Show me what you can DO – with very little.
- YES!

“We both know this isn’t a lot of money, Rahul”.

And then he went on to explain – or sell his project, hehe – in his own unique style I learned a LOT from – wise old man indeed was John – by saying “SEO will need to be done, nothing happens on it’s own” , and so forth.

Now, he started the whole project off with “money is very tight!

Normally this statement would me make not run – but take off QUICK – in the opposite direction, but given he was a past client, given I at the time (years and years ago) was giving the web dev biz another drumming as it were, I figured I’d take it on.

(dont get me wrong. He had money, and boatloads of it. Usually when people make statements such as that, they HAVE money. You just have to get it out of them – a lesson indirectly explained SO many times in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales!)

(if they’re customers or partners you WANT that is. Even those that claim “I dont have the money for a product” or what not – the money is very much THERE. Hhe. They’re just trying to be CHEAP).

(again, if you WANT someone like that, and at that point I wanted this guy onboard for the future)

That project ended in a disagreement that was never resolved – as far as I know. Maybe I’ll write John a long email someday! Hehe.

Goodbyes are never final, I’m sure he knows this. Time soothes all … except the most rancous of wounds.

Is that even a word up there?

Maybe I invented it.

But anyway, it’s been a theme all my life – and funnily enough, not for a lot of my “peers” … EVERY time I’ve done something, cut my teeth at something – I’ve got very little at all for my work.

In terms of titles, in terms of compensation – when I started something new – work, fitness, whatever it is – I’ve endured years of hard slog for very little to seemingly “show for it”.

This often drove me insane in the past, because those “alongside me” were being paid much better etc – but again, not all is as it seems.

Today, as I look back upon the rough times, lean times, some of the really tough times – I’m confident in the knowledge that come what may – I will not only survive but thrive, as opposed to the others “drooping lilies” essentially.

Show me any true leader who wasn’t put through his paces and then some, and I’ll show you … well, the sun rising in the West.

It dont happen, my friend.

As Napoleon Hill talks about in the chapter on persistence in Think and Grow Rich.

Broadway will give any struggling actor a coffee and a sandwich – but if you truly want the HIGHEST spoils…

Actually, let me quote the great man himself here, I could paraphrase, but I think I’ll quote him –

As these lines are being written, I look up from my work, and see before me, less than a block away, the great mysterious “Broadway,” the “Graveyard of Dead Hopes,” and the “Front Porch of Opportunity.” From all over the world people have come to Broadway, seeking fame, fortune, power, love, or whatever it is that human beings call success. Once in a great while someone steps out from the long procession of seekers, and the world hears that another person has mastered Broadway. But Broadway is not easily nor quickly conquered. She acknowledges talent, recognizes genius, pays off in money, only after one has refused to QUIT.

Then we know he has discovered the secret of how to conquer Broadway.

The secret is always inseparably attached to one word, PERSISTENCE!

The secret is told in the struggle of Fannie Hurst, whose PERSISTENCE conquered the Great White Way. She came to New York in 1915, to convert writing into riches. The conversion did not come quickly, BUT IT CAME. For four years Miss Hurst learned about “The Sidewalks of New York” from first

hand experience. She spent her days laboring, and her nights HOPING. When hope grew dim, she did not say, “Alright Broadway, you win!” She said, “Very well, Broadway, you may whip some, but not me. I’m going to force you to give up.”

One publisher (The Saturday Evening Post) sent her thirty six rejection slips, before she “broke the ice and got a story across. The average writer, like the “average” in other walks of life, would have given up the job when the first rejection slip came. She pounded the pavements for four years to the tune of the publisher’s “NO,” because she was determined to win.

Then came the “payoff.” The spell had been broken, the unseen Guide had tested Fannie Hurst, and she could take it. From that time on publishers made a beaten path to her door. Money came so fast she hardly had time to count it.

Then the moving picture men discovered her, and money came not in small change, but in floods. The moving picture rights to her latest novel, “Great Laughter,” brought $100,000.00, said to be the highest price ever paid for a story before publication. Her royalties from the sale of the book probably will run much more.

Briefly, you have a description of what PERSISTENCE is capable of achieving. Fannie Hurst is no exception. Wherever men and women accumulate great riches, you may be sure they first acquired PERSISTENCE. Broadway will give any beggar a cup of coffee and a sandwich, but it demands PERSISTENCE of those who go after the big stakes.

These may seem like mere words to most of you, which is fine.

Looking back though, it all makes sense, despite my NOT being a millionaire as yet (not that I care -I said that since people will spot nothing but the zeros’s at the end of the 1, hehe).

You have to GIVE first before you receive.

You have to work magic with very little before being considered a success – or a leader – eventually.

And if all you have in mind are results and money when you start (dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting money) – you’ll get nowhere my friend.

It all depends on if you want to be a leader or a follower, if you want to live life on your own terms and so forth, you have to DO what it takes to make life GIVE you what it is you want.

Fitness wise, I could never have imagined when I started all those years ago that I’d one day be known as the bodyweight exercise guru (amongst others) – or teacher – or lao shi – or anything like that!

If anything, growing up I was always told the polar opposite i.e. “remain with the herd because it’s safe”.

Anyway …………… why do I mention this here?

Well, simple friend .

My FITNESS regimens are designed for everyone – and not just people with big pockets.

They require no, or very little equipment (other than a pull-up bar, other than Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness – every other fitness program I advocate, all you need is yourself, a floor and a wall and we all got that dont we??) …

And it’s a sage question to ask YOU now – since most people are so caught up in the idea of “machines” and weights and all sorts of idiotic grippers, cables, and other tools being necessary to get fit.

Let me tell you, when shit hits the fan, all you really got is YOU.

And so, the question begets –

What can YOU do with very little?

The answer is as simple – the WORLD.

And fitness wise, you get the best results with very little and keeping it VERY simple indeed, bare bones, almost.

Learn how I do it here if you so choose – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee