What almost Everyone gets wrong about pull-ups!
- And it ain't form either neccesarily.

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This struck me as I was watching some videos of pull-ups online – just screwing around on the internet basically, and then I thought of pull-ups which I always seem to, heh, and then … before I knew it, I was looking at people doing pull-ups, or their EXCUSE for pull-ups.

Y’all have heard me rant on form a lot before, and the rants are all well warranted, but while proper form is something a lot, if not most people get WRONG – dead wrong – like with pushups – there is something far more insidious and equally important as form that people dont get.

And even those with proper form sometimes dont get it.

But wait a minute – just do a search for the word “pull-ups” on Google or any search engine, there’ll be tons of pictures of people doing ’em.

And ALL These pictures, you’ll see not just the legs lifting up as they go (thats form) – you may not see the chin over the bar (form) – but what you’ll see? Their puffed up faces in most cases!

Yes, the exertion shows – which is fine, but the way most people grunt and huff their way up to the pull-up is WRONG, my friend.

It’s a smooth, slinky movement, though it may not appear to be that way if you can barely hang on to the bar for more than a few seconds

And even so called fitness gurus are guilty of not doing pull-ups right – even those that have been very successful at selling their books etc (I wont kick ass and take names here, hehe – but my list and a lot of you reading this KNOW who I BE talking about  – though there are many actually).

Anyway, DEEP breathing!

When you do pull-ups, you focus on breathing just like you do with squats, pushups, and any other exercise.

Your breath truly IS your power, and when you get to the point you’re smoothly exhaling UP – youll learn this.

You take a deep breath in a dead hang, exhale UP as you go up, pause, and INHALE down – and go again.

That is how it’s done, not while “holding the breath” as so many people seem to do …

Dont hold your breath, my friend, while doing pull-ups – or any exercise.

Not only does it limit your potential and performance, but it also makes the damn exercise a hell of a lot “tougher” if you get my drift.

More on this later, including perhaps videos.

but for now, a link to my bestselling course that will get you cranking out pull-ups like a STUD even if you’re at DUD level now (provided you’re honest with yourself about your physical condition and have the gumption to do what the book tells you to do) – Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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