The two sides to EVERYONE
- And we all have 'em (no matter how much some of us try and ignore it).

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Everyone has ‘em, my friend.

Nothing is as black and white as it may seem to be.

The softest of soft sops – and the “most caring” people externally in reality may just be completely opposite in reality, and usually ARE.

The toughest SOBS and the crankiest, most orneriest ones – remember a certain Clint – remember a certain person on THIS SITE, hehe – usually also have a side to them you never see, and they do their best to see to it that you never see either.


Yet… I wouldn’t be lying to say something brought a tear to my eye this morning and made me SO happy that … I don’t know, it just made me feel “all will be well very soon!”

Not that it isn’t already.

But I don’t know, with all going on in the world, everything else, the lunacy etc – its just a “feeling” I got.

And it’s prosaic and apt I write this emotion laden post – or email, what have you – on the 8th August.

Sometimes, the littlest of things!

Last evening, I had a thought on my little girl – an impulse, a brief fleeting THOUGHT, thats all.

I followed up on it – or started, then stopped.

“Why do that”, my second “Doubting” voice said.

I almost caved into it.

Yet something made me follow through on what I planned on doing, and I did it.

And this morning, hearing a voice saying “Papa, Papa, I have online classes again!!” (apparently some monkeypox bullshit this time – all I could think of was “well, at least the little monkeys wont get it, hehe”) …

… even if you can’t hug that cute cuddly person saying it, even if you cannot “touch her in person” and say I love you – just hearing that voice?

It made me so weak – and so happy.

Weak, and happy.

Our innermost desires, no matter how “deep and dark” they are, and we all have ‘em do that don’t they?

And I don’t know, as I was sitting there doing my usual routine, I was thinking of my little girl as a baby, and this thought came to mind as it always has.

Amongst many others.

“No matter what, I know my little baby girl (as I’ll always remember her) HAS my back”.


Thats all that matters!

Dr Maltz wrote about “it doesn’t matter if no-one else is cheering for you in the bleachers but YOU are – that is what matters”.

Conversely and he is right in saying this as well – – if EVERYONE is supporting you, but YOU are not – and I don’t mean superficial belief either, then nary a positive occurrence occurs.

Believe or not, up to you – but its true.

Extend the “you” to a “little you along with you”, and you get the picture in terms of how I feel.

I thought I’d tell my “wife” about it, I thought I’d tell others about it, but of course, I know the reaction.

I’ll tell my daughter in terminology she understands sometime today.

Quietly. Hehe. The walls have ears, eh.

But I figured I’d share THIS with you guys, it just made me so emotional.

Yes, this gruff, cranky bastard has two sides to him as well – as we all do. Hehe.

Peeling away the layers of that onion will make you literally cry though, but I figured I’d peel them a bit today myself and give y’all a break on it.

Anyway ……………………….

Back to biz.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System ( teaches you what THIS email does i.e. ALWAYS follow your gut no matter what, and it backs it up PHYSICALLY – combine a proper fitness routine with the right mental attitude, and you simply cannot go wrong, bottom line.

And that, my friends is THAT.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If we’re down currently (we’re in the process of moving servers, therefore, some of this might be inaccessible “at the time of writing”) – EMAIL ME – and I’ll hook you UP.

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