The two sides to EVERYONE
- And we all have 'em (no matter how much some of us try and ignore it).

Everyone has ‘em, my friend.

Nothing is as black and white as it may seem to be.

The softest of soft sops – and the “most caring” people externally in reality may just be completely opposite in reality, and usually ARE.

The toughest SOBS and the crankiest, most orneriest ones – remember a certain Clint – remember a certain person on THIS SITE, hehe – usually also have a side to them you never see, and they do their best to see to it that you never see either.


Yet… I wouldn’t be lying to say something brought a tear to my eye this morning and made me SO happy that … I don’t know, it just made me feel “all will be well very soon!”

Not that it isn’t already.

But I don’t know, with all going on in the world, everything else, the lunacy etc – its just a “feeling” I got.

And it’s prosaic and apt I write this emotion laden post – or email, what have you – on the 8th August.

Sometimes, the littlest of things!

Last evening, I had a thought on my little girl – an impulse, a brief fleeting THOUGHT, thats all.

I followed up on it – or started, then stopped.

“Why do that”, my second “Doubting” voice said.

I almost caved into it.

Yet something made me follow through on what I planned on doing, and I did it.

And this morning, hearing a voice saying “Papa, Papa, I have online classes again!!” (apparently some monkeypox bullshit this time – all I could think of was “well, at least the little monkeys wont get it, hehe”) …

… even if you can’t hug that cute cuddly person saying it, even if you cannot “touch her in person” and say I love you – just hearing that voice?

It made me so weak – and so happy.

Weak, and happy.

Our innermost desires, no matter how “deep and dark” they are, and we all have ‘em do that don’t they?

And I don’t know, as I was sitting there doing my usual routine, I was thinking of my little girl as a baby, and this thought came to mind as it always has.

Amongst many others.

“No matter what, I know my little baby girl (as I’ll always remember her) HAS my back”.


Thats all that matters!

Dr Maltz wrote about “it doesn’t matter if no-one else is cheering for you in the bleachers but YOU are – that is what matters”.

Conversely and he is right in saying this as well – – if EVERYONE is supporting you, but YOU are not – and I don’t mean superficial belief either, then nary a positive occurrence occurs.

Believe or not, up to you – but its true.

Extend the “you” to a “little you along with you”, and you get the picture in terms of how I feel.

I thought I’d tell my “wife” about it, I thought I’d tell others about it, but of course, I know the reaction.

I’ll tell my daughter in terminology she understands sometime today.

Quietly. Hehe. The walls have ears, eh.

But I figured I’d share THIS with you guys, it just made me so emotional.

Yes, this gruff, cranky bastard has two sides to him as well – as we all do. Hehe.

Peeling away the layers of that onion will make you literally cry though, but I figured I’d peel them a bit today myself and give y’all a break on it.

Anyway ……………………….

Back to biz.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System ( teaches you what THIS email does i.e. ALWAYS follow your gut no matter what, and it backs it up PHYSICALLY – combine a proper fitness routine with the right mental attitude, and you simply cannot go wrong, bottom line.

And that, my friends is THAT.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If we’re down currently (we’re in the process of moving servers, therefore, some of this might be inaccessible “at the time of writing”) – EMAIL ME – and I’ll hook you UP.