Benny done exploded once again
- Hmm..!

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… again. Hehe. And given the “mass” he’s accumulated over the years, a guy on this site told me “he’d need to fast for YEARS To get rid of that bulk” (to which I replied “Benny would probably burst into tears if he even heard the word “skipping meals”).

And he likely would.

This weepy sort is exactly who I love to stay away from – hence the blocking, the REMOVING from my life and so forth I’ve been writing about as of late – and to be fair, Benny isn’t the only one I’ve done so with (and he certainly ain’t the worst).

It’s just that … look, dude, if you’re promoting fitness, you have to be in shape, some sort of shape – not woefully obese as you are.

What is even stranger is the dude parades his massive floppy man tits and ever growing junk around the trunk (ugh) around, keeps sending people pictures and videos of Tik Tok fitness for “validation” apparently (the real reason) but externally he says “I’m proud of myself!” and “this is what Gorilla Grip training can do for a man!”

yes, a real man it can Benny- I’m not sure you fall into that category at all.

Not to mention dude’s literally so obsessed with me he keeps following me and looking through this (much like Bozo Schofield does) even though I’ve roundly blocked him everywhere, even though dude himself claims “he wants nothing to do with me”.

Like dude, grow up, you’re not big, you’re FAT – and extremely fat and unfit at that.

Maybe if you were promoting phat phocker fitness, I’d understand – but you claim you’re promoting the reverse.

Dont get me wrong, you certainly have the right to do so, but it just … it’s just retarded.

Jeff Bezos once said something about your business is what people say about it when youre not in the room.

Spot on as always.

Benny may whine on about me “not being nice” as all this LGBTQ loving liberal sort do.

True, I’m routinely called an asshole and far worse.

They don’t wait for me to leave the room either, hehe, neither would I want them to.

But the one thing I’ve never been called is grossly obese, not to the point I can barely not even walk properly, let alone do sprints that you claim to be able to do, even during my phat phocker days, I was never quite of your mindset Benny.

And thats the difference, the X factor, the mindset.

Leaders have it.

You never will – unless you get down to brass tacks and start DOING. And no, pestering the old lady for money and whining about other people making it “because his products are SOOOOOOO expensive” don’t cut it either.

Fact is, you ain’t got a clue on how to sell, especially in this market.

Fact also is, what people say about YOU – both in front of you and behind you – well, those facts are out in the open.

Just take a look at the comments on your own site for one, now yes, people have haters – lots of them sometimes, but sometimes the haters aren’t haters, but they’re being HONEST.

Sometimes, Benny, a long hard look in the mirror is required. You’ve clearly never done that. (or if you have, what stares back at you horrifies you so that you pretend it’s the opposite).

Which is fine, but … dude, for the last time (though with his obsession it wont be the last) – you’re not BIG. You’re obese, bottom line, and grossly unfit by ANY STANDARD.

Ask anyone, they’ll tell you the same thing – except perhaps they will sugar coat it even less.

(come to think of it, I knew there was a reason I was thinking Benny Boy whining last night, sure enough – it …anyway!).

Dude, the Rock is big, Arnie is big, Stallone is a naturally small but still “big” guy (with his workouts) – and so forth.

They ALL Did pull-ups properly and tons of ‘em for one …

If you were Andre the Giant, or someone similar – or the Big Show for one, i.e. so freakishly big that one has to ignore the tummy, then I’d gladly do so, but Giant Gonzalez you ain’t Benny.

You’re the average shmoe – just like I am.

And you’re fat and obese and out of shape.

Anyway …………

Why do I say all this?

Well, this morning he sent me a long whiny email about “remove my picture from your site!’

Kinda like what Bozo Schofield sent me in 2020. Except the Bozo’s picture was never there on the site to begin with, Bozo was probably snorting cocaine in Hong Kong or something as usual.

These “ESL” loser types (it tends to attract nothing but bottom of the barrel scum “rejects in their own countries ending up in China”, I’ve been around them so often all my life – I can spot ‘em from a mile away.

Ditto for the WINNERS – I can spot a real man from a MILE away.

and winners in general.

But anyway, the picture he was referring to was on the Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) page, and apparently still is, given at the time of writing this my broadband is down, I cannot check it, but I will soon.

Now, Benny, you’re no doubt pissing your pants wondering why?

Well, if you recall you sent me a ton of pictures with you pumping and preening and claiming “I wanted to send these to you to show the results a DOER can get”.

And second, your whining about price from day one – even though you did not directly say it, it was evident from your emails you wanted two things – a product for free, and for me to lower prices.

Neither one of those happened, nor will it, therefore, you wanted hand holding and a shoulder to cry on, which I’m willing to do and HAVE done for real men (ask my friend from the Marines who called up the next day saying “Rahul, sorry about that, real men don’t cry” – and I was like, oh yes, sometimes they do my brother) …

But this is business, bro.

You don’t succeed in business simply by nice – you do so by being HELPFUL and helping people solve their problems.

If you’re nice thats a welcome bonus, but bottom line – its about bloody minded cussedness and doing what you have to do to get where you want to be. It’s not about mamsy pamsy “not offending feelings and other crap” the vast “bulk” (no pun, hehe) of people worry and wonder about.

It’s about finding a problem people have – and offering a quality solution that WORKS. Simple as that.

