Stop slouching my friend.
- Slouching and GROUCHING, hehe.

This isn’t directed at the “el grouchos” – which includes me, hehe – out there specifically. (though the two i.e. slouching and GROUCHING often go together!)

This is something I often catch myself doing – this is something even seasoned fitness fanatics, yes, even 0 Excuses converts do – everyone does it. It happens, hey.

And that something is SLOUCHING.

Often times, when I sit on my chair, I’ll catch myself “hunching over the keyboard” – especially during times I’m working for long periods – or even if I’m simply thinking about something – or anything of that nature.

It ain’t nothing major either. Minor, really – for me.

But it’s there.

There is a reason they have the expression “dont be a slouch” in English – in Hindi (India), they have this “kamar seedhi rakho” expression (keep the waist straight is what it literally translates to).

Yes, even skinny folks are guilty of this – this cuts across all weight categories and spectrums and bands of FITNESS.

Now, you likely already know this.

But it bears reminding, walk upright, when you sit (Western style) – do NOT slouch, make a conscious effort to always keep the lower back aligned.

It will not only make you feel better and improve posture, but it will also strengthen your ligaments in that area throughout the day.

“oh, these deep couches”, hehe. I still remember ole Rod Steigner with that INCOMPARABLY NOT AUTHENTIC, and awesome, hehe – accent in the Specialist. Hehe.

Deep couches are probably the worst thing for anyone’s lower back to be honest.

Anyway ………….

Real reason I mention this?

In Advanced, Profound, Flexibility and Isometric Training some of the seated and standing stretches- especially the former, you’ll catch yourself slouching over sometimes – especially if you’re a beginner- to complete the movement, or try to.

Same thing when you start out with Hindu squats, bro.

Keep that BACK straight!

And let me tell you, it may seem like (like with the constant prattle, very well warranted I must say about deep breathing) “a very minor” detail.

But its not.

Even if it was, the little things matter the most my friend.

I was going to post this on the other site, but I did it here.

With good reason, I’m sure.

And thats the lesson for the day, simple, but profound anyway if you CHOOSE to grasp the “hidden” meaning.


rahul Mookerjee

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