Men that are WEAKER than their girlfriends, listen UP – hehe.
- One for you GIRLS OUT there, hehe.

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And there’s tons of them out there!

I just got this in response to the email I sent out a while ago about “core fundamentals always remaining the same” – which they DO, my friend.

Being the website is currently being moved over to another server as we “speaketh” – I’m not linking it here, but you guys have seen it most likely.

(and on that note, contact me directly for purchases “until we get back on the new server” – blazing fast!)

Here goeth (from John Walker in the United Kingdom) –


Ah! Pull-ups, that reminds me of an incident that I witnessed many moons ago, in which a good friend of mine (yes the fat variety) and his girlfriend were in my garage gym whilst I was finishing off my workout before going out clubbing.

Back in those days I didn’t have a proper pull-up bar just a galvanised steel pipe screwed to 2 of the roof rafters, this wasn’t ideal but it got the job done,

anyway there was just enough space between the steel pipe and the roof to perform proper chin over bar pull-ups.

As was usual my friend wanted to test himself to see if he was able to perform “a” pull-up (to my knowledge his never been able to do 1) so to cut a long story short, he managed his usual getting half way up getting stuck and with his legs flailing tried in vain to move closer to the bar, needless to say he failed as he’d always done previously.

Then his girlfriend asked if she could give it a try to which my friend laughed and said, women can’t do pull-ups because they lack the upper body strength to do them, his girlfriend then looked at me and asked is that true, I replied that generally it was true but not always, this made her more determined to give it her best shot and shot is the correct terminology in this instance, she grabbed hold of the pipe pulled with all her might and bang she shot up so fast that she smacked her head into the roof!!! Not only was she strong enough to do pull-ups, she managed to shut my friend up, he stopped laughing when he realised that he was weaker than his girlfriend.

The moral of this story is, men, if you cannot pull yourself in strict form till you chin passes over the pull-up bar at least once, then you are weak and you seriously need to get your act together and do something about it a. s. a. p.

Rahul has all the resources you need to succeed, the rest is up to you.

Rahul, got to go for now, take care my friend.

Warmest Regards



And he’s right!

Yours truly –

Hi John,

Thanks so much for that great “testimonial” which it IS in some ways! Hehe.

Yes, thats a great example of what I keep talking about i.e. if you want something bad enough, you’ll figure out a way! Remember that story about how I fashioned a pull-up bar out of a THICK rusty iron pipe back in the day (not next to a bordello, no, ugh, hehe) in China? I literally had to have someone DRILL holes in the wall for that without my landlord knowing, then when I took it down that was when I asked my landlord if I could “install a regular pull-up bar” – at the time, for some reason, and probably still now, China – you could find ALL the workout equipment you needed, all the fancy equipment, but not a regular pull-up bar if you can believe that, so it was a trip across the border to “good ole” (no longer sadly) Hong Kong to find the pull-up bar, and the landlord said “yes, OK – in China you have to make your own!” (hehe, I dont remember if he said that before I made my own, or after) …

Then I got that installed, but in China “they do them outside” apparently, but thats changed these days – Tao bao has plenty of pull-up bars on sale, but there was no dumbphone back in the day, therefore…

Anyway – great story – for all of the people that call real men women haters too, hehe – YES, you ladies CAN do these! In awesome form as well …

And you’re right – we do indeed have all the resources in terms of what people (knowledge) need to succeed, both fitness wise and life wise which if you think about it are so closely intertwined they might as well be one and the same – they are, actually…

Thanks again – and enjoy the rest of the day as best as you can, hehe.



And thats that – if y’all don’t remember the two tales (yours truly) linked above, well, I believe in mentioned in my books 0 Excuses Fitness ( Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!( – get ‘em NOW. (and I’ve spoken about them here too).


Rahul Mookerjee

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