Truly the “best for the best”.
- Ole Alonzo was ONE of a kind, hehe. IS!

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You don’t have to be the best at anything. You only need to be the best version of you, for you, to make a difference to those around you and those you care about. That’s a distinction we often forget.

So goes another “feel good trope” on social media, I’m not even going to mention from whom, mostly because I’ve no idea who the person is that is actually posting it, Twitter put it on my feed, so I saw it!

When I see statements like this, they make me cringe -not because I’m an ass or an egotist or think I’m hot shit – I am all of the above, and way more, hehe – but its not because of that I laugh, cringe, and think “pathetic” when I see this crap posted online in various shapes, formats, and guises.

“The best for the best”, I can hear Alonzo Harris in Training Day toasting his friend who then of course ends up six feet under …

(they literally dig a hole in suits for him. Hehe).

That was a classic movie!

But life is like that, my friend.

Where would we be – all of us -without us striving to be the best at something?

If it’s writing – be the BEST – if it’s selling books- hmm, there is a reason the term “bestseller” is there?

Best actor – Academy awards, singing – Grammy – and so forth.

Being numero Uno is something EVERYONE should strive for to the best extent possible!

I do believe in statements like the below – mine –

If you give it your all and then some, and STILL Fail (which you likely wont) – then thats fine!

Or –

It isn’t so much a competition with other people as it is with yourself – daring yourself to improve each day, become a better version of you – but since we’re all human, tis but natural to COMPARE – and not gloat or be jealous, but if he or she has something you want, physcially or otherwise, then YOU work to get that same thing if you want it too!

Its that simple, at least for me.

These silly feel good statements to me ring false, and the buzz of incompetence and “frustration” around these statements rings out so true . . . or truly, hehe. I’ve always been great at gramm-uhhh-rr….eh. Hehe.

But really, it’s usually people with liberal leaning tendencies that make these statements.

If you aren’t striving to be the best at what you do, then this is probably not the right site for you, the products on this site neither – I created them for high achievers.

And WINNERS in life, not those content to take second place, and like Sean Connery said in “THe Rock”- “losers whine about trying their best, winners go home and fuck the prom Queen!” …

I dont know about YOU, my friend, and if you feel the latter way i.e. the “no need to be the best at anything” – then thats fine, no arguments from me…

But for me, thats not who I am, thats not the results my programs bring you, either life wise or fitness wise, it certainly aint what I’d want for you either.

I’d want you to be the BEST – period.

And therefore, the BEST products, the BEST damn fitness system out there and so forth …

And therefore, I end this email with no other word other than …


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’m incredibly humble too about my results and achievements, in case you did not notice as yet. Hehe.

But really, strive to be the BEST at what you do rather than settle for second or last place. Second SUCKS. Period.

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