More on disagreements, different opinions and so forth …
- Carrying on from the last one.

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I’ve always been a massive believer in freedom of speech, having a different opinion – and the right to air that different opinion freely, so long as you dont shove it down the other person’s throat.

A lot, if not ALL of my customers – and those I consider friends – are the exact same way.

Now, in order to be friends, or to buy something from someone, you have to have some common ground and agree on some core things – true.

But it reminds me of what a lady (who a friend Dwayne later sarcastically called “Princess” and he was right) – a high powered lawyer from Shanghai once told me about “I can’t be friends with you”

Not that I added her “to be friends”, but Nazi feminist females are often slow on the uptake. Hehe.

We actually were in agreement on quite a few things until I brought CCP shennanigans up, and then it all went downhill from there.

“Sorry, I cant be friends with someone who disagrees with our government, this is just basic!”

(at the same time she was happy to roundly pillory Trump, vilify the American system, and so forth).

Trump isnt’ fit to be President, and many Americans told me this, she claimed.

Well – they probably did – in front of her.

Behind her what they said is a whole another story (and believe me, there’s tons of Chinese out there who admire Trump’s America first policy, as it should be).

I’ve actually DEBATED it in China in classes and such (women have thrown hissies and walked out, but a lot of men enjoyed debating it. Hehe).

But anyway – that sort of disagreement, and someone not wanting to be friends because of that aint what I am referring to.

To me, a true friend is one who support you – but also KICKS YOU IN THE CAN when needed.

Not because he gets some perverse joy out of doing so.

But because he or she truly has your best interests at heart.

Lots of my customers have left me some GREAT reviews on my books – all 100% true.

Remember, these are hardly people that haven’t done anything fitness wise in their lives prior to getting my products.

Some of these guys are  martial arts black belts and more – some are ex cops – some wrestlers – and MOST, if not all of my most “loyal” customers are people that could probably pick me up and run up a hill if they chose to. Hehe. Kinda like a tiger would, not internet tigers, real tigers. Hehe.

I made that comment, or something similar to my buddy from the Marines who exemplifies the word “battletank“. Hehe.

Just a solid, thick guy overall … naturally STRONG!

And he responded with  as he always does “you’re not a small specimen, Rahul!”

And he asked me to “stand toe to toe with him” which I did, and then “you’re as broad as me!” – which he was right, but not as strong likely, hehe.

Or whatever it is.

Maybe it’s that tendency I have to HIDE my strengths until REALLY required (I’m not huge on showing off on “how many pull-ups I can do” or “how strong my grip is” and so forth. Showboating hasn’t ever really been a thing for me)  . . .

. . . it shows, others can feel it – if its there, and thats all that matters and counts to me at least.

Now, back to REAL MEN, and REAL FEEDBACK?

These same customers have KICKED me in the RUMPUS – when required.

One once told me that he was getting sick of hearing about Schofield (in 2020, when I really did up more than a few emails themed on him).

Good point, Charles.

One I took on board instantly.

Another guy once told me I was looking PHAT – I repeat, PHAT in some of my videos, and “paler than him”  (he’s white, hehe). Now I dont know about the pale part, but I INSTANTLY put myself into a “neutral third party” (he wasn’t neutral in that he had my best interests at heart honestly) mindset – and looked – and note, he didnt say “obese”, or “massive paunch” because it wasn’t that bad – but once I put myself into an observer mindset, there was no doubt “the spread was starting around the midsection and it was visible around there and the chest area too”).

And so I took the feedback on board, and mentally gave myself another kick to the can (again, like I keep saying, squats are key, I wasn’t doing near as many of them as I should have been) – and then got to work rectifying what he pointed out (he was right).

(and now I’m called Twiggy and Skinny and what not. HEhe).

(which given I was called a 14 year old once by my wife … well, all during the course of a good workday, hehe)

But really, it isn’t about “getting offended” my friend.

its about FACTS.

And taking feedback on board – and working upon your flaws and getting better – that is what true winners do.

True leaders aren’t necessarily the biggest and toughest people out there.

It’s in the MIND.

The NEVER give up mindset.

The mind that recognizes genuine feedback when it sees it, the mind that KNOWS one ALWAYS has to improve, and that EVERYONE, I repeat, EVERYONE needs a kick up the RUMPUS at some stage – if just to get even better at what he or she does.

Truly, my friend, truly.

Agree or disagree, there it is …

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you run up hills, do it RIGHT – Advanced Hill Training teaches you how. Another course a lot of you want to get, I know…

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