Rambo II
- An old time favorite - all time!

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Rambo II, along with Over the Top is probably (well, Cobra and Rambo III too!) …and all of Sly’s movies pretty much with the exception of “Copland” which I never saw, hehe (Sly with a paunch – I couldn’t see that – and some other of his movies) … was probably the movie(s) I watched the MOST with my friend Rueben back in the day in college.

“A couple of drunkasses”, I remember him telling me (about the garbage guys that would pick up those massive bags we used to fill to the brim with “Albertsons Fried chicken”, ready made pizza and BEER – tons of cans, bottles, all of it. Hehe).

It was also a movie which another guy Jay who used to join us sometimes liked “a movie with lots of machismo, and a little romance”.

And of course, the same comments that Ricky once made about me “you’ve sure developed a great body!”

Which was something Rueben kept referencing obliquely “Stallone could get any girl he wanted“.

He probably could.

And I dont know why, but last night, out of nowhere, the movie popped into my head.

Certain segments, especially the “we owe him that at least” part.

And all the Trautman and “boss” dialogs too …

This morning, I woke up and for some reason flicked on the movie – and watched the parts I thought about last night, reliving them.

I’m still not sure why it came to mind – maybe I am. I dont know. I kinda upended my own routine to do that, but hey – gut feeling!

I also had a fantastic, superlative workout at the time of writing this and watching the entire film again (which in the morning I just did about 15 minutes of going to the scenes I thought about) including, but not limited to –  (but pretty much in that order)

Squats (bodyweight, Hindus – 300) + Stretching (isometrics) as I was doing ’em.

The best darn exercise ever PLUS advanced isometrics.

Pull-ups.   (and LOTS OF – I repeat – LOTS of grip work with THICK GRIPZ!)

Then a bit of a run out outside to pick up the daughter from school…

Then more stretching.

Then BRIDGING – and the best darn exercise ever – for what seemed like forever.

The endorphins rushed, hours later, after a very light meal and shower, I feel FULL Of energy.

Normally I’ll nap a bit in the afternoon, or just lie down – nothing doing today.

Now, why do I mention this – certainly not to give you a run down of my “beer and movie” nights either back in the day or now (perhaps to tell you I’m old school, but you guys know this already).

I mention it because, well, the movie opens with one of the most brutal workouts ever – Lumberjack style – prisoners splitting STONES.


Every bit as brutal as the upcoming workouts in “Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness“, though I’d wager a bet mine will be even more brutal because of all the VARIETY and different stuff you’ll see (much like in Battletank Shoulders!).

Now, Sly himself at the time looked great externally – on the inside, not so much.

He came out years later and said he had a horrible (lack of, perhaps!) diet where he basically shot movies (hey, ever see the brouhaha about him not having rights to Rocky? Now that one I dont know why Sly is bitching about, he agreed to the deal, got some pretty “phat” paychecks out of it, got on his way to becoming a movie legend and so forth…) – worked out intensely for hours a day, and swam at night – and danced with the leading lady at night as well if time permitted (yes, true. Hehe).

“Thats all you do, working out is your life!” I can remember my buddy from the Marines telling me in 2018.

Well, it was at the time – not all I did, but a huge portion of my life, and should be in YOURS Too.

But portions, Sly basically ate something like six egg whites and one piece of burnt toast all day – spent hours in the gym, movie set, swam, did jogs along the beach where he could – and well, something had to give, and today he’s even fitter in a certain way – certainly STRONGER.

Not necessarily leaner – but he’s never (other than in Copland) had any fat around his waist.

“My diet was so pure I’d puke if I went to McDonalds”, he once said.

Now, no-one can argue with Sly’s results.

But exercise wise, he did a LOT of the stuff I dont advocate – pumping, toning, striated lats and delts and so forth, and it shows.

He also did a LOT of the right stuff though which is papered over often – one look at those forearms tells me he lifted heavy and progressively too – the right way.

Pushups, pull-ups, I think at one point 50 good pushups was “routine” for him!

Swimming, jogs, I dont know if he did isometrics or stretches, but the swimming stretched things out I’m sure to an extent.

Won’t even comment on the ladies part, I could write a tome on that (or several) myself. Hehe.

He did handstands to “get the blood flowing to his head” when he felt dizzy during filming Rocky III (lots of boxing practice there!). (and sparring too).

So, I dont know why I’m saying this now.

Rambo II is a classic, always will be.

The rest of the Rambo movies too, personally I was somewhat disappointed by the last “V” movie, but no-one can deny it’s BRUTAL. hehe.

I dont know, but favorite – I’d probably choose IV …

But thats how Sly got into that sort of shape.

And you’ll see a LOT of the same exercises I keep advocating in my books and courses that will get you there – proof in the pudding as well.

And thats the end of this … trip down “today lane”. Or perhaps memory lane, or perhaps both. Hehe. Take it for what it’s worth!


Rahul Mookerjee

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PS # 2 – Remember that story – every damn bit TRUE about a past colleague telling me “it feels like I’m shaking hands with Rambo?” (I once had someone telling me that when I got irrited as heck when some idiot salesman interrupted my workout – third guy on the spot told salesman “Leave Rambo Alone!”) …

Well, to build that sort of unnatural kungfu like grip – there are only two courses on this entire PLANET that will do it.

There’s grip training, then grip training, there’s grippers and so forth, but if you want Rambo like forearms and REAL strength – well, then the courses to get are as follows –

Gorilla Grip 

Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) 

Gorilla Grip (TIPS!) 

And, compilation if you’re so interested. More to come. For now – I’m out. See you SOON AGAIN!

PPS – Lots to learn from Sly’s “getting out of shape” too – if you look at the cookies, fries, pastries and all he chowed down upon “Italian style”, hehe – to get that paunch for the movie – well, that should teach the average Shmoe pretending to be fit with a massive GUT hanging and too much, I mean literally way too much junk in the trunk, bingo wings and a non existent lower ab area and a likely tiny wanker too (I wont go there) … 

… but that should teach people a lot too !

The words “tiny todger” come to mind – woud you believe it, some idiot is on Twitter proudly parading his massive belly and “tiny todger”. Pity yours truly didnt see that belly in CSC 404, come to think of it, they’d probably have failed my web project – not give it a B – if they saw that. UGH. I’m still not sure it’s not Schofield parading around naked or something. Ugh again. 

Anyway, all’s well that ends well, I got an A in it. 

And fitness wise, Get your A GAME on here too – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem

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