Why I’d probably become a millionaire if I wrote “Fat Boy Fitness”
- It's sad. But I probably would!

It’s just insane, the sort of molly coddled nonsense that passes for “training” and the weepy moany “oh, honey, it’s OKKKKK to be fat” – “at least youre doing something” rot that passes for “real training” these days.

The email I sent earlier is proof enough of this, I suppose, lest you think dude mentioned in there is the only “culprit” – by far not.

In his defense – he’s at least doing something, even his 2 min Tiktok a day or whatever he does puts him ahead of someone doing “F all” – and since he keeps moaning about it, yeah, he looks somewhat strong from a “pump and tone” perspective, and has some mass around the upper body yes – but none of that takes away from his overall lack of fitness, terrible form on most exercises, and that huge gut around his waist – sorry dude, but those are facts.

You could preen on about “how my lats are so broad I have to run fast in the wind” or other nonsense.

Truth be told, the pumpers and toners say just that sort of rot in the gym “before the pump fades” and thats fine if that is what you are into.

But it aint – again – real fitness.

If you’re truly broad, it shows WITHOUT A pump – much like if you’re truly strong – or not fat – it shows regardless of what camera angle is there or what you wear. Hehe.

And really, a lot of these comments guys make about each other – scratch the surface, look under the hood, you’ll see there is more than praise going on.

They’re all working for each other or together.

Believe me, dude up there – until he realized he lacked sales skills required to sell high end products, he was promoting me like “the next big thing”.

In fact, ask him, he’ll probably still have a lot of complimentary things to say about my products. (except price, hehe).

But none of that is my point. I dont have much against him to be honest – or anything at all, I just enjoy calling him out on his flakey points – and because what him and a lot of others claim is “real fitness” is actually PHAT boy fitness.


And most of all probably his insistence on “fat” equating to fit – maybe his definition of “fat fit” – but it ain’t real fitness by far and over everything else THAT is why I call this sort of horseshit out, either from him or from others.

(no wonder he can’t make sales – or from what it seems, as much as he’d like, promoting this sort of flakey stuff will get him, well, flakes in terms of results).

I could probably mint far more money than I do now by selling $1 “phat boy fitness” books that tell you “its OK to be fat” or “big means fat” or “its OK not to do pull-ups or pushups and take assssssssss much time (emphasis on ass i.e. backside, lol) to recover” – and so forth.

But I wont.

Charles Mitchell for one would stop reading what I say in an instant. Hehe.

“Never become a pussy trainer just so you can sell more books!”

Amen, my friend – from a Battletank Shoulders customer and former ex Man in Blue, thats saying it like it IS.

This Mamsy pamsy nonsensical standard of fitness people have these days where their chins – or triple chins – dont even clear the bar on pull-ups and they claim they’re strong.

Here’s a review I got on the compilation on pull-ups

First I must address the above review otherwise you’ll find what I have to say regarding the book hard to believe.
The fact is, Glyn Schofield has an ongoing dispute with the author of the book and his review is designed to try and dissuade people from purchasing the book and thereby cost the author potential customers.
Glyn Schofield has not purchased any of the books he routinely reviews, nor does he have the slightest clue as to what constitutes a valid training book, I seriously doubt he’s ever exercised in his sorry little life.

Back to the review, this book will transform anyone who has the guts to give the book’s content a good hard try, there is a reason that the top elite military units around the world prize this exercise so highly, having the strength to pull your own bodyweight from full extension to full contraction repeatedly is very rare these days, which is why the easier lat pulldown exercise is so popular, it does not require the same amount of strength, only pulling your own bodyweight will give you that superior strength, if you want that kind of strength you owe it to yourself to get this book and learn from it and prepare to be transformed.

On pull-ups – from DUD to STUD – within a matter of WEEKS!

Quite simply, if you cannot pull your own bodyweight from a dead-hang till your chin passes over the bar you are not “strong” and no amount of lat pulldowns will correct this weakness.

Buy this book and learn how to do the most important upper-body exercise correctly and you’ll never look back.

Brilliant book, thank you.

(and remember, I Was PHAT when I wrote that book, not quite as humungous as dude up there, but getting there, yet, no excuses – chin over the bar all the time or it ain’t a pull-up, its that simple).

(note too, what he says about Chin – OVER BAR!)

As for Glyn Bozo we all know about him by now, so I wont mention his sorry rants again here. Hehe. Google’s your friend there too!

But really, and to end this –

If phat boy fitness is your thang, I’ll happily point you to a dozen or so people selling that sort crap – for close to free. Hehe.

But you wont EVER find me espousing those methods, or selling stuff like that no matter what.

Because it aint real.

Because it aint me.

And most of all, it wont benefit you – other than “sob story central” I guess, but no real benefits to your health, strength and fitness.

And that to me is the main thing.

If you want the real deal – REAL fitness – then 0 Excuses Fitness is truly your TO GO game, my friend.

Get it now.


Rahul Mookerjee