“Fuck the world”
- And, the two times I was called "Rambo".

The two times I’ve been called Rambo.

Well, there have probably been more that I ain’t aware of, but these past two days as I deal with GRADE A BUFFOONS “always tooooooooooo busy jerking off to social media to reply to messages”, yet send irritating one line responses – I gotta say – I feel exactly as Rambo did in Rambo IV when he was attempting to explain that if you’re not bringing weapons to a fight, you’re not changing anything.

“Its thinking like that that keeps the world where it is”, laments a fool going into a war zone with nothing but Bibles.

(and meds for the poor. Choooooooooooo chweet isn’t it, and equally fuckin practical.)

Fuck the world, goes Rambo.


And he’s spot on.

Anyway, as I engage in a brutal cull of my already culled down to bare essentials lists, across social media, on THIS site (you’ll know why if you read that last email!) – I gotta tell YOU this.

One time I was called Rambo was when I shook hands with a former supervisor at work, who claimed “It feels great to shake his hand! Like with Rambo!”

I think a co-workers who was thrice my size made the initial comment, the supervisor (about my size) made the latter.

NO, I am not kidding you. Hehe.

And the second was when I went “nuclear” on some fool intent on disturbing me when I was doing pull-ups.

I have written tomes about both these times, but today, I want to say it’s APT it happened during those times – that I know of – and why?

Because perhaps his other skills aside, physically, what sets Rambo apart from the rest?

What do you see FIRST?

Neck and traps.

Massive bulging traps, forearms with veins running up and down them like PYTHONS.

And massive legs.

Stallone himself has said it all along.

If you want to look bigger, focus heavily on neck and forearms (traps too).

And LEGS – which build the foundation for it all.

And so,  I think it was apt I was called that while working out doing pull-ups – one of the most sought after exercises “I wish I could do ’em” – one Bozos globally cannot do – one phat phocks globally WANT to do – one people mangle and claim to (along with the pushup) “having done ’em” – one that most people, even Crossfitters and such can barely get their chin over the bar and hold for time – or even the former. And so forth.

And to learn how to do this exercise which EVERYONE wants to ace, be a “stud” at – be Rambo at – well, my book Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! is the ticket.

Second, remember you’re only as strong as your foundation – that goes fitness wise too. Build a strong foundation FIRST with the 0 Excuses Fitness System and Gorilla Grip, THEN move on to everything else.

And last, but not least, newbies to the list will see yet another addendum to the confirmation email you get in your Inbox i.e. a message saying YES, you WILL be sold to on this list.

If that bothers you then by all means dont confirm and please (nice please) F off from the list as well.

I’ve said it nicely before, I’m sick of being nice to people that take up room on the list and do nothing for ages.

So there it is folks, from “Rambo” no less (or Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachhan rolled into one as a certain idiot once called me).

Have at.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I ain’t got no handkerchief either, so please dont come running to me with sob stories of any nature. Maybe I’ll send you to Glyn, perhaps I’ll buy you a calling card so you can call Glyn and engage in that “bitching” (pun very much intended, hehe) session with her…