The difference between “cancel culture” and “factual culture”
- I invented the latter. Heeh.

I think Rahul Mookerjee invented the latter term.

You know, that dude who … Hehe.

Anyway – this cancel culture nonsense seems to be big these days along with the “new age” crap and a lot of other steaming “baloney” (I’m being polite).

Apparently if someone disagrees with you – even politely – then they’re “canceled” for having a different opinion, youll be roundly trolled, ignored, called out in Whatsapp chat groups, and what not – simply for having a different opinion from the herd.


I think I’ve dealt with that my entire life – and enjoyed every minute of being “canceled”. The name calling, all that … Hehe. I love me a good tussle!

But anyway, to me, it isn’t about cancel culture.

It’s about FACTS based culture.

Look, here’s the bottom line.

If someone wants to come to me and say (lets say a guy like Glyn) “I want to spend my life living underfoot, lickin female butts and God knows what else, and being humiliated, being a maid or what not (he’s literally put comments on pages saying “Some Brits would love to go to India to be household labor!”)” … and then that same person were to come to me and say “Hey, Rahul, join me!”

You know what I’d say?

I think you do.

But I wouldn’t tell HIM he was “wrong” or “dont do it” or what not.

I’d simply say it so long as you keep your gay or masochistic or whatever tendencies away from me Glyn, all good, I certainly wont care either way.

And if he actually said it in a sane and sensible manner I’d probably guide him in terms of finding those with the right mindset to do it with as well. (i.e. similar mindset as him).

I would not however “cancel” him or even attempt to.

To each his own.

However –

If someone were to come me and say “The Sun Rises in the West” – or something like “I could sprout wings and fly off the top of a building if I wanted to” (people actually tried that back in the day!) … or something equally asinine, then I’d simply tell the person “dude, facts are facts”.

That ain’t canceling anyone.

That is being FACTUAL.

Fitness wise?

Same thing, if you’re PHAT, your PHAT.

If you rant when you read emails about handstand pushups saying “you just say just do it, that doesnt help, make it EZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!” – well, then you’re ignoring the core fact ie. your fat (which is why you cannot do ’em right, which is exactly why you’re reading what I have to say on it in the first place) …

Strength wise, same thing.

If you’re strong, you’re strong … but STRONG doesnt mean fit by itself.

And some of the boobybuilders you see all around you are prime examples of this, I’ve even pointed out a REAL life example and there are MANY, pally, MANY – on the Shoulders like BOULDERS! page.

Fit is different, my friend, we all know what real fitness is, even those that claim to ignore facts and claim “we have a different definition of fitness”.

Calling these people out isn’t cancel culture, its called “being logical and RATIONAL” culture.

Simple as that.

And why did I feel the need to bring this up, well, simple my friend – a lot of people confuse the two.

they’re different, as seperate as light and night – or day and night, whichever.

I’m out.


Rahul Mookerjee

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