A layman’s guide to “big” vs “phat”
- And more..

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The reverse doesn’t hold true – but wait, hehe – let me SAY what I had to first.

There’s plenty of tests I could give you to find out if you’re a phat phocker (and / or woefully out of shape – the two dont always, but usually do, go together).

One, can you do a slow, strict pull-up  – even just one – and get your chin over the bar – hold for 10 seconds that way – come down – hold again for 10 secs.

And I mean just one rep.

Two, the mirror – if you’re honest. Hehe.

Three, how many slow regular pushups can you do before you collapse.

Fourth, the TABLE pushup – and if you can even do ONE rep – or get into the position – for ANY length of time. If there is ONE exercise that along with the pull-up brutally exposes lack of core strength and excess flab around the belly and lower back, it is this one.

(you’ll rarely see phat phockers do ’em, along with pull-ups, they’ll claim “we prefer something else” and try to pass it off as they aren’t obese to a T, which is fine of course, but the facts stand).

Fifth, the “floor humper pushup” – another supreme core tester – along with REVERSE pushups.

Sixth, some of the – one in particular, the splits done Van Damme style in Advanced, Profound, Isometric and Flexibility Training

Most guys are gung ho about their bridge when they get good at it.

But what about your FORWARD bends, my friend?

Rarely, if ever do you see anyone do these – except fit and slim guys, the phat phocks cannot do ’em, period, there’s just too much around the midsection!

Seventh, if you’re fat, chances are excellent and second to none you have IBS and a host of other digestive ailments (this isn’t certain, but chances are good you have ’em).

Eighth, ……………..

well, wait a minute.

You guys that have been following me KNOW all the above, and I didnt really mean to list those out – although I could list probably, I dont know, 800 more!

But 8, 800, a prosaic number indeed, prosaic message I’m getting, and here’s the real layman’s guide – you dont even need to know what a (proper) pull-up or pushup is to figure this one out.


Right, those veins, that holy grail so many men in particular attempt – especially on their forearms, but never get there.

It’s no secret that you have to have low fat content in order for your calves and forearms to be vascular, my friend.

If you’re PHAT, then it simply wont happen regardless of how “strong” you are or how many cows you can bench before gobbling ’em down.

Other hand – BIG dudes? Truly big dudes?

Hell yes!

Look at Stallone, a guy that is not naturally even big, and yet – the vascularity there?

Look at the Rock. Steve Austin.

Then look at the Big Show.


You get the picture, eh.

I love the Big Show, by the way, thats not my point!

Point is, just … if you’re PHAT, then you wont be really vascular no matter how much you claim you’re big and strong but not an obese turd.

Ever notice phat guys have those “big” forearms?

There’s little to no vascularity there though – I’d rather slim forearms with veins running up and down them – even as I type – as I can see ’em!

Big guys can have ’em – just ask Brooks Kubik!

PHAT phocks cannot. Period. Unless they shed the blubber!

Now, the other side to this coin?

Skinny guys are often extremely vascular, but they’re not necessarily either the fittest, or strongest, or even most capable exercise wise – they COULD be, but they often aren’t.

It’s about SLIM, not skinny.

Not that I wear either one of those two styles of jeans.

I wear STRAIGHT cut. Hehe.

Hey, that could be #9.

Phat phockers will find straight cut jeans just won’t fit ’em. Hehe.

The butt, the thighs, it just wont happen …

Anyway, thats that from me. I better go look for some jeans on Amazon now, since the old ones seem to be sliding down rapidly…


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – To lose all that whale blubber some of you have accumulated over the years “he must need to fast for a year to lose all that fat!” (was what a shocked customer told me about some dude he just saw promoting health and fitness products, and when he saw his physical condition) – get on the 0 Excuses Fitness System now.

Truly the best value money can buy, my friend. Get this world class, award winning system NOW.

PS #2 – I mentioned a ton of pushups up there, and you guys likely have not heard of many of them before, if you have, you probably either (if you’re a fool, hehe) think some of them are “gay to do” – or if you’re a doer, chances are excellent you dont yet know how to do these RIGHT.

No worries – we’ve got you covered with the best, and one of a kind course on pushups out there – Pushup Central. Another sizzler this one, be sure and grab it NOW.

(too lazy to link it above, heh).

PPS – A lot of truly moronic fools and those “easily offended”, or those that “want it but dont want to pay” (my contempt for that crowd, as well as for those who try and pass off “not paying for anything” as OK has been well documented) will whine about “you’re shaming us, but not helping us”.

Well, phat shaming is good. Sometimes, often times, a kick up the RUMPUS is needed – the litmus test of whether or not you’re a doer is how you take it i.e like a man, or if you whine, piss and moan and groan.

But as for helping, my courses do plenty of that.

BUT, they’re only for honest people that can look in the mirror and ADMIT The truth and facts for what they ARE.

If you’re fat as heck and look in the mirror and keep saying “I’m big”, then you’re better off not buying, products wont help, I can already tell you that.

Ditto for any other condition that needs to be cured, you have to ADMIT it frankly and honestly first before anything will ever happen “on the physical plane”.

And so, only get my products if you fall into the dead on honest category, and WANT to solve the problem, not just sit, whine and pretend “all is well” when it aint either.

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