Phat boy with mammoth gut gets pissed at the bodyweight exercise Guru
- Hehe

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I knew there was a reason I couldn’t “wait to get to it” today.

A good ole boy with a massive gut … ah, but wait.

Normally, my routine in the morning consists of nothing but ME time – not necessarily the whiny moany “me, me, me” you hear all the time, but what I mean is peace, quiet or meditation – either that, or I’m working out outdoors. Or indoors, if it’s winter…

But this morning, as I started my secret meditation techniques (no, I’m not going to reveal them in this email, but I’ve spoken about what I do a lot before – Google’s your friend if you’re interested – I’m sure tons of people are – we’ve been getting so many site hits as of late ALL my sites have crashed at least once, hehe – server overload and then some!) … something was off.

And I figured I’d do it later, and what I saw on Shitter (Twitter, hehe) proved my gut was right as always “there was something to get to”.

Guts, big and fat, or lean and toned, we’ll get to that soon, but first, more on what I’ve been speaking about in the last few emails.

People simply can’t get enough of me. Hehe. Even morons that claim to have “blocked” me (a certain Lucy comes to mind) will “re add” me and claim “it’s because I want to see what you’ve posted”. Hehe.

Phat boys that get pissed off with me calling their utter tripe out (I mean really, Ben, anyone that says “500 squats is boring and tedious” has never either DONE ’em 500 at a time – your case obviously – and if he has, he hasn’t done ’em right with the right focus and mental training) and claim “I was never meant to be associated with him” will follow me regardless and see what “I’ve been up to”.

(on both sites, while claiming “I dont want to hear from him”. Ah, the hypocrisy, true Glyn Bozo style…)


In Ole Benny Boy’s case, the shoe is truly starting to pinch – remember that loooooooong rant he sent me about not being able to sell any of my products when he was an affiliate here, and then turning around and trying to project his lack of sales skills on me?

I mean dude, really, look – I’ve got so much activity on my site in a DAY you probably dont see it on yours in a year.

My last email on the lady I met in Khajiiar in the Himalayas caused quite a flutter too. Lots of unsubscribes from idiots that dont “live in the flow” – those that do sent me some very interesting comments and questions about “how to predict the future” that I will address shortly in emails here.

But for now, here is what I got this morning from a phat boy that is literally, according to some of his readers and they’re RIGHT – “so phat he’s got rolls of fat dripping off his back”.

And they’re right, dude claims to do gymnastic bridges, yet the video cuts off after a few seconds.

Really Ben, lets be serious here – if you want to bridge, hold it for at least a minute and WITHOUT that massive butt sagging. LOL.

I mean for someone that claims …. but lets get to what he said.

Yeah bro, didn’t you once tell me I had mass not fat yet now call me sloppy and fat? Kind of hard to tell the truth when you got caught in your own lie. Next time, you might want to check your shit before telling people things that aren’t true. Have a nice day.

True, I told him he had mass.

But I also told him from the get go he had way much too “chub” around the midsection. I just didnt drive the point home as I am now, and truth be told, I wouldn’t have even now, but his whiny rants about not being able to sell anything and then turning around and bitching about it to me (I mean really, dude, grow the fuck up – thats what WOMEN do – real men GET TO IT!) and sending me long whiny emails about prompted me to change my stance on it – not to mention, bottom line, this guy has strength, sure, but he’s overall fat – PHAT – and sloppy as hell.

Like Brooks Kubik said in Dinosaur Bodyweight Training, I’m sorry if it offends you, but if you’ve got a huge gut hanging over your midsection, you simply wont look like an athlete my friend.

And neither will you ever be in the pink of health until that core is lean, mean and conditioned. Yours isn’t – except with numerous trips to the fridge for 12 packs of beer and Cheetos or whatever you “graze” on.

Clearly what you’re doing fitness wise ain’t working.

Anyway …

I wonder which lie I got caught in?

Oh wait …


I wasn’t the one that spouted that nonsense above – you did.

All I was trying to do in my initial comment was to encourage you and say YES, if you’re phat NOW, then you CAN do these.

In all fairness, his strength levels are probably so so to OK.

But end of the day, Ben, my friend, it ain’t about a “one time lift”.

Its about if you can use that strength repetitively over and over again.

You clearly cannot.

That doesn’t mean you can’t GET in shape – hey, I was once just like you.

I was once a phat boy just like you my friend.

But I did the thing, didnt piss and moan when people called me phat at the time, and ultimately got into the record breaking, best shape of my life as you see me NOW.

And thats what you should be doing as opposed to whining about camera angles, hiding your triple chin and massive gut by wearing oversize  “plus sized” clothing.

Oh, he’s also a huge LGBTTTTTTT Supporter from what I get.

Good ole Benny. Hehe.


Nothing wrong with what people do together in the privacy of their own bedrooms Ben (I’m sure you get off on it too, which is perfectly fine, hehe).

But what you don’t seem to realize my friend is a lot of this crowd has no concept of “goose and gander”.

They want to push their woke crappy ideologies down our throats, and to that I say HELL NO.

To each his own, unfortunately not everyone gets it…

Anyway, point of this email?

If you’re sloppy and fat at this point, you KNOW it deep down inside.

Start making changes NOW.

Or you’ll never get anywhere.

Fitness wise, THIS is the system that will blast away fat around the midsection quicker than you can say “hallejulah” (sp?) (Hey, I’m a Mark Twain buddy, hehe) …

The 0 Excuses Fitness System – Truly the ROLLS Royce, the GOLD standard of fitness. (I put it in pink for “LGBTQQQSJRJE lover” Benny, hehe).

And that, pally, is the bottom line.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – True to form, my prediction and thoughts about “writing about phat boys” (which I didnt do at the time a couple of days ago) came true again. I can feel them hot beady eyes staring a hole though this page, much like my (equally lazy, but not near as fat “Proudly Flatulent”) Nazi feminist wife staring daggers at me and thinking “it scares him”. Hehe.

Ben’s a good guy though – he just needs a serious helping of tough love and NO ‘kerchiefs to wipe the tears…

And really, dude.

Loosen up already and get the system, you know you want it, you’ve wanted to get it since day one. Quit making excuses about “I aint got the cash”, hehe – and dip into some of that beer money (I mean he probably spends a fortune on that alone, and where does that get you fitness wise Benny?) – and GET the System.

(no, it ain’t things you’ve seen before already. If it were, I wouldn’t be getting the rave reviews – and hate x 10 – that I do. Hehe).

It will BLAST you into the best shape of my life. Take it or leave it, but thats a FACT.

And, as someone once told me ..

“You’ll be the one lecturing me about it then”.

So you will Ben, so you will, if you DO The thing. Hehe.

(same holds true for y’all reading this).

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