Why “if it works for you” isnt necessarily the golden goose it’s meant out to be fitness wise.
- it really isn't pally.

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It isnt – really. Despite what I’ve said – all true – about modifying workouts to YOUR body, preferences – despite what I’ve said about thats why I provide so many exercises and different workouts in my books (truly – like nothing out there before, and paying customers have been more than happy to state the TRUTH, unvarnished TRUTH on that one) … and despite what I say about listening to your body.

All of the above, true – with one caveat.

Something I keep trying to impress upon my daughter, slowly, via repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations, the point is getting across (to me brutal beatings got it across, but not really – to an extent I was always that way – the beatings just alienated me further from my so called parents) (and I would NeVER ever consider that for my daughter no matter WHAT!) (or son) …

That is being HONEST.

It’s also something that pisses me off about the subcontinent in particular (and probably the Victorian Era in England) – the brutality with which kids were / are treated.

The issue of child labor, child servants being grossly abused by other children and adults (kids learning the same thing in most horrific manners) that is looked upon as normal in the subcontinent, much like slavery of an entire race was centuries ago, kids standing by with utensils as the employers eat, being forced to work 11-12 hours a day or more, doing the most menial of tasks …

… all accepted as normal in the subcontient.


Makes it worse for me every time I even read about it because I’ve got a daugher. I dont even want to think about what I’d do to someone who even THOUGHT that about her. I’d truly tie him or her to a tree and have him hanging (like Charles said about me doing to Glyn who has these thoughts about other kids all the time).

What a loser – the Bozo that is.

Anyway – back to it.

It’s being HONEST that I impress upon her the most.

Honey, if you aren’t honest, nothing will happen in life, no-one will respect you.

I keep impressing this upon her.

It’s getting through by and by.

And it’s nigh true if you think about it.

It can be brutal or indirect, but honest it should be, and its a must to choose words carefully in that regard too.

It also becomes natural after a certain point, and … at this point you’re asking, how does all this “tie in” or fit into what I’m saying?

Good question.

It does.


Well, all too often these days you hear lazy phockers too enaomored by Tiky Tokky, Joo Tube and so forth – that half ass reps through and claim “it’s an exercise” and sometimes even try and TEACH It (when their own lack of results shows so plainly).

I saw an idiot lunging the other day – he wasn’t even lunging, or even bending at the knee, but he claimed it was a lunge?

Then he mixed in what he called Qi Gong with it.

Like really, dude, I dont know about Qi Gong (though I love Gong Li, hehe) – but thats supposed to be a lunge – they call it a lunge for a reason.

Same for pushups – people half assing it or quarter assing it and claiming “those are pushups” (if John Walker, Pushup Central connessiur amongst many others is reading this, he’ll be NODDING galore) …

(probably the exercise mangled the most along with pull-ups, another horribly mangled exercise.

Look, if you dont get your chin over the, pause, lower under control, and go back up again, it aint doing pull-ups, it’s “something else”).

And Squats of course – another one of those results producing exercise so mangled.

Is it any wonder people dont get the results they want from their programs – then claim “machines are better” – because machines are tailored towards lazy phockers more inclined to gape, gaze, complain and do exactly F all real exercise wise?

(Machines that are curiously enough or not designed, funnily to INJURE more than rehabiliate – so you stop going to that expensive gym you paid big bucks for, so when you recover you find it even tougher to do bodyweight…)

Those that dont like to even break a sweat, and so forth.

Those that “dont like doing grip work” or “dont have the patience for squats” (really, that last one, so ridiculous, how can someone even say that is beyond me while claiming to be into any sort of real fitness! – though results again speak there, of course).

Now, you might get back to me saying again like a broken record “but it works for me”.



Maybe in a way it might.

But it don’t work like it should.

Let me ask you, if you’re writing, unless you put words on paper, or the screen, are you writing?

Let me ask you, if you put food in your mouth, then dont swallow it – are you eating?

Or, if you dont chew it and swallow – are you eating with full benefits?

Answer these three, you’ll get my point.

Simplistic example, but hear me out – bodyweight exercises have been done a certain way for ages for a damn good reason.

Because that is how they work and benefit the body the most – ditto for deep breathing done RIGHT.

If you dont arch all the way in a Hindu pushup, it aint working the spine like it should.

If you complain about stiff shoulders going all the way down in a pushup, it dont mean you shouldnt do the pushup that way, pally. It simply means your shoulders are too goddamned tight!

Same thing for other bodyweight workouts.

And being lazy , not doing them in proper form – its an epidemic, literally.

Look, you can modify workouts, if you’re starting out, you do what you can, you take more time perfecting a move, all of this is fine, but simply abandoning something saying it doesnt work for me – is, well, the half ass loser’s way out – way too many people TAKE it.

FIGHT this tendency, pally.

Do the exercises the way they were meant to – hard ass , brutal, NO prisoners taken.

Life, fitness, there is only that one way to REALLY approach it and get REAL results.

And that, pally, is that.

This will likely inflame a lot of people reading this, especially phat phocks – so be it. Its meant to. Hehe.

And the one course that exemplifies the attitude and brash tone of this entire email “ego runneth over” (except, not really – its RESULTS runneth over!) – is Battletank Shoulders.

Too advanced for most, along with Animal Kingdom Workouts, so you might wanna start off with and get damn good at the 0 Excuses Fitness System. NOW.

I’ll be back soon with MORE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Just heard from the lovely wife that “in Gujarat” people apparently dont answer or take too long to answer their damn dumbphones.

I chuckled, thinking of my own aversion to the bloody phone.

Is it ANY coincidence that that state, Modi land – is the leader in INDUSTRIAL development in India, where the salt marches started and such?

I think NOT.

Getting on the phone for the most part is a waste of damn time, especially when it’s something that business wise can and should be done in writing, so much time has been wasted given the other person an opportunity to vent when a simple email would have done the trick.

anyway – enough of this!

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