The ONE change in position that makes the best darn exercise feel EVEN BETTER!
- It aint what you think either.

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No, before the hordes start frothing at the mouth, it aint the exercise beginning with “s” – or “h” – however you choose to put it – although that is a great one too!

THIS is the best darn exercise ever as covered in this book, something that makes people literally feel better than anything else they’ve ever done in their lives.

I get it.


The first time I nailed this exercise, even the basic version, I knew I had “crunched” and worked my abs like NEVER before – and my lower back – and I was breathing hard, heavy, sweating, and SMILING like a mofo!

Speaking of which, anyone know when the movie “Smile” will be released? Supposed to be a horror flick, supposed to be released sometime around Sep, the trailer for a chance was actually “somewhat” spooky . . . (apparently people smile in grotesque manners throughout the movie, then they die, and so forth …) …

Anyway, as I was doing this exercise today – I hit upon another way of doing it – something I probably cover in MINOR detail in the book above – but not in great detail.

In the videos too, I dont go into it in great detail.

But this one change in foot position, my friend, makes ALL the difference to the already great best darn exercise.

You literally feel your internal abs being FRIED – except in a good way – as you do the exercise this way.

It isn’t distance from the wall, it isn’t flexing the muscles, it isn’t how much you stretch before or after, it isn’t how many squats you do first, it aint none of that.

If I told you what it is?

You’ll say two things – one, it’s too simple.

And two, you’ll say you’ve seen it done before.

One – yes, it’s exceedingly simple, but do it, you’ll see why it makes all the difference in the world.

Two, you might have seen it done before, but no popular fitness “guru” out there does it this way to begin with – they GET in that position ultimately – yes, but …

Anyway, what is it ?

It’s this – instead of bending backwards on your TOES as I teach you in the book, videos – you go – with your heels FLAT on the ground.

Thats the only change.

Believe me, if it took you months to nail the exercise the first way, when you do it with heels flat going DOWN it will take you months more to nail it.

And you’ll feel even better when you walk back up!

Now, lots of fitness guys show you in the BOTTOM position with their heels flat, which is fine to begin with.

Heck, I teach you the bridge that way too i.e. get good at it on your toes, THEN put your heels flat on the ground.

This is fine, again, but once you START the position with your heels flat – well, that is a WHOLE another level you take your lower-mid back workout to – as well as and especially your ABS.

Which wil literally ZING with pleasure if you do ’em that way …

Same thing for reverse pushups, the gymnastic bridges and everything else I teach in that book. And, the front stretches taught in 0 Excuses Fitness too.

When you start with heels flat, you work the body differently, and at an even deeper level so it feels even better – no pun intended.

I havent done a video on these in forever (the best darn exercise, that is), so maybe I’ll do one soon – in the style mentioned above, as well as the other and more “famous” style I teach that has made many a “broken down” body feel better than anything they’ve ever done in the past before …

And that is what I wanted to tell you now. Try it, get back to me with how it FEELS!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, the BASELINE for any real fitness program and or gains is the 0 Excuses Fitness System – getting the rest of the books before this is like putting the cart before the horse, it “dont” make “no” sense, pally.

Get the System FIRST, the rest of it all AFTER that.

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