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The 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP!


For those truly SERIOUS about their lifelong commitment to health, strength and FITNESS – done RIGHT!

And – join the most EXCLUSIVE and “results producing” fitness community out there.

“Truly nothing like it out there”!

A GOLDEN lifetime membership to (and for) stuff that WORKS – and really matters!

What can you get , from this, you ask?

What is it in it for ME, you ask?

  • Priority access to yours truly, and personalized advice – much more so than you already get in my daily emails and posts. (You signed up for ONE email/day, and fitness themed, but in terms of what you get? Well, Rahul Mookerjee believes in and goes the extra mile, above and beyond, and then some!) (and access to me is NOT cheap, as you can already tell, hehe).
  • (I charge more than a MINIMUM of $2000/month for my basic coaching plans, so believe me now and trust me later, while this doesnt mean you’ll get one on one coaching from me – you WILL get a lot of personalized advice if you need it, and at the price I’m offering it for a YEAR – it truly is a STEAL!) 
  • LIFETIME FREE access to all my books and courses – everything on the site that is there now – and will be in the future (and believe me, I’ve got a lot planned). Which is obviously worth it’s weight in SPADES!
    • (Note though this doesnt include free PAPERBACKS. Paperbacks have to be printed and paid for, and that obviously costs. For now, it’s DIGITAL downloads that are ‘lifetime free’ – I will soon have an even more exclusive option out there where paperbacks are included free too … but that is for the future, not now.)
    • (so much for the bozo trolls that claim I dont “state it upfront”).
  • A FORUM via which you can discuss QUESTIONS you might have – not just with yours truly – but with PEERS as well. This alone is worth the price of admissions, I’d say … (No more excuses, my friend!)

  • EXCLUSIVE advice and tips that will NOT – I repeat NOT – be revealed in my daily emails. Believe me, these tips alone are worth MORE the price of admission, and there will be TONS throughout the year!
  • Even if you’re currently in one of the categories above that I d o NOT want ANYWHERE near me or my biz – guess what. IF you decide you want to make a change for the better, and sign up HERE – guess what. Your life will take a turn for the better so quickly you won’t know what HIT YOU. In fact, you’ll probably be wanting to pay me MORE once you see your results, and how GOOD you feel overall!
  • A MONTHLY “digest format” newsletter which is normally worth $50/issue, which is $600/year – yours – FREE with this membership! Sure, you could buy these individually off the site as well, but why not get it for FREE with the Ship membership (digitally)? Believe me, if you think my daily fitness tips and emails are something – you “ain’t seen nuttin as yet” so to speak!

  • Memberships such as these will eliminate the need for the following – expensive doctor visits – repeated chiro visits – IBS And other digestive issues that plague modern day “man” (I use quotes for a good reason since most men these days are the polar opposite of what they should be i.e. REAL MEN!) – not to mention those fancy shmancy machines, gym memberships, yoga shmoga teachers that wouldnt know a yoga pose from a pretezel (believe me, yours truly is called a yoga teacher sometimes, and I could probably get away with pretending to be one – ugh!), fitness trainers that talk up a storm and do nothing – the idiotic gizmos sold on late night TV – tai chi for Bozos – and … well, youg e the photo. Truly a bargain deal, again!

And more – a lot more that I have not mentioned here.

Well, my friend, I’ve said my bit.

Now it’s up to YOU.

ARE you ready to take the next step – and go to the NEXT level in terms of your overall health, strength, fitness and conditioning?

Only YOU can answer that question, bro. Only YOU!

Sign up right here, mi amigo.

Jump on this – NOW.

I agree, Rahul! It’s truly a BARGAIN DEAL, and an investment that is well worth making!

Signed – ___________________________

Sign up right here, mi amigo – The 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP

Jump on this – NOW – while the price remains what it is – The 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP.


Rahul Mookerjee

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