The burgeoning man boob syndrome
- Ugh

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Many years ago, I remember walking by the French Quarter in New Orleans.

And I was (with the then girlfriend, who is happily “no longer with us in body, but in spirit” if you get my drift, probably smiling like her favorite sunflowers, hehe “when you see a sunflower think of me” was what she told me. She’s probably right on that one, and if there’s one thing I might have picked up from her, it’s my tendency to do charity and engage in charitable acts every time I can – not just from her, but I think she played a huge role in that) … walking down the street, and at an intersection there was this dude with a big fat dog – a yellow lab, her favorite.

The dog was barely moving, he was too FAT to.

Which knowing labs, that are so playful (I remember one I recently saw that almost knocked me off my feet as the hound bounded up at me, hehe, striking me one on the chest almost) … might come across as surprising.

“He’s been eating so much unhealthy junk, that man doesnt feed him right”, I remember Emily telling me.

Now, whether or not the man did that or not, or the dog had other medical issues, I’ve no idea.

But years later, with all this talk about food inflation and such going on – I got one thing to say – which I’ve said before too.

It doesnt LOOK like thats a bad thing.

Look around you if you dont believe me, and count the number of people you see in shape around you.

If you can count more than a couple walking down the street – a busy street – well, you’re not in the good ole USA – or the UK – or perhaps you’re in some parts of Europe where they walk a lot – or perhaps China, India, I dont know (though even there these days…!)  …

I mean, to me, most people need to eat LESS anyway, and going by what people are saying on social media etc, even “lard asses in general” are catching on.

“Is the US government trying to get us all in better shape”, one guy asked jovially. Hehe.

Maybe , maybe not(I doubt it). The government probably benefits more if you’re NOT in shape. Big Pharma and so forth … Medical bills, more asinine goverment interventions and so forth.

Anyway, where was I (I smell me some GRILLED stuff right now, I dont know why, the smell is so strong!).

Grilled chicken, mm.

Uncle Bob once, when I was discussing the crappy food at the factory I worked at (where I gave up on eating lunch there altogether, with the massive rats running down the halls and so forth) once said the following to me after discussing the “lovely juicy burger he was going to dine out on” (he had a company car at the time, so had lunch elsewhere).

“Aint I an asshole for rubbing it in”.


But the point, where was I …

OK, social media, and I saw this inane video on there that is going viral.

I’ve no idea if it’s “true or not”.

But it’s basically a FAT guy – so fat that when he sits up, you can literally see massive boobs rolling down and the layers of fat on his midsection (sort of like a smaller version of Schofield, if I might say so, except he’s black – and by the way, what I said about charity up there? Mine is real, not like the “steal money from women” charity the Bozo loves so. Ugh).

Interesting, that smell I was getting just went away …

Anyway, this guy was supposed to be homeless, sleeping on some garbage bags.

And some girl says “I offered him food”.

“Then I offered him a bed” (apparently she had a spare one).

video then cuts to a bed – with them in it together. Hehe.

So much for the spare bed. Girl must be one that likes “big” (fat) guys. Hehe. Dont get me wrong, some do, “more meat to hold on to”, but a lot of those girls also make comments about “don’t slim guys have the biggest…..” while thinking about how that guy would look WITHOUT the phat.

As Carol once told me (and she was REALLY into me – I wasn’t phat, but certainly not in the shape I’m in now when I met her) …

“Much better now, so much more confident!”

(but I’ve also known girls who think man boobs are “cute”. Just … UGH!)

Anyway – then video cuts to “a few months later” when she is pregnant, and … sooooooooo happy.

I’ve no idea if any of this is real.

Or just some publicity stunt (I suspect the latter).

But it’s gone viral, which is probably what this social media loving Bozo wanted…

My thoughts here?

If someone is truly homeless, just how the hell can they be that FAT?

It’s one thing “not to be in shape”.

But to have rolls and rolls of fat dripping off like you eat buffets all day long … And then claim “you have no money to eat” (with a huge happy smile at that, I’ve never ever seen a truly starving person smile with that radiance of “I’ll get it anyway!” “all I gotta do is SMILE for the camera!” have YOU? Be honest! – a truly starving person would have the look in his eye “i.e. really starving!” – happiness certainly wouldn’t be the first thing you saw dripping off him with so called sweetness and honey!) – I dont get it.

I really dont.

And I see it all around me, so I’m bringing it up…

Anyway, this email would no doubt cause a lot of angst, which is fine.

But think about what I’m saying, I’m sure even the most “anti Rahul” of those reading this will agree I’m making SENSE.

I am making SENSE, as a certain Sunny Deol once thundered. Hehe. With a raised forefinger at that did the guy with the “2.5 kg” hand. Hehe.


This sort of person is exactly who would benefit the MOST from my “Eat more – Weigh Less” course – and “Animal Kingdom Workouts“.

And of course, the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Maybe I’ll suggest it to the duo.


How dare I.

He’s homeless!

better to say “choooooooooo chweeeeeeeeeeeet” isnt it? Ugh.

Gotta love the “feel good” crap people put out there for social media likes that mean nothing until the next dopamine drip – NOT.


Anyway, thats it for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Quote of the day –

People claiming they’re homeless, “no money to eat” – and other crap – neither do they know how it is in other countries – and – more importantly, how the F can someone be so FAT – with man boobs and all “with no money to eat”?

Truly, one half doesn’t know how the other lives …

I swear, this phat phocker issue is getting WORSE now – not better.

Yeah, I know, some will get back with what Emily once told me “the poor can’t eat healthy”.

But it aint got nothing to do with that, stop stuffing your gut with pasta and other crap, eat LESS, work out more – oddly enough, you’ll notice your life heading for the BETTER that way.

But I know, how dare I say it.

But I did, and guess what – it’s TRUE. And people DO NEED To hear it! We’ve all turned into a bunch of crybabies basically…

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