On obsession – and more! (and how to get people to obsess over YOU)
- Little ole Rahul Mookerjee says...

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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – increasingly, people are getting “obsessed” with yours truly – which whether or not thats a good thing or not for ME is NOT the point of this dispatch.

“Glyn’s literally OBSESSED with you!”

I’m sure you guys remember the statement Dejon made years ago along those lines.

It hasn’t waned any either.

This guy who I roundly blocked off all social media, blocked his emails to the point none get through even with alters ( though he’s been sending me some weird stuff with “Charles the Rutherford” or something in “snuff” – apparently from what the Bozo in Brum’s “in the know” people tell me, he’s into “snuff” as well – ugh – Glyn – are there are any limits to which you wont’ stoop to? I thought having your tongue up nether regions was it, but apparently not…) … to the point where he was goaded enough to leave all those crappy reviews, to the point where he STILL tries to troll me, and more – and all for what?

Because I called him out on his racism and trolling (and bullying, and abusive behavior against women in general, especially underage girls) – and then told him he was a scorpion.

Thats all I did (and told him to fuck off after that).

Thats it, really.

You wouldn’t think that leads to that sort of obsession but it does. Hehe.

I’m not going to get into the why’s and wherefore’s, and how it benefits me (it does, big time!) – but I’ll say this.

That long list is GROWING – like the list of names I keep getting called is (swelled to about 2200 as I speak, hehe).

My own family is part of the obsessed lot – though they’ll never say it.

They all want to know – they all want a piece of what I do. Hehe.

My lovely – not – “wife” -and many others too.

People on my weShat list I deleted, blocked, yet, they will find ways to reach out to me via others, via other accounts etc.

Most of all , on my list.


And other inanity I keep getting on the list.

Not just this list.

ALL my lists.

I’ve told these people to either put up or shut up i.e. either buy or leave the list, and not expect “freebies” for nothing.

I’ve told them to (in those words) “fuck off from the list please” if they dont do it.

Yet, NONE of them have left.

Maybe “abuse” is part of who they are?

But really, what I tell them politely so many times, what they choose not to get – I mean really, folks, why would you pester someone with meaningless questions – GET his or her stuff if you are really interested, but constant questions for free – UGH!

I never answer ’em.

I can spot a freebie seeker from MILES away, and most of these obsessed sorts are just that.

SOME are smarter.

And they buy – everything I have to offer – and LEARN from them.

And then they get themselves put on the doers “smart doers” list. Hehe.

I mean, it’s one thing to be obsessed with someone to the point you want to do EVERYTHING like him or her, it’s one thing to want to learn for free – it’s quite another to be obsessed to the point of being a pest.

Believe me, people that claim they “hate me” have bookmarked this site, and keep coming back “on the sly” to see what I’ve posted.

These idiots would be best off obsessing on their own goals, except they dont know how to do it and are too cheap to pay to learn.  (and most likely they’re too foolish to have any meaningful goals anyway).

Dont believe me?

Ask this sort what they want out of life, their goals, and beyond the usual “moneeeeeeeeee” nonsense, you’ll hear crickets.  What utter BUFFOONS!

Idiots that whine about me calling them phat guys (when they’re that x 100) – what they REALLY want is the goods for free “the skinny” on how to DROP that weight.

Idiots that troll about how many girls I’ve been with – well, that is what THEY Want – for free again.

Unfortunately, I dont entertain for free. Hehe.

And so, another shout out to all the “hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” types on this list – if you’ve signed up, but never have any intention of buying, kindly piss off from the list. You can still obsess over me “for free” via your bookmarks…

And for the rest of you, well, if you want to learn from me, then you know where to start.

Really, folks… Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’ve been wondering how to get people to obsess over you – well, being a DOER is probably the best and more sure shod way of accomplishing this. Hehe. Except you have to do i.e. become a doer RIGHT.

There are other tricks to this too, which I’ve covered in emails past, I’m not going to get into again. This was basically a “ho hum” on it. i.e. folks, get REAL … yawn. Less hypocrisy, more doing..

And fitness wise, if you’d love to be called fitness God, fitness expert, fitness “ideal” (all from a trollish standpoint, which means it’s REAL, hehe) – then start working on your own fitness NOW.

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