More on the sort of REVIEWS yours truly wants!
- Strap in!

Reviews, reviews, reviews.

The trolls love ’em, the real guys love ’em, customers – some of them – love to leave ’em, the majority of them tend not to even though they should (after they like and BENEFIT from the product) – the “gold standard” in terms of “how many people like the product” – and so forth.

Same thing for testimonials.

I keep asking for both – with very good reason for me – and YOU too (one main reason for you is as I’ve said before, genuine reviews help EVERYONE – and new customers especially to make a buying decision – and of course, the 10% discount you get, spreading the word, and such) – and as far as I’m concerned, I’ve gone over why I love reviews so much – both from real doers – and trolls sometimes, hehe.

But today, lets dive a bit into WHAT SORT of reviews I want.

Now, I’ve gone on record plenty of times saying I dont necessarily want five or any star reviews.

Most of my reviews are 5 star reviews, and that is GREAT – I love it – much appreciated, but you know what I really like?

The REALISM behind the reviews, the RESULTS people get from my products – and that shows in the reviews.

Take a look at THIS review for the book on reverse pushups “Pushups – REVERSE pushups -the BEST darn exercise ever!)  –

The exercise in this book is quite difficult to master but once you crack it, it will blow you away at how good it makes your entire body feel, I’m 63 and let me tell you, this one exercise has done more for my overall wellbeing than anything else I’ve ever done. A masterpiece, thank you.

– John Walker  (from the UK).

See the realism – the “extra something” in that review – which proves it’s REAL?

Most wont see it, but the doers, and those in the know will.


EVERYONE has a slew of reviews on their sales pages, Amazon etc – but one important thing to note – that a lot of people dont take into consideration is that other than the fact that reviews are mostly subjective (I wont get into Bozo’s reviews here) – some of them come from – ahem – people that “know” the person involved.

In other words, people cross promoting each other, people selling each other’s products, and so forth.

I could name PLENTY of people doing this.

It isn’t necessarily all bad either especially if the products being promoted are worth it and good, but sometimes, they aren’t…

A recent affiliate bitched up a storm about why I wasn’t giving him products for free to “review” and so he could write better on them (which was funny – he was writing just fine on them BEFORE his request, and why would he sign up to be an affiliate anyway if he didnt have full faith in the products, which he did?)

Because he FELT it.


He’ll never admit it, of course, and I wont name him since he may burst into tears and we dont want that.

But let’s see…

First thing you know most affiliates HERE at 0 Excuses Fitness are past customers as well, so they sell and promote that which they KNOW works – which they had enough faith to buy first – and then use – and benefit from.

That ain’t saying you (the next affiliate) has to be a prior customer – not at all – not every affiliate associated with us is.

But this dude and “writing reviews” – like dude, thats great, and I’m sure he’d even be mostly impartial (as far as possible, since he’s SELLING the damn product) – but end of the day, I’d rather have reviews from REAL customers – that have either met me and bought my product, or bought it online after “getting to know me online via my writing or what not”.

Because those are as real as real gets, THOSE are what really convert potential customers since they’re falling in that same bracket.

Maybe I’m giving away some trade secrets here.

So be it…

Those in the know know anyway.

And back to free products, this dude never actually proved to me that he could sell anything – let alone high ticket products before coming back to bitch up a storm about … well, y’all know.

I ALWAYS – I repeat – ALWAYS test people with the persistence test before committing to them long term, and this guy failed miserably I gotta say. It’s a long game dude, not one month … (funnily enough he was saying the same thing himself, but then I guess the pennies dried up and …well, when the shoe starts to pinch…)

Lets see, if I had given him a free product, he failed to sell it, he’d want another.

And end of the day, he’d keep bitching about price anyway which is what it all (for him) boils down to.

(It’s funny though – I asked him “what products” he wanted to promote, he didnt know for sure – then I told him to start with Gorilla Grip and other “lower priced” products (not that the book is any less valuable – hell no!) – but he wanted Animal Kingdom Workouts for the most part. And look, thats a gem ??of a book – a diamond amongst the rough, and it ain’t coming for free pally. EVERYONE wants this book , just so you know!).

And from certain angles I dont blame him really – hey, it’s a tough market, and not everyone has the sort of skills required to sell high ticket products like I sell (and have been successfully for years) – and thats fine, but throwing hissies about it only makes me want to puke – girls, sure, hehe – but not “so called” men…

Anyway, this isn’t so much about why I dont offer affiliates for the most part free products (but bear in mind there have been TONS Of exceptions, especially for proven guys) … but reviews, word of mouth etc.

A lot of it going around is desperate and fake and NEEDY.

Yours truly stays away from that – regardless of how the “market” is – gravy or not.

I’d rather have REAL results, and real reviews, my friend.

REAL respect.

And so forth.

And thats the gist of this one, some random thoughts coming through that I thought I’d put pen to paper as the Universe so well just reminded me that “come what may, remember one thing Rahul, your work MUST NEVER STOP!”

And it does this reminding so well.

Thank you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Rave reviews coming in for my latest book “Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training” and I’ll be sure to share these with you by and by. In the meantime, if you have not already, pick up the TRUE BASELINE of fitness, and the best darn fitness system out there, truly the Rolls Royce of Fitness – right HERE.