You’ve clearly not solved your problems either life wise or fitness wise, and it shows in all regards, trust me.

Bezos once made the comment about “going after small publishers like a cheetah would hunt a sickly gazelle”.

I don’t think he’d have achieved the level of success he did if he simply said “nurse the gazelle back to health, cheetah”.

Bottom line – like you said about me, GO for the JUGULAR.

Most don’t. Most have no clue how to do it right anyway. They just whine about “it says a lot more about you than your customers do”.

And therefore, most stay at where you’re at, at “Benny the Penny” levels, always whining about pinching pennies and more (there’s a lot to pinch there Benny).

Really, this “feel good” vibe coming off your emails, the validation you want, the way you constantly follow me around. If you don’t want me, then fucking don’t follow me around dude, it’s nigh on pathetic is what it is.

Dude, what my customers say matter a hell of lot more to me than what some average Shmoe on the internet does . . .

… I could care less what idiots and morons think about me.

I care about what those that buy from me, those that support me, those that have helped and continue to help this business grow say and feel and think.

THEY count.


You Benny shouldn’t even BE in business in the first place to be honest, I can spot so many things you should NOT be doing, but you keep doing ‘em.

To each his own though.

Anyway, so back to his picture – thankfully fully clothed – and with Benny special camera angles to disguise the phat – I put it on there to help you Benny.

Not “help my own sales” as you so idiotically mentioned in the email.

It was and continues to sell just fine without you there.

You were just there because as I told you, start off selling comparatively lower priced products.

You then claimed (when I asked about results) no problem, “Ive sold BIG before, $200!” (I believe that was the figure you mentioned).

So, I did not bring it up any more.

I left the picture on there to help YOU – not me.

And I removed it as soon as our association ended – unlike with Schofield, but Schofield has done so much to RUIN this business and me personally that I’ve got a full right to put his picture on the Profit Troll page – if just to teach others how to profit off his ilk. Hehe.

Believe me, without a lot of his hate I likely wouldn’t have got where I am now in some regards.

Anyway …………

The picture was supposed to be gone. I don’t know why it’s up again, perhaps a cached page. Like I’ve been saying, we’ve been switching servers to ensure better speed etc – and we’ve been doing a lot of backend hardware maintenance and so forth, so perhaps a cached page came up.

I don’t know.

I’ll have to ask IT.

Maybe I should ask myself. Hehe. Hey, I was IT back in the day!

I probably still am “IT”!

Anyway, puns aside, thats the story.

And for you guys reading this, plenty to learn, what to do, what not to do, and so forth.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If anyone sees Benny’s photo on(his blasted “forearm” shot as he keeps saying, and I think the last email on forearms really got him – hehe. . . again, dude’s obsessed, even though he’s not on my list, he’s got this SITE bookmarked, so can’t resist having a “look see” which he will this email too, heh) Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) please inform me – likely a cache issue or something, but it shouldn’t be there, period.

(no puns intended with “forearm shot”, I still remember Butt-ler Bozo Glyn once Facebooking me about “I build a gorilla grip jerking off in Nanjing (on the bus))”. Ugh.

PS #2 – Think about it, dude’s still on my site after all we’ve been through. Like Benny, just pony up and buy the damn product already and be done with this – you’ll be posting GOOD reviews about it too despite your other nonsense. Trust me on this one. Hehe. Simply “adding to cart” repeatedly does not mean you’re a buyer, it just means you’re putting it off “until the wife gives you money” and thats fine, but really, its been months since you’ve done that.

Just up and get the damn thing and be done with it…

I mean really, a couple of six packs less a night won’t harm that gut you so proudly parade around any … or would it? Hehe.

I mean really, a couple of six packs less a night won’t harm that gut you so proudly parade around any … or would it? Hehe.

PPS – My next prediction on this one will be Benny getting back and saying “please remove my “words” from your email””.

Nice try, but no dice Benny Boy. First thing you know, those have already been sent/written, second thing you know, if you said it it’s fair game, bottom line (so long as those are your words).

No more “concessions” (which really, the only reason I made the concession in the first place is I want no part of Benny on this site. Yes, he’s hooked on to us – I’m not on to him though. Hehe).

Oh wait, you could sue me Benny.

Reminds me of Rocky V, when ole Rocko gives a phat phocker one to the gut (as my buddy from the Marines said “lets see him take one to the GUT!”) and phat phocker lands upside a car or something.

“I’ll sue you!” the phocker keeps yelling.

Yeah, sue me, says Rock.

“For what?”

Hehehehehehehe. But really, go ahead Benny… be interesting if nothing else. Reminds of me a few court battles I fought (and won all) in my day too. Hehe.

Maybe I’ll reverse sue for all the eyeballs you put on this site and then “get ideas” to write about. Nothing if not a shameless indirect plagarizer is Benny, but then again, the no originality part shows my friend.

Oh wait, ideas don’t have a patent on them do they.

Well, neither do emails you sent me or pictures you keep sending me without me ever once asking for them, Benny . . .

Anyway, enough on that, hopefully dude remains a “silent observer” from here on in and doesn’t start pestering me with his retard nonsense. Like Benny, plagarize all you like – I won’t even say a word. But for Christ’s sake stop emailing me with your BS, or you’ll be BLOCKED there too. (like Bozo and several others are already).

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