The Amazon workout
- NOT and never for newbies, hehe.

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No, my friend – it isnt what you think either.

It isn’t Brooks Kubik lugging Amazon boxes up the many flights of stairs to his home. Heh.

It isn’t the guy who trundled five floors with a heavy ass A/C in hand – a guy you’d think is too skinny to lift a twig, yet, dude did it…

Both of those are awesome, superlative workouts – and you’d be in great shape just lugging heavy ass shit up and down flights of stairs if you did it all day long, or even a few hours a day regularly. Lumberjack style, really!

But this workout is different.

It’s for the geeks – or maybe not?


what do I mean?

Well, over the past month or so, one of the other sites hosted alongside this one on the server has been getting massive, massive site hits – requiring a LOT of tech power behind it, which is good of course – I’ve been working a lot on the marketing etc for that one!

But the flip side to that?

Well, THIS site was slowing down some!

And so I’ve been moving my site from host to host (not this one, the other one) – and of course, given my love of everything, or most things Amazon – I hosted with them.

Except, as I found out before, it aint no piece of cake doing tech stuff with Jeff Bezos’s brainchild. Hehe. Or actually, it was a brainchild discovered on accident that part of their biz!

I mean even for a guy like me with years of experience, a guy that can spin up websites and have ’em running and selling virtually within minutes if I so choose, I’ve been banging my head against the wall big time with these guys – for over a week now.

I mean, I done got FED up – so much so I moved that site back to THIS server, and am currently at it on the other one again.

Not to say there aren’t great, positive, superlative aspects of “sitting” on Amazon – their infra is the best in the world – simply superb.

But even their level one stuff requires a LOT of hands on stuff, if you are more into “point and click”, it simply wont work beyond a point my friend. It just won’t!

And I’ve met my match in writing tomes – sort of. Hehe.

Not really – but I love Amazon’s customer service in that regard, especially their IT guys – quite unlike the irritating one liners or copy and paste most others manage …

I honestly love their service guys in that regard, but man oh man, the tech part of it, as a business man I just want to get my damn sites up and running and be done with it!

The IT part of me loves the complexity though. So we’ll soldier on through the “mud”!

Anyway – the other side of this, or third is that setting hardware up with Amazon takes TIME, even the point and click.

Waiting for a DB to reboot takes 10 minutes sometimes, and 5 at the bare min.


100 Hindu squats while waiting for the damn thing to reboot.

Given I’ve run through like 7 DB’s already, and I ain’t done, thats a damn good workout you’d think. Hehe.

OF course, I didnt do 700 – but I’m just giving you an example of how to fit exercise into your schedule – another one?

Do pull-ups between each Amazon reboot, or do press ups if you so choose.

These sort of workouts are what I’ve often called mini workouts for YEARS, done throughout the day, and as a customer pointed out last year, they’re “finally” catching on are the mainstream and calling them sandwich workouts or whatever the term is.

Way ahead of the pack this cat BE as usual, hehe.

Anyway ……..

Thats the Amazon workout, short, simple and BRUTAL, much like the megamoth itself.

I’m out.

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Learn how to get mini workouts in with the exercises mentioned right HERE.

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