Why I often give out discounts, but never tom tom them.
- For DOERS only.

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Lots of people whine and moan about price, price, price.

And there is a reason why my products are priced high, and why they will continue to be – and why they ALWAYS WERE priced high.

It’s interesting isnt it, things are getting more and more expensive across the board NOW in terms of “inflation” (I use quotes because it all starts in the mind of man to be honest) – yet people forget the fact that yours truly’s prices haven’t really gone up – or down – that much.

Thats what you call REAL value and real marketing i.e. my prices dont go up “just because some idiot decided it was time to ring the inflation bugle”.

And given people are more than willing to spend – or throw away – hundreds of dollars on “nights out at bars” and other crap that doesnt really do much for them either life or fitness wise, I see no reason why premium fitness products that are unlike any other out there, that get you in the best damn shape of your life and have SO Many more benefits other than just fitness shouldn’t be priced highly?

Maybe some people do.

The idiots do, you mean. Hehe.

Anyway, that in a nutshell is why my products are priced highly, we’ve been over this “in detail before” of course.

But what I’ve said before, albeit in not that much detail?

Every doer that has got a product from here knows that IF REQUIRED – if the person has a genuine reason, I’ll be more than glad to do up a custom discount for the person – and have plenty of times in the past.

If you’re “retired”, on a fixed income (whether that means investments or pension or what not), if there is a genuine problem, then come and TALK TO ME.

My customer service isn’t like the crap “copy and paste” customer service out there.

If you have a genuine problem (NO, saying “I need to pay Netflix bills” doesnt count as a genuine problem my friend) – then it’ll “show”.

People understand if you have a GENUINE problem as opposed to just piss, moan and whine and groan.

The point gets across, especially when a doer mentions it.

Now, why dont I tom tom this on the site “To make more sales”?

Same reason I dont price the products low.

I’d rather only the most serious people – those really into fitness and life for the long haul – even consider getting my products.

I’ve always been huge on the “four quarters as opposed to a 100 pennies” principle – lots of people have called me out on it.

So be it, but thats me.

If you’re running Amazon, perhaps the “pennies” count. Hehe.

But I’m not running Amazon, and these days, with “the penny pinching going on” and the shoe starting to pinch as well (and the pain has just started my friend, I’ve been saying this for years) – I haven’t just doubled down on this philosophy.

I’ve TRIPLED down on it.

It works.

Its what makes it worth it.

I’d rather my books get into the hands of real doers, and it’s also a test i.e. if you’re really interested in the books, can’t get ’em for whatever reason, then do you have it in you to hit reply and give me a good reason I should work with you?

Believe me, these products aren’t priced high for all the benefits packed into them.

You know that, of course, or you wouldn’t be here reading this!

But giving me that good reason isnt that hard, its called being honest, its called not whining, its called having some common sense which ain’t that common these days…

Anyway, enough of this.

To pick up the very best out there in terms of fitness, indeed, this should be the BASELINE for any serious fitness trainee no matter what their current level – pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Once upon a time there was the “rewards” page… Hehe.

(worry not, that will be updated soon too, but YOU guys have to get back and tell me what offers YOU would like to see up there, and it will be DONE)

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