Why core fundamentals always remain the SAME.
- And they DO!

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You hear a lot of guys that are fat – or that can’t do a certain exercise whine and moan about “but I’m doing them right for my body type”.

Skinny dudes aren’t necessarily immune to this either, except they don’t get called out so often – the popular perception of “skinny means fit” (no it don’t – SLIM and skinny and lean and mean and “twig” – are all completely seperate from each other – of course, that is assuming the observer has enough cognitive abilities to look in a mirror and judge accurately what stares back at him or her – most idiots don’t).

Like pull-ups, I’ll always remember a guy once telling me “how many people do them right for their body type”.

This guy can’t do one proper pull-up, and the reason is simple – he is obese.

Not “big”.


As I’ve said so many times in the past, there is a huge, glaring fuckin difference between the two.

Then the idiots banging out pushups in terrible form – some of them skinny as heck and chest pounding about “I did 20 reps!”

No you didn’t.

You didn’t even do ONE rep right, bottom line.

It’s just stupid, this thinking of “modify an exercise to a body type”.

Look, if you’re doing pull-ups, you do them slow and steady, dead hang – chin over the bar, pause, and go again.

It’s as simple as that.

If you’re doing pushups, you cannot say “my chest doesn’t touch the ground on every rep because my mammoth ponderous belly does first – or because my skinny lower back is too weak for it”.

Yes, if you have medical problems, and hint – most don’t really, most use it as a crutch to whine, moan, piss and grown – but if you’ve got genuine medical issues, then modify the form of the exercise SOMEWHAT by all means.

But saying “I can’t get my chin over the bar because my body type is different” is pathetic.

Ditto for stretches or any other form of exercise you do.

You didn’t see Doug Hepburn, 200 plus kgs, complain about doing proper handstand pushups did you?

The man went out and did ‘em on dipping bars, something which is quite beyond me even now!

You didn’t see Vince Gironda moan about “I have more muscle mass” – or Arnie, did you?

They went ahead, worked the exercise in proper form, and just did it.

And therefore, they’re legends, and the vast majority of idiots out there are not.

Of course, which boat you choose to row is up to you.

But the facts remain facts, the fundamentals of an exercise remain the same, human bodies have pretty much remained the same over the years (except they’ve become bloated, fat and Mama’s boys and girls over the past 50 years or so “yes, John, where is that DUNKIRK SPIRIT!” – yes, it’s sickening my friend the level of mamsy pamsy I see daily!)… and therefore, exercises passed down over the ages have remained the same too.

And thats that, take it or leave it, but it is what it is.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – EVERYONE wants to bang out pull-ups slow and steady in proper form. Even the Bozos that claim they don’t want it want it – wanna know WHY?

Well, a perfect example is on the page here – Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

Read, assassinate, and then get the book if you’re a doer.

And get cranking NOW.

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