different story. Maybe I was too focused on Jen in front of me and not the actual class, haha.

Anyway – where was I.

Ah yes, so she pointed out something I missed.

“What about that, Michael!” she went.

What, I asked.

She pointed to something hanging on the wall.

Oh, SHIT, I went. How could I forget THAT!

“Very important!”, she laughed (not in a bad way).

She was right!

But there it is, my friend – the MAGIC I’m talking about.

It’s the SRI Yantra, something I’ve written about often, something that despite all the literature out there on it is very well and truly misunderstood by most – something that is a GREAT mind tool – something that brings your deepest desires TRUE – something that DRAWS things you WANT to you – ONLY – if and ONLY you do it … RIGHT!

Some may think “whats the big deal”. Just a collection of triangles, geometric shapes – but research the history behind it, you might be surpised – and shocked to learn how many parallels Nature has to this magical yantra.

I’ve recommended meditation in the past.

I’ve often not done it MYSELF – and the two things that have served me the BEST – I often, oddly enough, tend to ignore them – such as the Yantra, always with me!

In physical form, it’s always hanging in whichever room I work – or sleep.

I often dont even notice it- but my subconscious mind DOES. Which is what counts. It’s always one of the first things I “see” – yet dont see (therefore, consciously, when moving, I completely forgot about it!) ..

No, it aint tantra mantras, no, it aint something religious as my wife thinks, it ain’t about God either. (I dont believe in God, as I’ve said).

It’s about the Universe, chakras, and universal energy.

It’s about FOCUSING thy mind.

When you can stare at the Yantra without moving a muscle, being completely calm, BLISS as it were despite the rough waves “on the surface” – the calm in the ocean underneath – you’ll see what I mean about attracting results – galore to you.

There are SO MANY ideas that come to mind after even a brief session of meditating with the Yantra that I cannot begin to tell you what a powerful mind tool it is.

Of course, like with all tools, you can use it for good – and evil.

You should ALWAYS use it for the former – enough said.

And a lot of the modern stuff out there on the Yantra, the depictions, the “how to’s” etc are utter and pure rubbish.


The Yantra should GLOW with energy – even if it isn’t electric.

GOLD should be a huge part of it …

Even if there isn’t any real gold in it…

And as with all meditation, you dont force the process – you SLIDE into it (like you do into the stretches in Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training).

OVer the years I’ve been lax and often times forgotten to make this a part of my life.

Sometimes for months, when I get really busy.

Then I remember, kick myself in the can – and get back to it. Hehe.

Such as it goes.

I’ll have more, a LOT more on this topic in the future if you’re interested – for now, remember, these sort of things only work if the MIND is calm and if you’re a believer in mind power, if you dont believe in it, it wont work for you no matter what.

But this is one of the MOST powerful, yet most ignored, even after reading this – most will ignore it – tools to work – THE MIND!


Exercise gives me much of the same benefits, my friend, not just because of the physical – but because of the deep breathing I incorporate into my workouts – THAT is what really connects your body to the Universe (and the mind too).

THAT is what gets the fat burners within activated, and working – pronto.

And that is what allows me to slide through my days in utter bliss most of the time …

Get your hands on the fitness system that lets me do all this – the 0 Excuses Fitness System – get it NOW.

And I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee