What you think, KILLA?
- And more on "killing" ugh.

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I recently heard a rant from the so called wife on how “the principal called her to school or some BS” – and why?

“Your daughter said “she will kill you!”” to another boy!

Oh, OK, I said – and was going to walk away, when of course the blame game started.

“It’s because of you, and what you said about the grocery guy once”

Now, for reference – this guy I often get groceries from – or used to, I should say – had an odd habit of doing the following –

He’d give me a time, then he’d never ever be there at the time, I’d call him, he wouldnt’ answer, he’d leave it dangling for literally “from morning till night” without even the courtesy of a simple answer “because I’m so busy” – and when I lost it one fine night, apparently I made the statement of “I’m going to INCINERATE this guy one day!”

When he delivers stuff, it’s usually not the right quantity – or the quality is shit – I still remember worms crawling out of the eggs once. Ugh.

When I told him – he seemed not to give a shit either way – because the honest truth is he hates his job. He could truly care less either way.

The wife claims I said “kill” which I dont think I did, but either way two things –

One, obviously neither the wife or the daughter was anywhere near me when I said those thing – I was letting STEAM OFF – period.

Like Napoleon Hill said, and like he’s given plenty of examples of in the Laws of Success, if you really have some animosity towards someone you want to get out of your system, write it in the sand next to the beach – in great, gory detail – then step back, let the water wash it away.

Something of the same sort happened to Napoleon Hill working late when the janitor turned the lights off (when he was doing so) – and he gave the janitor a piece of his mind (to say the least).

Later on, he felt ashamed and went down to apologize.

To his amazement, the janitor not only sportingly accepted his apology, but did so in a most “I’d be the same way!” manner (if that happened to him).

And second …

She doesnt know the REAL reason my daughter said that.

Now, despite all my wife’s efforts (and my mom’s) to stop me from talking to the daughter, thoughts transmute.

What happened was some guy was getting snarky to an extreme with her, this happens a LOT – both when I’m there with her physically and when I’m not.

See the story on the Kiddie Fitness page.

When she lashes out physically, she gets lectures from everyone except me.

I taught her how to do some basic kicks to the shin etc too – not to kill – or decapacitate, but DEFEND!

All too often, people ignore the OTHER person making snarky comments, those little things that drive you up the hill when all you’re doing is minding your own business, finally the frustration boileth over, you give the guy one, and then of course everyone is all over you.

Happened to me in fourth grade too, oddly enough the same class the daughter is in now.

Guy who I kicked right in the shin wept for hours in the clinic, and of course yours truly got such a beating at home for just that … and a drilling down to be “honest if nothing else!” – that – … I completely lost all confidence to defend myself growing up.

From then on for the most part it was a downhill slew of me getting picked upon, beaten up, bullied etc – all of which my parents shrugged off as “it happens”.

not once did they ever teach me how to stand up for myself.

How to DEFEND myself.

Teach me how in this world it’s either EAT – or BE EATEN.

On rare occasions, the frustration bubbled over – and the Gorilla Grip came into play – big time. Of course, I got whacked for that too, but the bigger guy literally squeezing the breath out of me in a bear hug, no-one apparently said a damn thing to him either.

The joys of having liberal parents… not. Ugh.

Oddly enough, those same teachers that years later today called my wife to the school – back in the day – these SAME teachers would dole out discipline physically and BRUTALLY to kids – but thats apparently OK because it was another time.

The limit to which these gaslighting bozos will go truly BOGGLES The imagination.

Apparently this one statement of letting out steam meant three teachers and one psychologist (talking inane rot that we already know – common fuckin sense to be honest, though I will admit – shrinks can be damn cute! I was badgered by my Nazi feminist mom into seeing one – ONE Time – and the giggles, I still remember her giggling about how I could myself outbrain her. Hehe. And of course, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Ah, but I digress. Hehe.) had to be called in …

Like really – in our time, far worse was said and shrugged off on a daily fuckin basis.

GET TOUGH is what I want to YELL at these bozos, I dont, but this sissified world where even SAYING something – venting or whatever (I mean really, how many times do girls say “I’m gonna killll him…. he’s SOOOOOOOOO mean!”) is looked upon as a cardinal sin.

Dumb asses!

As for me, I’ve always told my daughter dont just give it back.

Give it back x 100!

Lesson I wish I had learnt growing up, rather than “taking it”.

I dont know about you, my friend, but I’d rather she whoops ass than BE whooped herself.

Oddly enough when the wife says it, it’s OK – when women vent and yell all day long at their kids for idiotic stuff, its “OK” – apparently I make one statement – aimed at something completely NOT related – and apparently these idiot women have to connect it to a completely unrelated instance.

The REAL reason my daughter said what she did was something I have told her myself, and that something has got nothing to do with actually killing anyone, or any sort of violence.

I’m not going to reveal what it is, but guy backed off enough to whine and moan like guy did with me in fourth grade, so clearly it worked.

And clearly she hasn’t got the sort of Dad I had who takes great pleasure in beating up young kids that cannot defend themselves, yet, himself, when he’s faced with people he yelled at – and when those people come to physically fight him – he backs down whining about “I’m sorry”.

I still remember him telling my eight grade “Clay Modeling” teacher, an utter fool not exactly known for behaving kindly towards kids (not that we little rascals cared, hehe, we’d take great pleasure in sticking clay to the tip of his nose in all the Tom Tomming pictures of himself he had up everywhere) …

“Please, do what you have to!”

This was after Dad’s beatings failed. Hehe.

Yeah, Dad, like his beatings fuckin worked.

If anything, they just made me more determined to WIN – and SURVIVE – at ALL COSTS.

I repeat – ALL COSTS – even if that meant aching body for DAYS.

Dad was the sort of guy who’d come home from work, and see something I did (outlined in a kids magazine Target I read back in the day) and yell up a storm about “how dare you notice Dad had a pimple!” (the article basically told us to be observant as hell which I am naturally anyway, and WRITE it down).

I still did it – period. I just didnt write it down anymore. Small details, anyone, and why I’m so attuned to them??

What I needed was some support, some “real man” talk as opposed to whiny “hide behind what Mommy says and wants” talk – man to man conversations as opposed to Nazi feminist bullshit – what I needed was someone to tell me it’s NORMAL to want girls, and flirt with them as opposed to make it out to be a punishable crime, what I’d want is for someone to teach me how to change a car tyre, rather than complain at the age of 15, he knows nothing – what I’d want is SUPPORT – not someone constantly tearing me down.

Of course you wouldn’t know that.

And it’s OK for the other person to do it, but not you react.

Kids emulate what they see, I hear a lot of you saying.

Fine, well, in my case, I wonder “who is at fault”?

Ah, but wait, when I talk about what happened to me, it not repeating again or I’ll be goddamned, I’m “frustrated”.

fucking IDIOTS.

Typical liberal bullshit.

Not to mention the wife, I have lost track of the number of times she bitches about rotten eggs, the stuff the grocery guys deliver, apparently anything I say is wrong “because she’s a woman” (not that I give two flyin hoots about groceries anyway, I order online, and I’m done!) …

… You have to get it yourself, she keeps moaning.

Yeah, honey, when you’re that into your country that something GOOD people are trying to do there i.e finally going online is looked upon as “it can never happen in India” by so called patriotic people like my wife, Dad, and so forth.

Look, if you want the change – BE The change.

More on what I said about most men (and women) being content to lead lives of QUIET DESPERATION in the email before this one!

Like I give a shit either way. To me I’ll whack any SOB that pushes me over the limit, so they better not, and if I can’t do it right there and then, or for some reason, then it’ll be done SOMETIME, but done it will – proof’s in the pudding.

As for you, Miss Sehgal, well, what goes around comes around.

Those slaps you doled out so viciously will come back to bite you in the BUTT.

And if you look at what is happening globally today, that is what is happening – all the years of “wrong” are now being righted, except not in a manner you’d expect…

Anyway … thats that from me.

Remember, its fight or die ultimately my friend.

I’d rather have a kid that when faced with a catastrophe like a school shooting or something horrible like that – doesnt curl up into a ball and cry – she fights back x 100.

THAT is where it’s at.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

And only YOU Can choose the side you’re on – I’ll leave it there.

Get the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW.

Truly one of the BEST ever. Will make the best out of “current nobodies” too – that I guarantee!


Rahul Mookerjee

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