The simple act of stretching the SPINE – and it’s manifold benefits !
- Lots, dive - IN!

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If you’ve ever wondered why you feel so GREAT after a great stretch?

Well part of it you stretch all the tiredness, soreness – a lot of the stuff people do by “sitting on the couch the day after a tough workout” via the stretches, you remove lactic acid, you increase internal energy , vital (nerve) force – and so forth …

… And, two things.

Two often ignored maxims in GOOD Stretching done right are these – it’s impossible to properly stretch the whole body without stretching the neck out in all directions – and the spine, which is like a (along with the neck) “battery pack” for your body (the neck being the ‘cranker’) – there is a reason they call ’em neck cranks, hehe.

If you see a truly strong man, you’ll see how THICK and virile his neck is – even if the rest of the body is supposedly “slim”.

A thick, strong powerful neck – much like thick and strong forearms – and legs can neither be hidden nor disguised.

I saw a picture of four movie starts the other day – I’ve written about this before, so I’ll be brief here – Indian movie stars from back in the day – four of them supporting a fellow 5th star, yet – three of them looked “normal” off screen.

The fourth did too, but those broad shoulders and neck STUCK out – like a sore thumb – amongst the rest of them – and his height, his martial arts physique!

Yes, It’s Akshay Kumar I’m talking about – a guy who I was so enamored with as a kid I went so far as to take his hairstyle to the barber and asked him to give me the same cut.

My face is actually more suited for the fifth guy they were supporting. Hehe. Sanjay Dutt, as it were…

Anyway, thats a trip down memory lane, but the point of this?

Stretching the spine, my friend – BOTH ways, not just back bends which most love to work on, but neglect the FRONT – equally important – not only opens up the entire body – the center – activates all the energy chakras of your body – gives you a workout unto itself, makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine – hence the “best damn exercise I just got done doing” – opens up the MIND due to all the neck work involved and increased blood flow to the BRAIN …

… It also burns FAT at record levels, especially from that pesky core.

When you stretch backwards, you stretch and strengthen your abs in a way you cannot otherwise – not just the abs, as I say in Corrugated Core, the entire CORE!

Core fitness is the most important.

Get the core ready, you can handle ANYTHING, so true Herschel, so damn – TRUE!

You work the legs heavily.

And you also work the hips and butt – the hips and hamstrings DOUBLY – when you stretch FORWARD.

And you work the FEET and the energy centers in the FEET heavily too if done right (some of the stretches). This holds true for squats too, of course..

Nothing feels better than a good spine stretch backwards and then a FORWARD stretch.

Most people do the back bend, then sit down again.

Big mistake. It should be always preceded by solid cardio work (like squats – more than just cardio) – – and succeeded by FORWARD BENDS!

THAT is how you get the full benefits of all these stretches, and that is WHY – open the spine – and neck up – and the hamstrings – all ignored portions of the body mostly – and you open the body and your LIFE UP – to newer, better and MORE!

Trust me, you’ll know what I mean when YOU – DO the thing!

Do it NOW.

My two world famous books teach how the HOW

Isometric and Flexiblity Training.

Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Get these now – or you could choose the compilation format if you so choose.

Vol #3 on the way soon, along with Squat 101!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Nothing happens without DOING. And the ball is in YOUR court now to DO, not dwadle and think “what if” or other ridiculous (being frank) objections. These are literally some of the best courses you can get to advance your health and fitness to hitherto UNHEARD OF levels.

Get ’em NOW.

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