Why CONSISTENCY is key – and how life seems to ALWAYS come full circle.
- No matter what.

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It’s something I’ve written about galore before, life coming full circle – in more ways than one.

But it’s also … TRUE. Or I wouldn’t write about it?

Anyway, I’ll always remember what Dejon once told me (Dejon, whose an actual strongman and does the lifts etc as opposed to a lot of the posing morons in the gym) (he does thick bar deadlifts, farmer’s walks, a lot of REAL grip stuff, and so forth …)

(Yes, Charles, grip strength is truly more important than breathing, or damn near, hehe, and most in the know – AGREE. )

…. but anyway, what he once told me about Glyn (while we were discussing his lunacy and antics and Glyn literally, like many others, till date being nigh OBSESSED with me).

I wrote about this before, of course.

“Man, Glyn’s literally obsessed with you!”

That he is. Hehe.

And then we discussed his lunacy, how with Glyn it’s always one thing or the other, and he’s always got this vibe of “trying to get something from you”.

“With you, thats never been there”, he finished off.

“You’ve always been a consistently nice guy!”

Which was really nice of him to say as well.

And hes right – I dont talk to people simply to sell them something, or “get” something – I talk to people mostly as PEOPLE – as human beings – and thats it, and why do I mention this – because it ties into what I’m going to say now.

I ranted about it on WeShat a bit.

But this tendency (that has been magnified over the past couple of years) of people just saying “Hi” and nothing else (this I’ve written about a LOT before, how much it just pisses me off – they’re waiting for YOU to respond, which is BS – if someone contacts someone, the least they can do is, you know, be halfway human and TALK??) – and this has now extended to business as well.

It’s aggravating as hell, really . . .

If youre doing biz with someone, he says nothing but “hello”, then you dont get back, then he later gets back with “but you never got back”, you send messages, he doesnt reply to all – it’s pitiful, but that is the stage the average pea brain around you has come to.

No, it isn’t “make yourself so interesting that they will talk to you”.

They wouldn’t contact the other person if that wasn’t already there.

More to the point, these same jack and jill asses were more than happy to hold HUMAN conversations extending beyond a couple of “curt” words *curt sounding* just a couple of years ago, now it’s full blown panic mode apparently.

It’s not just frustrating, I laugh at it, and it’s annoying, irritating, aggravating, all of it.

I ROUTINELY cull the number of people on any sort of list I have, this one included, and my personal list, a lot of time for these very reasons – I do NOT unless I absolutely “need for some reason” that sort of idiot anywhere near me!

Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy. 


On the dumbphone watching videos…

Or – more commonly – zoning out to “worry”.

I mean really, what I want to tell these people , just what the hell are you so panicked about?

Not that someone’s got a gun to your head, no?

Thats extreme, they will reply.


It’s also a reminder of the FACT that things could get a lot worse no matter how bad they are NOW.

It’s a reminder to be grateful for what you have NOW – and NOT forget basic human courtesy which is what made human kind “successful” for a period, anyway before it all went to self propelled and created utter SHIT . . . even during “these times”.

Times are only tough because people THINK they are, and create a corresponding reality around themselves that affects EVERYONE.

You have to stop buying into the BS, my friend.

Even if the world were to end tomorrow, panicking about it wont stop it from happening, will it?

Do what you can NOW.

Live in the moment.


And thats the message, really – oh, and CONSISTENCY is key.

There are people on my list, usually the ones I communicate with, the only ones – that have been, as Dejon said, CONSISTENT in their communication, behavior and so forth from Day ONE (from when I knew them).

That, no matter what, makes me want to converse with these people, talk to them, do business with them, or socialize with them.

The idiots that “forget what happened a day before, let alone a couple of years ago” – nah, I’ll leave that sort out of my life.

Anyway ……… coming full circle, I remember a guy almost running me over on a Fri afternoon when I was walking back from school. This was right after the 9/11 attacks in the US, so I wonder – till this date – I have that feeling if …

… Maybe, maybe not, but my first reaction was it’s Fri afternoon, and the parties done started already – which I get it, hey – they did start for me early too. Hehe.

Today, the same thing happened on a short walk back from somewhere in blazing heat, my one thought was, what if that dumb car hit my daughter whose always merrily frolicking on the roads despite me telling her not to (not really, but when I’m there, if I’m with her physically, she’s “safe”, so she just does what comes naturally, which I get, but…) …

… These, and more thoughts about how “road rules, yeah, whatever, those lines on the road are there for decorative purposes apparently” were passing through my mind…

“Excuse me!”

I heard the voice as I was about to step into the house.

And there he was, the guy, apologizing.

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t see you, I almost hit you!”

But you did see me and swerved at the last minute. So you didnt hit me, I smiled back with a hint of double entedre that confused him (I was also referring to his mad dash on the road which shouldn’t have been done, period). 

I mean, at least look before turning a corner dude.

But, to his credit he apologized. Most would not have bothered.

I smiled again, shook his hand, and we parted ways.

Basic human courtesy isn’t all dead.

Nether will it or should it …  (of course, I dont know how he’d react if this was another person, or how I’d react if it was someone else, but the way it worked out, all good!)

… not to mention consistency is key.

Workout wise, life wise, same thing.

Be consistent.

Keep showing up.

And eventually thy shall reap the rewards, much like the salesman who keeps showing up, showing up, showing up and then some – and eventually badgers or gets the sale out of ya, haha.

Or the Bozo who keeps showing up at his trolling faithfully, and gets his just desserts. Hehe.

Anyway, enough of this.

But remember, the 0 Excuses Fitness requires consistency. Its part of the 10 Commandments of Physical Training Success (or success at anything) for a damn good reason.

Get this great fitness system NOW, my friend. Two books and FIVE videos, truly the best for the best!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – as I write this, another “hello Sir” message pops up. Ugh. . .

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