The little things that add up to a lot – and MEAN the most!
- Or should, anyway.

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With all the me, me, me going on – and people wanting more, more, more (without even wanting to “give” first to “get”), its interesting.

Little kids, those that aren’t brats that is – ever notice how the littlest of things can make them happy – often more than the “big things”?

When I give my daugher something SMALL – often times something we plan for (maybe a “Dr Who” book”, hehe) as opposed to the “big stuff” that comes in anyway – she’s often over the moon – in a manner most wouldn’t get.

This afternoon, I gave her – or got her – a … well, box of chewing gum.

I couldn’t even get the one I wanted to give her – wasn’t available online, but you should have seen the SMILE on her face.

“Its a secret”, she giggled.

Those little things!

Every morning she wakes up and remembers the little things – and talks about them before the “day” kicks in.

She does this WITHOUT anyone telling her, despite all the advice I’ve given her, and continue to, I have NOT given her this bit of advice. Does it naturally does she, truly the chip off the old block!

Contrast that with most adults, whining and cranky when they wake up, thinking about all the trials and tribulations ahead, not living in the flow and so forth.

Often times, we forget that you need very little in order to be truly happy.

All the wealth in the world might not make you truly happy either – I’ve explained WHY in Zero to Hero!  (yeah, yeah, I know. We all “need” money, but its not the end all and be all of everything!). (it’s a MEANS, not an end, at least that is what it should be for all intents and purposes).

My daugher, a three year old version I believe is mentioned in that book – going ga ga over something as simple as a new A/C I ordered from China.


The SECRET – most of it – is mentioned in that prologue! If you can spot it.

If you cant, well, as Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich, all the “Rahul telling you what it is” in the world won’t make a damn bit of difference because it will DEPRIVE you of most of the benefit, if not all, you will get from spotting it yourself.

Now, this applies to life as an adult too.

The little things add up – could be savings, daily workouts, whatever it is.

The little things are what eventually cause a conflagration between two people – or cause them to fall DEEPLY in love. I should know in terms of both – HA!

And workout wise, I’ll give you an interesting take on it.

Not so much about things adding up and such which you’ve likely already thought of.

But little improvements during each and every workout you make (and if you’re not improving in some regard in the bulk of your workouts, you’re doing something wrong – maybe not ALL, but the bulk for sure).

Last night, I stretched that much further in one of the “van Damme” stretches I talk about in Advanced, PROFOUND, Isometric and Flexibility Training.

It wasn’t much, not a lot, maybe just a few cm more.

But that’s how it goes!

SLOW increments, slow and steady progress, which often times during and at the end of the workout, that PROGRESS is what you’ll remember, and what feels good.

CAN you identify?

Let me know!

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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