The real reason most people dont breathe right when doing pushups, pull-ups, or other exercises…
- Read on.

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Some exercises by default MAKE you huff and puff without even thinking about it, even if you dont consciously focus on your breathing – such as climbing hills, for one, which will get you in awesome shape even if long hill treks are all you do daily. (or even 5-6 times a week).

But even there, if you focus on your breathing, and breathe right as I show you in Advanced Hill Training – and WALK right (yes, there is a right way to walk, and wrong way, and most do it wrong! It goes beyond “just put one foot in front of the other”) . . . then you amp the benefits so much more!

People dont get it in terms of the deep breathing, they think it’s some sort of yogic BS.


It applies to YOU – the “everyday” person my friend.

To me.

To everyone!

And there is a reason I emphasized deep breathing done right along with form on ALL exercises I teach, and I Wrote about this in the last email.

Now, we get to the “why” part of it – just WHY is it that even people that KNOW you should relax when exercising have their faces all contorted and twisted, puffed up as they hold their breath and grunt through reps?

Look, folks, it’s not weight lifting for one, even there you focus on breathing if you do it RIGHT!

But bodyweight exercises – such as the best darn exercise ever – and pushups in general, another prime example of people “holding their breath” while working out – and why?

Well, hark back to when yours truly started out, in poor shape, fat, and so forth …

Most people, including myself are too fixated on “it’s TOUGH!” – and the “number of reps” when they start out.

And before they start out, they doom themselves by that thinking.

Sure, you CAN make progress to an extent by muscling it through, but for the most part, a relaxed approach gets you there much better.

Same thing for Hindu squats, my friend.

Most people are too fixated on “when will I get to 100 ” and try and muscle through to the number, sacrificing form and such.

This naturally leads to ignoring focus on the BREATH – which is there if done right with EVERY repetition.

Sure, its a good thing to aim for reps.

In fact, the gold standard, or one of them for fitness – Earlie Liedermann had several others which would grind most so called modern day fit people into the dust before they even began, IF they ever completed ( , but I’ll give you ONE “modern day” standard – that is doing 5 good pull-ups with slow and steady form, chin above the bar, pause, pause on the way down, and slowly back up in good form.

That is GREAT to have as a goal too, but flip side, when you BEGIN, if you focus too much on numbers – even when you start to get into the movement, you lose focus on the movement itself, what makes it so great (Effective) – and your BREATH.

There must, my friend, be a fine balance between achieving and LEARNING how to achieve.

Anyway, thats the reason most people hold their breath during bodyweight workouts, if you find yourself doing the same, CORRECT yourself.


Focus on the form, movement, repetition, and the rest will come my friend.

And there ends this one.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My course Pushup Central is a never seen course on the mighty “world’s oldest exercise” (with the pull-up coming close!) . . . and it will teach you how to do pushups like the old timers did, and youll get RESULTS like ole Iron Mike and the rest did provided you DO the workouts at the end of the book and learn how to do the movements right. Get this book NOW.

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