Yada Nada Schnada
- And why I give CREDIT where it's due ...

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Yada, Nada, Schnada.

Do a google on it, and tell me the first three URL’s that pop up. Hehe. I didnt know it until I searched for it, not out of the kindness of my heart or curiosity of my mind, but because …

Hi Mr. Mookerjee:
A new question for PROFOUND “70% Gorilla, 30% human” HANDSTANDS! in 11 BRUTALLY EFFECTIVE EXERCISES. No 4. “X Handstands”

No, I get nothing for promoting the book, no I’m not associated with Hill etc, no, yada, nada, schanada. Simply a matter of giving credit to the GREATS which I have done in all my books, and will continue to do so.
What is the meaning of ” yada, nada, schanada. “?


Hi Raisel

Interesting question again – it basically means “bla, bla bla”. Or, “whatever else you guys may think”. Haha.

In the book, I say I get nothing for promoting Napoleon Hill’s book, but there will always be people who dont believe that I’m giving credit “simply for the sake of giving credit and doing the right thing”.

Hence, I used that expression – haha.


Interesting question, as this dude often asks!

And given the BS I’ve been dealing with today (so much so that at a certain point I just gave up trying to deal with idiots and went to sleep for a while, hehe) – it’s a nice break!

And it’s also why I give CREDIT where it’s due – and why I point out CRAP when it’s crap – and do what I do as always in a brutally honest fashion.

Simply because … well, if someone did something, if someone pioneered something, if someone brought something to the world, THEY, not me, deserve the credit for that.

You’ll see me give credit to Matt Furey in 0 Excuses Fitness.

You’ll see me give credit to Napoleon Hill in Gumption galore (and probably other books, like Raisel just mentioned).

You’ll see me give my CUSTOMERS credit when they DO the thing – a certain John Walker – and you’ll see me HEAR them out when they’re RIGHT on something – as John often is.

And so forth.

Not because I “get anything out of it” or from it, it’s just because it’s the right thing to do – simple as that – a concept which is alien to most these days…

The Universe hears all, my friend (and no, there is NOT always an angle, a reason for everything, other than the Universal Laws of Compensation) – and it’s interesting I got this question about that book – I was doing workouts straight out of that book this evening (that I was supposed to do earlier, but I fell asleep after arguing with a certain “rose”).

Women, ugh.

She’s gorgeous though. Hehe. Which makes it worth it.

But, a certain Vladimir was SPOT ON about “there isn’t any point arguing with women”.

So was a certain John when he told me I might as well beat my head against a brick wall.


All good – she’s not that bad actually. More on her later. For now, pick up the book – and I’ll see you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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