Why I don’t talk to idiots offering me meetings with the “maybe you’ll sell a few books for FREE!” no matter what!

Actually, despite what people say about me being an ass, or arrogant, or overly pompous or what not – fact of the matter is this.

I’m overly NICE – and I’ve put up with way too much horseshit in the past trying to help people hence that long list of names I’ve been called..

If I was truly any of what people say, they wouldn’t even bother with what I’m saying or follow me regardless of me blocking their asses roundly (Glyn Bozo and his tribe being one prime example) – bottom line.

Not that I mind. I encourage them to do it – either overtly or not. They can’t stay away from me, looking secretly on the site to see what I’ve been up to. Bozo even tried to figure out how to get past the blocks on some of the emails I have up here. Hehe.

Anyway – that being said –

A long time ago in 2014, an idiot working with a certain Ziv who runs a magazine in China (family money, that magazine never made much profit at all to be honest) – pestered me for days about lunch.

Finally I told him yes, but only if he’d – they’d pay for it.

(I liked and still do like Ziv, but this idiot had a freebie seeker vibe coming off him and very pompus too – “I worked for She – en -en” he kept saying to me, like I give a shit where you worked. You could be an intern for Bill at the White house for all I give a crap. Hehe. Come to think of it, I WOULD like a Monica beside me NOW. Hehe. Just not that clown!) …

Anyway – I’ve known Ziv for years, and being they were offering me a dangling carrot which I spotted from the get go of “we’ll help you with your visa, maybe”, I figured I’d do (truth of the matter is I know they were neither interested in my website proposal – well, they weren’t because I priced it fairly – and truth is I knew they wouldn’t bother helping with the visa).

I went, had a good ole Lunch at One for the Road – the paying part?

You wouldn’t believe how low class and CHEAP (like Glyn) a lot of the foreigners in this ESL business in China are. Real lowlifes and losers, they’ll invite you to lunch or dinner, expect you to not just pay, but thank them for it.


Anyway – I stay away from that sort – Glyn is that sort x 1000. (as y’all know. Hehe. To his credit, his friend Charles is NOT. ).

But anyway – this editor dude, some Steve whatshisname kept badgering me about “show us your books!”

(this is NOT the other “Steve” I worked with at the time – that guy in the UK is a real doer, going strong at 60 plus!)

Maybe you’ll sell a few!

I was too nice to tell him back then what I would now.

That didnt mean I didnt feel it though.

I mean dude, just how the hell do you know I even WANT to sell to a moron like you?

I dont. Hehe. I should have told him that. I certainly wasn’t looking to even promote my books on his damned website, I was just looking (as he had asked me before) to do a web design job for him, and thats the bottom line (and it’s entitled fuckers like that which is one main reason I rarely do web dev anymore unless I’m paid damned well for it). (which I do get paid well for it now, but thats another tale. Hehe).

But really – I could sense the “I want it for free” SMOKING off him …

And I just hate it.

I’ve made the mistake of giving “friends” my books before.

I made this mistake four times in one month, then I learnt.

Perhaps giving Charles and my other buddy one free book wasn’t a big mistake, because I didnt mind (they had both helped me and one of them continues to try if and when I need it) – but business wise, wrong decision, neither one of them even bothered to read it.

The two girls I gave it to?

One (the lovely Carol , hehe) just giggled at the pictures and kept posting them on social media.

Great, if you’re into vanity.

I ain’t.

Second never got back with a review.

And I suspected all this before I gave the book away (0 Excuses Fitness, truly the best book of it’s kind out there by far) – but I Still figured I’d “try and see”. I always do that wth everything!

Which can be a mistake, not going with gut, but anyway – that freebie seeking vibe. Ughhhhh.

If there are a certain group of people amongst all others I stay away for – it is them.

I dont care how much my books tiltilate you – the erotica – or how much you really want to see the unique jump rope or animal kingdom workouts I have – or how much you really want to see if the reviews that “ring true” or like my buddy Vincent once said, both about the reviews and my books “it has the ring of TRUTH TO IT!” – are warranted.

Or whatever it is.

You ain’t getting nuttin for free.

Speaking of nuts and nutting… 

I’ve been sending out LOTS about<chopped> whose got me HOOKED since day one – those <chopped>! That voice … anyway, you’ve seen a lot on it.

And a lot of people are so enthralled they’ve bought this book TWICE – once in paperback, once in digital format, it’s that good!

And yet more – the cheapskates are writing in in droves.

Meet me talk me

Hii you talk to me . You are indian ?

I mean really, you FOOL!, just do what Paula says, and BUY The damn book …

Or, if you want to converse, at least send a halfway decent email, not just this tripe pasted into a subject line. Ugh.

Desperation Central. Hehe. (or, in his case, Jack ass Central)

(or both, he by far isnt the only one – look at Glyn, literally, I could ask Glyn Bozo right now despite all his trolling to drop to his knees and beg in front of me aka Tony Greig and the West Indies (I love Grieg tho, hehe) – and he’d do it and more. Ugh).

Anyway – the books on <chopped> will literally make you weak and drop to your knees – right as you READ!

But they aren’t for this site, hehe – so I wont post ’em here.

Same thing with my fitness books, you know damn well you want ’em, the ranters, ravers, all of the “he thinks he’s sooooooooo hot” fools, everyone WANTS a piece of Rahul Mookerjee.

Which is fine.

But you gotta pay for it, my friend.

And to see how I stay in the best damned shape of my life – and how you can too – with ancient Indian methods, tricks and techniques that only yours truly teaches in his unique style, well, get the 0 Excuses Fitness System now.

And thats that.

Oh, before I leave –

I’ve written several books (erotica themed, not on this site) – about Nazi feminist Chinese women (they’re the best at it, hehe) – about bozos in ESL, about how the dancing monkey business works, about what YOURS TRULY DID – and so forth.

And real doers have sent me nothing but respect for it.

This was sent in by a reader, and now a girl who translates for me – Paula – on one of my erotica books dealing with the above topic – (this is PART of the review, it’s hard to post it in its entirety because it’s so … well, erotic, hehe).

since they treat him
this way because they desire him, but <not PG rated, hehe – chopped>

Although the desire is latent between him and them, <too salacious for here, hehe so I chopped it>

Without a doubt, Mike, being a highly educated and disciplined man, supports this
treatment, since his relationship with these women allows him to live in love and
excited all the time.

Congratulations Mike! You are a man who while you appear to be weak, you
are totally strong in reality and with that you have them all the time, without them
realizing it.

Dear readers! If you want to be like Mike it is. Do as they say “Follow the leader”,
“Just do it”.

And that, my friend is that.

Paula, you said it better than I ever could – thank you, Princess!

(and she’s so spot on about the disciplined part, I cannot stand indiscipline or stupidity of any form, or nature – I see it SO OFTEN around me though … )

(disciplined lifestyle, disciplined body, it all helps more than you think). (not to mention a disciplined mind where it ALL Starts from).

And … she’s saying it because it’s true, which is what the BEST PART about all this is!

Anyway – to end –

Like Paula says –


For those of you that are still “on the fence”, quit being a fence sitter and BUY now – and start to change your life for the BETTER – today!



Rahul Mookerjee aka “Michael in China”.

“The Stella Artois of Fitness”, the “bodyweight exercise guru” and much, much more. . .  …

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